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When the scene where Family Guy accurately depicts how "Every Pizza Place" makes a salad resurfaced the other week in multiple media publications, it reminded me how many funny food moments have been depicted on the show. The fact that the comedy is based on surprisingly accurate cutaways and absurdly random jokes allows the writers to come up with some truly memorable moments about food. Of course, because Family Guy humor consistently verges on being slightly—and sometimes very —offensive, we decided to keep our round-up PG. Here, we present to you those moments throughout the show's long run—and if we've made you feel nostalgic, you can then check out these 35 Funniest Food Moments From "Seinfeld".

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Something, Something, Something, Dark Side/Quotes

The episode is a retelling and parody of the film The Empire Strikes Back , recasting characters from Family Guy into roles from the film. The episode was written by Kirker Butler and directed by Dominic Polcino. It received high praise from critics for its accurate depiction of the original film, as well as its inclusion of many cultural references.

According to Nielsen ratings , it was viewed in 6. As the Griffin family is watching television, the power suddenly goes out, leading Peter to retell the story of The Empire Strikes Back. After the " opening crawl " an Imperial Star Destroyer deploys a series of probe droids in search of the Rebel Alliance. One of the probe droids Joe lands on the ice planet Hoth , where the Rebels have set up a base.

Rebel commander Luke Skywalker Chris is patrolling when he is attacked by a large wampa Cookie Monster and taken back to its lair. Hartman , with Leia objecting to his decision, however she denies it when confronted, saying she would rather kiss George Takei. When he finds out that Luke has not yet returned, Han sets out on his " Dondon " to find him. Luke escapes the wampa lair and has a vision of his late mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi Herbert , who tells him to go to the Dagobah system to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Yoda , after offering him a bowl of Zima soup.

Han quickly locates Luke, and the two are rescued soon after. The Imperial fleet exits hyperspace too early, giving the Rebels time to evacuate the base while Luke leads his squadron of snowspeeders to hold off the Empire's battalion of Imperial Walkers. The Millennium Falcon enters an asteroid field and Han decides to dock inside a cave to repair the ship. They flee when they discover they have actually landed in the belly of a space slug Meg.

Meanwhile, Luke crash-lands in the swamps of Dagobah and finds Yoda Carl amid the foggy landscape. Yoda trains Luke, guiding him through a series of training exercises, including watching "sweet-ass DVD releases", and a training montage that parodies Rocky IV. Darth Vader is ordered by the Emperor Carter to capture Luke and turn him to the dark side of the Force. Vader recruits bounty hunters to track down and capture Luke's friends, intending to use them as bait to trap Luke, including Raggedy Andy , whom he orders to leave.

With the Millennium Falcon ' s hyperdrive broken, Han and company escape by hiding amongst a field of disposed trash, but are tracked by Boba Fett Ernie the Giant Chicken , after hitting a "space bum" collecting some of the garbage.

Luke has a premonition that his friends are in danger and leaves Dagobah to save them, although he has not finished his Jedi training. Yoda initially doesn't want him to go, but encourages it after Luke suggests Yoda fight Vader himself. Han and the others go to Cloud City on the planet Bespin to obtain help from Han's friend Lando Calrissian Mort , "the only black guy in the galaxy", only to be turned over to Darth Vader.

Han is used to test a carbon freezing chamber Vader intends to use on Luke to take him to the Emperor. Leia professes her love to Han, but Han tells her to "fuck off" and is then frozen in carbonite for posterity.

Despite R2-D2 having sex with the combination lock, and subsequently being discovered by her husband, to get the door open, they are too late to stop Boba Fett from flying off with Han.

Luke arrives at Cloud City and, after being briefly interrupted by Ryan Seacrest on American Idol , engages Vader in a lightsaber duel. Vader cuts off Luke's right hand. With Luke cornered and defenseless, Vader goads Luke to join the dark side, revealing that he is his father.

