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Best looking female poker players

It's just like Cinderella! Chantel Mcnulty Chantel had much bigger plans for her fake ID than buying a couple of 40s. In college, she used it to get into Vegas poker tournaments. Now, with a few controversies behind her and a pair of implants in front of her, McNulty is raking in the dough as one of the most outspoken female players in the game. Christina Lindley Photo courtesy of Clubpoker. Fatima Moreira de Melo Whoa!

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WPT Magazine 20 Hottest Women in Poker List

This anecdote certainly applies to many, but definitely not all poker players. Some poker players make a very comfortable living. One of the attractive things about poker is that it is accessible to almost everyone.

In casinos, card rooms or in private homes, there is a game going on at any given time. There are also massive amounts of resources that people can use to learn the ropes and sharpen their game.

The explosion and even easier access to online poker has introduced countless Doyle Brunson and Annie Duke wannabes. Caution must be taken though. For every successful poker player, there are thousands of losers. While some governments have tried to stop online poker, it has proven a nearly impossible task. That stereotype was shattered long ago and has given way to an ever-expanding generation of female card sharks. To celebrate women in poker, here are, in no particular order, the 15 sexiest female poker players today.

Her long dark hair and glowing smile are a distraction to some at the table but her opponents also need to remember that she is a great player that can make her own luck. Kimberly Lansing has mixed two of her hottest passions together and built a solid career out of them.

She graduated from USC with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and she began honing her poker skills at a young age. She plays poker, she writes about poker, and she talks about poker on television.

To say Fatima Moreira de Melo is an accomplished woman would be an understatement. She also won a bronze medal in and a silver medal in She graduated with a Master's Degree in Law in and has been a popular personality on Dutch television for several years. Fatima has added to her impressive resume by becoming a regular player on the European poker scene.

The year-old blonde belle is one of the most striking women in poker today and, incidentally, she looks very alluring in a bikini. She has gone on to become on of the most successful women in professional poker. She is also one of the hottest women to ever play a hand. Her beauty has graced several magazines including Maxim and Sports Illustrated where she modelled for the Swimsuit Issue. Fiery redhead Melanie Weisner made her bones in the world of online poker. After graduating from university in , Melanie hit the live poker circuit where she continued to rake in the winnings with a series strong finishes.

It might be exciting to sit at her table but the year-old hottie would likely take all of your chips and break your heart. It still sounds tempting. Her deep blue eyes can melt steel and her luscious lips will make opponents forget that she is robbing them blind. After pursuing a wide range of career choices, Sandra Naujoks made the poker world take notice when she hit the tables as a pro in In her first five tournaments, Sandra finished no worse than 10 th place and had two big first place finishes.

Her biggest win came at the Pokerstars. She can mortally wound any donkey with a quick and fatal strike. She uses her sharp analytical abilities to quickly assess any given situation. She knows when someone is sizing up her stacks. Kling has taken her business skills to New York City where she created a company that makes raw-vegan protein bar.

She has also appeared as an analyst for WSOP. Her business skill, beauty, and poker sense will likely lead to many more victories. This delicious vixen started out with dreams of rock-stardom which evolved into a desire to host a television game show.

She was chosen, not as a host, but as a contestant on the reality television show Ultimatepoker. The premise of the show was turning beginner poker players into skilled card sharks. While Liv has been focusing on a career in television, she is also very active in various charity work.

Of course, there is also demand for her in the modelling industry and Boeree has been happy to oblige to the delight of her fans. We look forward to seeing her back at the card table soon. After a brief hiatus, Jennifer Tilly has made her return to the poker table. She has enjoyed a prosperous career as an actress, model, and poker player.

Jennifer is a cold-blooded killer when she is playing poker. Sunny-side-up eggs anyone? She is now the shark that others at her table carefully study. Such altruism is rare these days. Erica Schoenberg was fortunate enough to have been trained in blackjack by a member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team and she has competed in the World Series of Blackjack.

She is also one of the sexiest women sponsored by Full Tilt Poker. Her blonde hair and well-proportioned figure make her one of the sexiest female poker players this year. Canadian-born Kara Scott is one of many beautiful women in media that enjoy spending time at the poker table. Her poker career has flat-lined a bit but she keeps on playing despite being the target of some criticism over her playing abilities. Vicky was the first woman to ever win an event on the European Poker Tour.

While she is an avid poker player, she opted out of her Pokerstars endorsement in when the gaming site added an online casino. Christina started modeling at a young age and she found a lot of early success. She would later parlay that experience into somewhat of an acting career. It was during this time that she fell in love with poker. She began her road to poker greatness by involving herself in low-stakes games.

She decided to alter course and pursue poker full-time with a splash of modeling on the side. Born in Taipei, Maria Ho is one of the most recognizable faces in poker today. She has cashed in at multiple WSOP events and is a fixture at many final tables. The year-old Maria is indeed one sexy and busy bee.

