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Girl and boy duets from musicals

A couple of the mentions, I admit, are MY favorites that I keep pushing on them hopefully, but you will see which ones those are. My commentary also points out a few pitfalls and special challenges I have encountered with some of these Broadway books Annie , greatly beloved by little girls, has a couple of songs I like much better than "Tomorrow". I will give the songs to students who like them, regardless of the volume problem, and we will just keep working at projecting in the lower register The bigger, fancier arrangements sometimes drown the voice of your newer, younger, just-getting-started voice student. Go light on the pedal, too!

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60+ Show-Stopping Vocal Duets

Search Actor Hub using the power of Google. Choosing a song for a musical theatre or drama school audition or showcase can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. Especially when its not just you who is singing it! When it comes to a duet you need to choose a song where you both can shine and we hope Actor Hub can help you in choosing.

Musical Theatre duets will probably fall into two catergories: comedy songs or love songs, aso think about what you want to show off. Is it your singing or your acting, I would start with that choice. If you choose a song to show off your singing remember to really explore and examine the acting of the piece.

You want to create a real relationship with your co-singer and work in harmony not against them. By building the truth of your relationship you should build a trust with each other and avoid any temptation to over sing them! If you choose a song to show off your acting, remember that you will be benig judged also on how well your voices work together so spend extra time supporting each other and helping your voices to blend, however unique they are.

Choose a song which moves you both, which connects with you both, and which gives you both equal opportunity to shine. Here is a list of duets which would work well at any audition or showcase. Click on the title or image to watch a video of the song. Bookmark this page and keep coming back as we are always updating and adding to these song lists. Musical Theatre Duets for Auditions and Showcases. This list will hopefully guide you when looking for a duet, have a watch of the video, listen to the song and see if you like it.

Do try and read the script or watch the show. If you find something else or have a recommendation let us know via Twitter actorhub and we can add your choice to the list. Click on title to view the video Click on image to buy from Amazon.

Therapy click to view video Tick Tick Boom. Tick Tick Boom is a musical written by the musical composer Jonathan Larson who is perhaps most famous for Rent. The show tells the story of an aspiring composer called Job who lives in NYC in and his worries that he has made the wrong choices in life. It explores this along with his relationships with his girlfriend Susan and his best friend Michael.

They argue throughout this song in a very passively agressive and psychological manner which barely seems like an argument and more like a therapy session — hence the title! A deliciously funny duet with lots of room for humour and the brilliant show-offy factor of having a huge Patter section! A beautiful love song sung as two lovers part ways. None of it was wasted. The story tells of Don Hawes, Broadway star, who for a bet says he can make the first dancer he meets a star. He chooses Hannah Brown, one of the chorus girls.

You can have loads of fun with this song and interpret it how you want to without worrying about the story. Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond are new writers on the musical block and have quite a following already. The Temp and The Receptionist is a great song about an office relationship between two shy colleagues.

It really is a showstopper with so much room for comedy and fun whilst showing off your singing skills. As a self confessed nerd, I would love to sing this and just need to find my receptionist! The Book Of Mormon is a show from the writers of South Park, the show lampoons organised religion and also traditional musical theatre.

The Book Of Mormon tells a tale of two Mormon missionaries who are sent to a village in Uganda to teach their religious teachings!

The locals are more worried about war, famine, poverty and AIDS than religion. Baptize Me is sung by Elder Cunningham, a fat, insecure, nerdy missionary and Nabulungi daughter of one of the villagers they are there to teach the Mormon way to.

Its a really funny song, and has to be played completely straight to really get the humour across. Both must sing it with complete conviction that the song is about being Baptised. Shall We Dance is the seventh of the ten Astaire-Rogers musical comedy films.

It was released in The movie is scored by the Gershwins. The film tells the story of Peter P Peters, an american ballet dancer who falls in love with a tapdancer. After lots of twists and turns including a journey on a liner across the Atlantic and a show danced by Peter and a whole chorus wearing Linda masks, they eventually fall in love!

Lets Call The Whole Thing Off is a funny song about the subtle differences between Peter and Linda, it is also a chance to have Fred and Ginger dance a huge number on rollerskates! Spamalot perfectly pastiches a broadway love song in The Song That Goes Like This making it a great song for a male female duet.

Spamalot is loosely based on the Arthurain Legend, with more than a dash of Monty Python and lots of laughs! Musical Theatre Actor Hub Advice. More of the best drama school audition songs. Unusual Audition Songs. Audition Songs Chosen by Jason Carr. Five Audition Songs for Men. The Best Patter Songs. Musical Theatre Audition Songs for Men. Audition Songs for Tenors. Audition Songs from Disney Films. Rules for audition song choice.

Popular Female Belter Audition Songs. Musical Theatre Female Duets. Alto Audition Songs. Sondheim ballads for auditions. Top Audition Songs For Women. The Next Generation of Audition Songs! Musical Theatre Songs for Character Actors. Schwartz Songs for Auditions. Popular audition songs for Men. Our Favourite Sondheim Songs. Best Baritone Audition Songs. Pantomime Audition Songs. Funny Female Audition Songs.

Essential reading for ALL actors. Todays Most Read Posts. Here are some Sondheim ballads which could be sung at auditions. Surviving without an agent. Surviving as an unrepresented actor is easy if you know where to look for help.

Disturbing the Molecules. If drama is the story of someone wanting to do something against all obstacles, then what I want to do NOW, moment-to-moment is essential to building a character. Audition songs for both musical theatre castings and drama school auditions. Some of the best songs for different ranges and abilities.