Luke casts himself into an air shaft and, after discovering that a worker has shoved his severed hand down his pants, ends up hanging on an antenna beneath the city, calling out to Ben, Leia, and Tom Selleck.

Leia senses Luke's call from within the Millennium Falcon and has him rescued. On board a Nebulon-B frigate , Luke is fitted with an artificial hand, but told to practice masturbating with a hot dog first.

Luke angrily protests the story's ambiguous ending, but then he receives a letter from Doc Brown , a reference to the ending of Back to the Future Part II.

In the Griffins' home, the power returns as Peter finishes his story, only to get into another argument with Chris over Robot Chicken. Chris vows to not let Peter get his goat this time, but eventually storms off when Peter brings up Without a Paddle. The episode was written by series regular Kirker Butler, before the — Writers Guild of America strike , and before his leave from the series in order to become co-executive producer of the Family Guy spinoff series The Cleveland Show.

Butler wrote the first draft of the episode in four weeks, under the guidance of series creator Seth MacFarlane.

The episode was directed by Dominic Polcino , who had previously directed " Blue Harvest ". This was the last episode in the series to use hand-drawn animatics , before transitioning to computer-designed animatics. In addition to the regular cast, voice actor Jon Benjamin reprised his role as Carl, who portrays Yoda , and Sheriff John Bunnell made his second appearance in the series, the first being in the eighth season episode " Quagmire's Baby ".

Actor James Woods , in his third appearance in the series, as an exaggerated version of himself, guest starred. The DVD release of "Blue Harvest" on January 15, , contained an easter egg of a brief read through of bits from "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", as well as a teaser trailer for the episode as another easter egg.

The title of this episode is a reference to a specific line from the season five episode " Barely Legal ", which was used in a cutaway relating to Star Wars. The line is an inside joke relating to the Emperor "figuring out the formula for great dialogue" for Star Wars.

While the Emperor talks to a kneeling Darth Vader , he says "Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete". As the episode opens with a shot of the Griffin family , they are seen sitting in front of the television watching a parody of several Aaron Sorkin shows, including Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip , entitled The Kitchen.

In the same fashion as the original Star Wars films, the story opens with a large, yellow crawl of text, with the text in this variation calling out 20th Century Fox for their lack of foresight in terms of merchandising rights, thus allowing George Lucas and Lucasfilm to keep all the rights to every film in the Star Wars franchise. The text then addresses the stockholders of 20th Century Fox, and cites Family Guy ' s two cancellations as another example of the company's short-sighted decisions, and spending budget money in a useless manner.

One of the probe droids, portrayed by Joe Swanson , then lands in the snow near Luke Skywalker. Apologizing to Leia for having to leave her, Han gives her his e-mail address , which is hosted by the nearly defunct company CompuServe at "hansolo64 compuserve.

Leia then mulls over the thought, and tells him that she would rather kiss Star Trek actor George Takei. Han goes out to look for Luke on his "Dondon", which has the body of a tauntaun , and the head of the late actor Don Knotts.

Continuing on their approach to the Hoth system, the Imperial Fleet passes by a mailbox with the surname ' Nimoy ' on it. Darth Vader, as portrayed by Stewie, hits the mailbox with a baseball bat as the ship passes.

After much maneuvering, Han is able to escape the TIE fighters, eventually parking in a handicapped zone, citing vertigo as his medical condition. When Luke reaches the Dagobah system, he crash lands into a swamp, prompting Allstate spokesperson and actor Dennis Haysbert to appear, in a parody of his commercials. Haysbert was reportedly approached to voice himself, but rejected the offer for unspecified reasons.

The Legion of Doom lair then rises from the swamp, which angers Luke. Yoda then asks about the best scene in the film Teen Wolf and Luke picks the scene in which Michael J. Fox in wolf make-up opens the bathroom door to see his father is also a werewolf.

