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Girl meets world fanfiction maya and josh jealous

I just couldn't help myself after seeing Ski Lodge Part 2. All the feels! Anyways, as the summary states, this is a series of interconnected oneshots I'm writing with my sister, Rosel. I wrote this chapter and she's gonna write the next. Enjoy :. Josh Mathews usually wasn't the jealous type.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Josh and Maya - The Way She Looks At Me [AU]

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Josh/Maya/Lucas - Jealous

Jealous, A Rucas/Joshaya Fic

You're my best friend and I want to see you happy. Not all boys are bad. I mean Lucas and Farkle aren't bad boyfriends. Maya rolled her eyes. Remember you promise me that when we both get boyfriends, we would go on double dates.

I chose a great guy for you. He's funny, artistic, sarcastic at times, loyal, sweet, and a little bit of a rebel. Maya sighed. Okay fine. But next time make sure I meet the guy before you set me up. Well if I couldn't choose the guy I'm going out with, I might as well have a decision in what I wear.

Maya thought as she grabbed a black dress off the bed. It was short, had a collared neckline, and a bedazzled full skirt. You do realize that we can't even afford bread at that restaurant. Ever since she was little, she made sure to save money since her mom barely earn enough money from her job to provide a roof over their heads and food on their table. He said it was no problem. I promise to back later.

Maya let out a sigh of relief, happy to know they didn't have to rob a bank to pay for the restaurant. It had lace trimming the hem a light gold belt around the waist. The dress material was soft like silk and Maya could see herself wearing the dress with her hair in a bun or a ponytail with maybe blue heels.

Suddenly the door opened up and Topanga walked in with a makeup bag, hair products, and other things you would need for a date.

A second later, her face lit up again as she grabbed a dress from the pile of clothes on her bed. The dress was a black with an intimate cage neckline, flattering princess seam bodice, and a simple flowing skirt. Riley's hair, normally wavy and loose around her face, was now pulled back in a half up half down silver barrettes decorated the sides of her face, making Riley look simple and elegant.

Riley also had a light pink blush decorating her cheeks, her lips painted a soft rosy pink, and her eyelashes bigger and more noticeably thanks to the mascara she was wearing. And I have the perfect shoes to go with it. Let me go get them. Topanga swept a strand of Maya's hair behind her ears before grabbing an elastic and curling iron.

Her normally curly blonde hair now was resting on her neck in a simple yet elegant bun. Curly strands of hair hung in her face, framing it perfectly. In fact, I never put on makeup before except a little lip gloss.

How about some blush, a little lip gloss, and maybe some eyeliner and mascara. After what felt like forever, Topanga put down the mascara wand and gave her the hand mirror again. She didn't see the sarcastic, witty, rebel girl she was everyday but a young and beautiful girl looking back at her.

Maya moved a little, thinking her reflection was hidden behind the pretty girl. But when she saw the pretty girl move with her, she knew it was her. The girl had her lips painted a light dusty pink, her cheeks painted rosy pink making her pale skin look brighter somehow and the mascara and eyeliner made her eyes stand out more, making her blue eyes look like a darker sapphire color.

A few minutes later, Riley and Maya headed towards the living room, fully dressed, and sat down on the couch. I swear they act like an actual husband and wife. Just to know if I should call him after the date or punch in the guts. Riley opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted when the door to the apartment opened and closed and Josh came strolling in.

Didn't you say you were hanging out with some friends. Where is he? Maya jumped a little, forgetting that Riley was there. Triple if Farkle and Smackle come. You're going on a date? No way. He told you that you're too young for him. If he really like you, he wouldn't care about the age difference. Maya told herself. He was wearing a leather jacket over a classic white shirt with fancy and was sporting fancy blue jeans. Maya's heart started to race, her hands became clammy, and everything she wanted to say became choked in her throat.