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Poker Is For Ladies, Too! Who Is the Best Female Poker Player, Though?

Poker is no longer just for the guys. She was also the first woman to win three WSOP bracelets. Her achievements in poker are what drove these fantastic and beautiful female poker players to also make a name for themselves in poker and they did! Get this article as a beautiful, easily save as a PDF or print for daily use.

The world of poker is in no shortage of cool, classy and badass dudes. But what about women?

Since poker is not a physical competition in any way but rather an intellectual one, both male and female players are allowed to compete alongside each other. In this article, we decided to name some of the most successful female poker players in the world today. By reading through this page, you will be able to learn the following:. Although she is one of the oldest players that we mentioned here, Maria Constanza Lampropulos started winning live poker money only in Lists 30 Sexiest Female Poker Players

Poker is traditionally dominated by men. Things are changing, with many women bringing their skills to the tables — and in many cases surpassing their male counterparts. While we have yet to see a woman win the World Series of Poker Main Event, many commentators feel this is only a matter of time. This page covers 10 of the top female poker players. Some dominate cash games, while others are big winners on the international tournament circuit. I am sure that many more women can be added to this list — and that even more are working their way through the stakes at this very moment. Liv also has a WSOP bracelet. This British poker pro represents PokerStars.

Best Female Professional Poker Players in 2019

This anecdote certainly applies to many, but definitely not all poker players. Some poker players make a very comfortable living. One of the attractive things about poker is that it is accessible to almost everyone. In casinos, card rooms or in private homes, there is a game going on at any given time.

The Duke graduate who goes by the online name Lady Maverick is known for her straight-talking attitude, which has resulted in a few dust-ups over the years.

Today, that hefty sum is barely enough for a couple of buy-ins in the events she enters. Her journey from mid-stakes to the high rollers is impressive enough, but just before her first major score at the WSOP , she was grinding out a living mostly from rakeback online. She needed to redeem her player points for bonuses in order to pay the rent.

Top 20 Hottest Female Poker Players of 2020

In the past, the world of poker was mostly dominated by male players but as the game progressed and the years went by, more and more women became interested in the game and started learning it and playing. Today, there are thousands of female poker players from all over the world and many of them are even professional poker players like Maria Ho, Cara Scott, Vanessa Rousso and others. In this article, we are glad to share with you the some of the hottest female poker players today, they are not only beautiful but some are great poker players and their bankroll will justify my words. Now, it's your turn to share with us your thoughts and of course hot female poker players we missed.

From the s forward, there were a lot of great ladies who have left their mark in poker history, like Vera Richmond and Barbara Enright. In , pub poker was legalised in the UK, giving more female players to join in on the fun of the game. Nowadays, we can watch and support female players from all over the world on TV, live or on our mobile devices. We will do our best to give you a little bit more information about each female player — a place of birth, big winnings and some interesting facts. Her latest big success is her 10th place at the PokerStars Festival in London, which makes her one of the best young poker players of all time. What an ambitious gal!


In their June issue, WPT Magazine has released a list of the women whom they think are the top 20 hottest in the poker world. The poker community feels the list is incomplete, and sometimes unfair. The June issue is now available worldwide, and features the hottest girls in poker according to WTP Magazine , Tatjana Pasalic on its cover. The magazine decided the list of the 20 hottest poker girls of all time without consulting their readers, which is highly criticized by the online poker community, as they feel the list to be unfair, leaving out notable female poker celebrities like Amanda Leatherman host of the popular PokerStars The Big Game or Shana Hiatt former WPT presenter, poker player just to mention a few names. Lauren Kling. Erica Schoenberg. Vanessa Rousso.

Feb 28, - Kristen Bicknell Gunning To Be One Of Poker's Greatest Overall Players. Top Ranked Tournament Regular With Nearly $3 Million In Winnings.

Take, for example, Barbara Enright. Enright was also the first woman to win three WSOP bracelets, and only Linda Johnson and Jennifer Harman have managed to win that many since. In every poker room and in every major poker event you can see the changing tide. Not only are more women playing poker, the best of them rival the best male players. Baumann finished on the bubble in 10th place, while Hille finished just behind in 11th.

Top 10 Female Poker Players in 2020

Although Kara has in the past been known more for her TV hosting career, she is still highly respected for her knowledge on the game as an ambassador and host for poker — one of the largest poker websites in the world. Born of croatian descent and considered one of the all time hottest female poker players around, Tatjana Pasalic has been in the poker industry since the age of 19 where she gained an interest in online poker during her stay in Denmark. As well as participating in the game, she has also been a part of the Bodog team as a poker personality and TV host.

33 Amazing (And Hot) Girls Who Play Poker Professionally






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