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A man cave meaning

It's a terrible trope of family sitcoms, Super Bowl commercials, and any other area that our culture has let toxic masculinity run wild: the husband, usually dressed in cargo shorts and a visor, explains to his wife why he needs a space that can serve as his "man cave," a place where antiquated, troglodyte mentalities can thrive. It's insulting, it's tacky, and surprise! A man cave, for the uninitiated, is defined as a space within your home that is the exclusive domain of the "man of the house" for him to decorate and do with as he pleases. As such, its furnishings typically showcase the trifecta of chic—billiards, booze paraphernalia, and black leather—and tout fine finishes like "Parking for Packers Fans Only" and neon Miller High Life signs. Sounds benign enough, right?

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This scene took place at a coffee shop in Manhattan while I was talking on my cell phone to a producer I've worked with for many years about an upcoming appearance. What's your topic going to be? Me: Let's do Man Cave. NBC Producer: Great, you're on. We'll see you in a few weeks. Nosy, bubble tea drinking person seated next to me to her friend: What the fuck is a man cave?

I got to thinking, what sans expletive is a Man Cave, exactly? I mean, I know what it is. But, where did this term come from, who coined this phrase and why haven't we noticed it's just a little bit weird? For me, a Man Cave is more like a Man Lounge. I'm a designer, I make things look good. Often geared towards married Dads.

I was getting pitched all kinds of things, some really cool video goggles and some just garden variety cliche jumbo flat screen TV. It's such a popular topic, there is actually a show devoted to this only on the DIY Network. Several publicists who contacted me informed me of their products being on this show, as well. Apparently, it's a really big deal. I mentioned it on Facebook and guys were emailing me all kinds of ideas they had It gives the macho set an outlet for their inner decorator to run free without feeling girly.

It's very HGTV-esque, but for dudes. I find it just slightly annoying that there is no equivalent for women. Is the kitchen the Woman Cave? Is a minivan a Mom Cave? What about kids? My kids have a playroom, isn't it really a Kid Cave? Do you see where I'm going with this? From what I have seen, a Man Cave is more like a cool space for Dad. That is my interpretation. Yours might be different. Because Father's Day is just around the corner and my father isn't alive to enjoy the fruits of my labors, I'm going to let it slide and I'm going to give the guys their Man Cave.

That said, if I'm going to do a Man Cave it's going to be fabulous, functional and a little bit luxe. If not, then it's more like hanging in the spare room or the half finished basement.

Not my vision at all. There will be no NFL team posters, no leather or any other fabric recliners and certainly no beer-funnel-as-a-hat- college era gadgetry. For seating I am using my own design, Courtney Cachet Sactionals by Lovesac , available later this month. It's luxe, reconfigurable, modular furniture you assemble with no tools. Also, the covers are removable and washable in case Dad spills barbecue sauce or beer on them! Sonos Wireless Music System. I'm a huge fan of this company.

They make slick, high quality wireless music systems. For Father's Day, now available in black very manly! Man Cave dudes can listen to French hip hop broadcast from Marseilles or opera in China at the stroke of a touch screen.

Instantly ups your cool techy cred. Every Man Cave needs a large flat screen TV, inches is fine. My personal favorite is Samsung, but any will do.

But, we need to move beyond the TV. It's designed for most 37" - 55" flat panels up to lbs, the Power55 is a state-of-the-art remote controlled motorized cantilever mount that allows you to tilt, pan and swivel panels from anywhere in a room with the touch of a button. I tried this out on a makeover the other day and it is awesome. Where are the beverages?

The KitchenAid double drawer refrigerator, available at Lowe's. It might set you back a couple of thousand, but it's ultra cool, compact and energy star rated. A poker table is a nice addition to any Man Cave. Free shipping! I'm going to venture to say that most Man Cave fans are probably grilling fans, too. If the Man Cave has access to a deck or outside area, I recommend a nice grill from Weber. According to my steak aficionado brother in law, the meat just tastes better. Available at every price point.