Yoda says Luke is correct, but that he also would have accepted the end celebration in which an extra allegedly exposes himself. Once the Emperor, portrayed by Carter Pewterschmidt, contacts Darth Vader, he first begins by telling him that he is getting rid of all his CDs because he is "downloading all his music to his new iPod ", then proceeds to list several albums, including singer Natalie Merchant 's album Tigerlily , Alanis Morissette 's album Jagged Little Pill , and finally Richard Marx 's single " Hold On to the Nights ", the last of which Darth Vader excitedly agrees to take.

Once Han Solo is captured by Darth Vader, he is tortured into confessing his clogging one of the bathrooms on Cloud City. As the story comes to a close, Luke interrupts the ending sequence and raises the viewer's awareness to all of the "unanswered questions" that the movie leaves behind.

The Western Union postal worker from the film Back to the Future Part II then appears, and hands Luke a message delivered by Doc Brown from the year , with the story then ending on the words "To be Concluded", in the same fashion of Back to the Future. The episode then cuts back to the Griffin family household, with Peter immediately rehashing the argument between him and Chris that first started in " Blue Harvest ", [2] a joke grounded in the fact that Chris' voice actor, Seth Green , is one of the creators and producers of the stop motion comedy series Robot Chicken.

Peter begins by suggesting that Robot Chicken would never be able to top the story he had just told. Hearing this, Chris defends Robot Chicken. Peter continues to poke at Chris and finally states that he "may have more time to tell another story" entitled Without a Paddle , a critically panned movie in which Seth Green starred.

Chris then angrily storms off yelling "Fuck you" to Peter. In a significant decrease from the previous episode, "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" was viewed in 6. The episode acquired a 3. The episode beat the season finales of The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show in both the 18—49 demographic and in total viewership. Reviews of the television broadcast were highly positive, praising its close attention to detail in parodying the original film.

Jason Hughes of TV Squad found the episode to be "incredibly [impressive]," going on to note, "As much as we fans love the films, we know they're not perfect, and that they're downright ridiculous in places. Family Guy managed to point out virtually all of those moments in this parody. Club found the episode to have "a lot of solid laughs", and admired the show for "throwing itself into these outsized movie parody things".

The episode was written by David A. Goodman and Cherry Chevapravatdumrong , and directed by Peter Shin , in his first episode since the fourth season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: It's a Trap!

Retrieved TV Squad. IF Magazine. Archived from the original on The A. Anderson Vision. The Celebrity Cafe. Crave Online. Digital Spy. Retrieved 19 March Television portal. Family Guy episodes. Road to Star Wars episodes. Category Book. Hidden categories: Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Good articles.

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Family Guy/Season 7

I've never been a huge "Family Guy" fan. I did enjoy the pre-cancellation run, back when matricide and Hitler jokes on an animated sitcom still felt edgy. But the taboo lost its punch as creator Seth MacFarlane made it clear he had nowhere to go but truly, hideously down: sexual predation Quagmire, whose junkie-like lust yields about one genuine laugh for every nine shudders and pedophilia the never-funny, quiveringly voiced old man Herbert high among the lows. Beyond that, the show has exhausted itself with more Stewie sight gags, more non sequitur scenes of famous people deconstructing memorable moments of tension with "gee, you kinda But, for me and surely others, one constant, sure-fire source of esoteric hilarity was the "Star Wars" jokes. So I was optimistic going into a recent viewing of the show's full-length "Star Wars" trilogy parody, which culminated in the Dec. Just the title of MacFarlane's "A New Hope" counterpart, "Blue Harvest" the secretive working title of "Jedi" , says that he'd rather send an encrypted salute to "Star Wars" fans than make a public-friendly sales pitch with the project. Love-letter moments like those fill these three hour-long "Family Guy" episodes.

20 Funniest Food Moments from "Family Guy"

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The episode is a retelling and parody of the film The Empire Strikes Back , recasting characters from Family Guy into roles from the film. The episode was written by Kirker Butler and directed by Dominic Polcino.

Stewie Griffin : I like you lot. I guess you could say I I would Very great deal.

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