Riles didn't say he was this cute. Maybe he will help me get over Josh. I mean he's cute and does look fun to hang out with. By the end of this date, I bet I would forget all about Josh. You look great by the way. We're going to be late. Before she could leave, she felt a warm hand grab her wrist. She turned to see Josh standing behind her.

Maya turned her attention towards Josh who was watching her intensely. Maya felt really nervous and self-conscious under Josh's stare. He got the sweetest, most gorgeous, and most of all, best girl to go out with. Hey guys, thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I made it up. Anyway, tell me who you want Maya to end up with: Brandon or Josh? In the next chapter, it's going to focus on the date. You'll also see Riley's, Josh's, and Auggie's sides of the story You'll be seeing more of Auggie in the later chapters.

I'm also working to make longer chapters so anyone complaining about the length of each chapter, i'm working on that. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Maya Hart has been head over heels with Josh since she first met him but when he rejected her the last time she saw him, she decides to move on and forget about him. But Josh is coming to stay at the Matthews for the entire summer. Will Maya get over Josh or will they both fall in love with each other as summer goes by? Riley simply ignored what Maya said and put the pile of clothes on her bed.

Riley sighed then put a hand on Maya's shoulder. Maya smiled at Riley before she looked at the clothes on Riley's bed. Too much. This is more of a dress for prom or something. Maya threw the dress back on the bed before grabbing some other dresses. Once you pick out your outfits, I'll help with your hair and makeup. Topanga laughed. It was a red sleeveless dress with a flowery lace designed decorating the bodice and the skirt. Riley turned to Maya and Topanga to seek their approval.

Topanga smiled softly at the dress, giving Riley a nod to confirm that the dress was perfect. Maya simply took one simple look at the dress before meeting Riley's eyes. A second later, she came back with a pair of nude sparkly heels and a dark blue clutch purse. Maya headed towards Riley's jewelry box to find Riley accessories. She pulled out a silver flower statement necklace and handed it towards Riley. Riley's face brightened when she grabbed the necklace.

Topanga patted a spot next to her on the bed. Maya turned her attention back to the pile of clothes in front of her. She frowned when she didn't see anything she liked. Then out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a pretty dress. She pulled the dress out from the bottom of the heap and gasped.

The dress was made of cotton but felt like silk when she touched it. This is perfect. I love it. Maya smiled to herself. Maya turned towards Riley to get her opinion on the dress when she saw her.

You're my best friend and I want to see you happy. Not all boys are bad. I mean Lucas and Farkle aren't bad boyfriends. Maya rolled her eyes. Remember you promise me that when we both get boyfriends, we would go on double dates.

Maya Hart walked into the Intro to Art classroom, feeling both nervous and excited. When her art teacher, Mr. Jackson, mentioned that some local universities were reserving spots in some of their entry level classes for high school juniors as part of a special program to promote post-secondary education, she jumped at the opportunity.

In this story, Four years after this chapter Maya is 19 which will make Josh I'm comfortable enough with this 3 year difference. Also a prewarning, I feel like this story will take on a more serious note than Girl Meets World the show actually does. If you are a Joshaya shipper, then this story is for you.

She looked over at Riley and Lucas, they were sitting close together and whispering about something. Looking way more like a couple than her and Lucas ever could. What's going on with you anyways? You still exist! I've been here for three days and you haven't so much as blinked in my direction! Tell me, is there? Maya stood up and toyed with the silk ribbon on her skirt as she looked out the window.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Boy, you grew up gorgeous. All Joshaya stories here! Bad, good, long, short, rated K, T or M; I don't discriminate. If I missed yours, feel free to PM me.

Both Lucas and Josh find themselves becoming jealous regarding Riley and Maya. I borrowed the school computers changing over idea from One Tree Hill.





Apr 23, - Maya Hart has been head over heels with Josh since she first met him but when Blind date and a jealous Josh, 6. But next time make sure I meet the guy before you set me up. Maya simply nodded, new to the world of hairstyles. But when she saw the pretty girl move with her, she knew it was her.








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