Wall decor. Yes, wall decor! We cannot have bare walls in our Man Cave. I found a really cool Bridgehampton, New York based company that makes oversized prints, ready to ship at a moment's notice. Modern, abstract, graphic, they have it all. Good stuff for Man Cave walls. In case you were wondering like the potty mouthed woman next to me at the coffee shop what a Man Cave was, now you should have a better idea.

This is really my idea of what it should be. Either way, make it comfortable, cool and special. Dedicated to Marc Cachat, who would've really loved a Man Cave to chill some nice wine and feature his petanque champion trophies. For more information on designer and TV Personality, Courtney Cachet, you can check her out on her site www.

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A Man Cave Has Beer. A Woman Cave Has Wheels.

All great heroes are grounded in a man cave of sorts. Not to mention a few great villains and their grandiose hideouts. It's a fundamental component to every being that ever wanted to do something fantastic and ambitious for good or evil. When we want to get started, we need somewhere specific to start. To relax, tinker or build requires a space that becomes your silo of thought -- what exists inside is only of the world you permit.

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Top definition. A room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interuption. This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interferance from any female influence. Tom retreated to the Man Cave to play his online rpg game. An emotional sanctuary for men when they're stressed and need " space " or time away from females, responsibilities, etc.

Idiom – Man cave

To save this word, you'll need to log in. The forks are not strong in this family," 11 Jan. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year Dictionary Entries near man cave manc mancala mancando man cave manche Manchester Manchesterism. Accessed 15 May. Comments on man cave What made you want to look up man cave? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! And who put it there, anyway?

What is a Man Cave? [Definition and Purpose]

This scene took place at a coffee shop in Manhattan while I was talking on my cell phone to a producer I've worked with for many years about an upcoming appearance. What's your topic going to be? Me: Let's do Man Cave. NBC Producer: Great, you're on. We'll see you in a few weeks.

In the search of what to do with an empty room here in the house, I stumbled on Man caves. The idea sounded interesting and I did some research.

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a man cave

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The term likely stems from a combination of the heroic Batcave and the primitive-animalistic caveman; the synthesized meaning, however, has become synonymous with a form of escapism that manifests itself through the time-honored tradition and sacred rights of beer drinking and football. I would like to challenge this representation as being overly simplistic and posit that the man cave has the capability to cultivate the finer qualities of masculinity that emerge in an environment free from societal expectations of what masculinity should be. For the legitimacy of the man cave, I want to consider it as a forum of artistic expression. There is no binding definition of what a man cave should entail; nowhere is it written that a man, in order to christen his man cave, must solemnly vow to uphold it as a space dedicated to the acts of carousing and the assertion of male supremacy. I would argue that any man cave established on such presuppositions discredits itself on the basis that it introduces into the sphere of masculinity the very thing from which man caves seek to offer sanctuary from: societal expectations.

What the F*ck Is a Man Cave?

You might be happy, or sad, or angry, or stressed. Whatever your mood, a drive by yourself can detangle your nerves. Take for instance Virginia Woolf. But the other day my friend DG Fulford connected the Virginia Woolf dots in a great HuffPost piece by noting that while realtors tempt women with closets, they tempt men with man caves. Why would we need a room of our own? You know what else we have?

A room or space, as in a house, that is furnished for recreational use primarily by a man or men. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth.

A man cave [1] or manspace, [2] and less commonly a manland or mantuary is a male retreat [3] or sanctuary [4] in a home, such as a specially equipped garage , [5] spare bedroom, [4] media room , [6] den , [7] or basement. Let's call the basement, man cave. While a partner may have substantial authority over the rest of the house in terms of design and decoration, they often have no say in the look of a man's personal space. A man cave is a space where a man can express his creativity and sense of design. Man caves have multiple purposes: they are a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies , and to hang out with male friends.

F*ck Your Man Cave


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