Send us your favourites too. The drama school interview. What makes the best …. Costume Designer? Popular Mezzo-Soprano Audition Songs. Choosing a musical theatre audition song? Have a look at our top songs for women, which showcase both your acting and singing.

Here is what they said, what we say and what you say. Often when auditioning or especially in a drama school showcase you will be asked to perform a duet. Here are a selection of songs which give you both a chance to shine. Some of the best songs for an alto to sing at a musical theatre or drama school audition. These songs are chosen because of the character and story to show off your acting. Have a look at our top songs for men, they songs are popular because they showcase your acting and singing talent.

Singing JRB at a casting is a tricky job to get right, but if you do get it right you are onto a winnner. Have a read what we think the best songs are for a woman to sing at auditions. Can you choose a Jason Robert Brown song for a casting? Or are they too hard? Here is a selection of songs we think would make you stand out at any audition. Here are some audition songs you might not have heard of.

Top 10 Overlooked Male/Female Duets

Search Actor Hub using the power of Google. Choosing a song for a musical theatre or drama school audition or showcase can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. Especially when its not just you who is singing it! When it comes to a duet you need to choose a song where you both can shine and we hope Actor Hub can help you in choosing.

Are you looking for a great piece for a competition! Or maybe just for a concert or cabaret? These songs are FREE to perform in festivals, competitions, and auditions - all that we ask is that you send us an email when you use them.

Everyone loves that part in a musical where the couple finally sings a duet, stares at each other for a dramatic second and then proceeds to kiss, possibly to the sound of some dramatic, happy music in the background. In a show, two women could end up singing together for many different reasons: they could be fighting or supporting each other, gossiping or just discussing their lives. As it often happens in musicals, Sarah and Adelaide are complete opposites when it comes to all of their beliefs and their lifestyles, but they end up coming together as they sing about their problems with their respectful significant others. The song sees Sarah and Adelaide grow closer as, despite their differences, they end up joking together in clever rhymes and hilarious lines.

They Will Never Leave You! Essential Female Duets for Broadway

Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. Hot Discounts. Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong? Alternatives to the Broadway Flea Market. By: evadiva Replies: Views: , Last: g. One person shows or acts. I need a Hairspray revival. I think Drowsy Chaperone should revival.


Almost every musical has one — a musical theater duet for a male and female. Broadway shows are littered with beautiful duets! These are 10 of our favorite musical theater duets for a male and a female; each one is strong enough to stand on its own during a performance. Check out the original Sutton Foster version here. This duet is a great option for a man and woman with personality and a sense of fun.

I've often said that musical theatre is the domain of female performers, at least as far as my heart is concerned.

The best duets in musical theatre help the audience fall more in love with a show by getting to know the characters better. In this song, Fabrizio and Clara admit their feelings for each other and Clara accepts his marriage proposal. Although written in the contemporary era of musical theatre, this duet has more of a classical sound.

Musical Theatre Audition Songs – Male Female Duets

Duets are musical compositions for two performers and have been part of the structure of musical theatre from the earliest shows in the 20s until now. Duets serve many purposes. They may involve a conversation between two characters; express love or strong emotions; and generate or resolve a conflict.

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Boy-girl duets are compositions set to be sung by two singers. This article lists some popular duets for a boy and girl to sing, either for competitions or karaokes. If you are singing a song with another person, the overall musical composition is referred to as a duet. In a duet, each compositions is meant to be sung by two performers, who sing their parts separately or in unison during the chorus. For those who love to sing, it can be a learning experience to sing along with someone and match scale, range, and singing skills with one another.

10 Musical Theatre Duets: Male Female

From legendary collaborations between musical greats to fresh partnerships from new kids on the block, we give you the top 20 duets of all time for karaoke The only thing better than killing it at karaoke is killing it at karaoke with a friend! Duets offer twice the vocal range, twice the giggles and twice the fun, so with that in mind we've only gone and compiled a list of the top 20 karaoke duets of all time. And, if you're in need of even more inspiration for your next singing session, check out our round up of the top karaoke songs of all time. You can find all of these incredible karaoke duets available to sing on our online subscription service. One of the absolute stand out tracks of , Shallow is an instant classic and offers a very enjoyable romantic duet for a couple of star crossed lovers. Be warned though: about two thirds of the song is Lady Gaga and she is one tough act to follow vocally! The great thing about this duet is that it's relatively easy to sing.

Here is a great selection from Musical Theatre Worldwide shows, and even shows This a great, QUICK duet for a guy and a girl that will wow them in a festival.

It was challenge to narrow the songs down, but I decided to go with numbers I think will do well at competition. The formula is the same as past articles: a strong relationship, full story arc, and performance length. We hope you enjoy! When they finally meet, they express their true feelings in a pair of inner monologues that belie their haltering small talk. The sudden realization that they are in love surprises them at first, but they decide to go for it.

Duets for Music Theatre Singers

One big name on a red-hot hit is great, but sometimes two superstar voices come together in an inspired pairing that is truly special. With Valentine's Day's celebration of couples in mind, our experts dove into over 50 years of Hot hits to single out the biggest songs by two singers to ever hit the chart. So grab a box of chocolates, dim the lights, cozy up to that special someone and turn up the speakers as we count down the hottest duets of all time. This chart is comprised only of songs where two singers share equal vocal duties on the track.

8 Theater Love Songs To Duet With Your S.O.






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