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Girl meets farm valentines dinner

Dishes inspired by the host's Jewish and Chinese heritage are not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. With her fresh and tasty ideas, Molly brings multicultural Midwestern inspiration and fun to kitchens across America. Molly Yeh and her husband, Nick, host a hockey party for their sports-loving friends. She makes all her favorites, including crispy fried chicken sandwiches with super-creamy chipotle mayo, homemade noodles and, for dessert, chocolate mint sandwich. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices.

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Girl Meets Farm

I thought there were a couple of things for her Rosh Hashanah meal that sounded really good especially the apple and marzipan rolls. I'm still watching. Haven't seen much lately that I've been inspired to try, but still enjoy the show.

I agree. Those rolls looked amazing! And I love marzipan, so her marzipan honey frosting looked so delicious. I was tempted to make the frosting and use it for other desserts.

It looks so versatile. Me too. She is such a warm personality and I enjoy watching her cook. She has made quite a few things that I would like to try. Plus, she's originally from the Chicago area so I feel drawn to liking her.

I watch her show, but more for the same reason why I watch PW rather than any genuine enjoyment. Every now and then, she has some good stuff, but then a lot is weird cookie or candy bar salads. And going OTT with sprinkles. I read she was signed for extended multiple contracts so she will be around for awhile. I feel Food Network is trying to draw in more Millinials with her. She just needs to tone it down a bit. I agree with you guys about the over done cheeriness.

Really starting to bug me. I think it's time for her to act a little more mature. She reminds me of a camp counselor or hyperactive babysitter. While I'm at it, I should add that the sprinkles and tahini have worn out their welcome at my place. I''m on the "tone it down, honey" train also. I even got to the point that I get irritated during the show intro when she says "Oooh Yah!

She sounds like she's trying to imitate a Minnesota accent why? It has been said that the Food Network requires all of its women "stars" to smile at all times.

Supposedly it makes them look friendlier and more believable doesn't work for Ree, she's not believable EVER. Apparently Giada had to train herself to do it. That may be a lot of what constitutes the overly peppy persona of Molly. I have seen her on other shows and she's not as over the top as she is on her own show. Nope my postmaster would tell me to go put those tins in packing boxes. Ah, I don't mind Molly that much. We have a new weatherman on one of our local stations and he is the matter-of-fact type.

Lately, I've noticed that he's been smiling a lot more and it looks fake, so I am sure he's been spoken to by production. Maybe that is the type of place where Molly took her cookies to ship?

I think that was Ree. I don't recall Molly shipping cookies but I may have missed it. Ree made a big deal about giving the postmaster a box which he unctuously accepted from the Queen of Pawhuska. She did in her episode a few months ago. She also gave the postmaster a cookie but only one and in a bag. The intro is slightly changed, with titles to let us know that Molly is an award winning cookbook author and blogger She made something that was not over the top crazy - ricotta stuffed blueberry blintzes.

It was interesting to see them made, though they seemed like a lot of work - making the batter, making the cheese filling, preparing the blueberries, then filling the blintzes before folding and frying them.

She made a quick Dijon based dressing. She also made meatless sausage patties made from walnuts and oats. I have had blintzes like those and they were beyond divine. Just don't know if I'd put that much time into them.

Absolutely make the crepe batter ahead. The error I saw was Molly pouring the berry liquid over the crisp blintzes. Practically every indigenous culture has bannock or fry bread in some form.

Not for hot dogs and not using yeast though! They are cooked in a number of ways from baking it on a stick to baking it on a hot stone to putting it right into the fire.

I make it at home but in a frying pan. I wanted to drop in to say that I made Molly's "granola" bars from a few weeks ago. I put "granola" in quotes because I really didn't consider it to be granola. I had some mixed nut butter and mixed roasted salted nuts, but otherwise, followed the recipe exactly. They are very very good. I think the the ones Molly made on TV were in a larger, shallower pan, but nonetheless, thumbs up!

My tongue is itching. I've been catching up on dvr'ed eps and I find I'm losing interest in her cooking. I kinda feel how Bernie looks: bored with it all. Indeed, Bernie is adorable but that flat affect! It's like she's just over it! I was happy to see her smile and play a little when Cliff came over. Agree with above comment about Cliff's have to come from somewhere! I feel that way about Walter's! At least Bernie makes for a cute nickname for Bernadette Those blintzes looked yummy but they'd be a soggy mess with the sauce put on them so far in advance.

I'm not a cream cheese fan so that bagel salad with cc balls turned me off. The squash situation took my favorite baked squash and ruined it with such harsh flavors; it's called delicata for a reason. I noticed she hasn't updated her blog in over a month.

The FN has a way of ruining the good stuff. I will say she does update her Instagram every day and posts stories, I can understand though if you aren't into that and prefer blog posts how disappointing it might be. Good point. I'm kind of turned off by most of the blogger's Instagram's now I hate seeing a post with a picture of a name brand item, say yeast or a type of coconut oil.

There are enough ads in my life. OMG, I'm starting to hate watch this show and grit my teeth while Molly smiles! She must do that beauty queen trick of putting vaseline on her teeth to keep that smile popping. I was drooling for those nougat squares minus the sprinkles though.

The rest of the menu was steak with chimichurri. I had chimichurri once and loved it - I know it's fairly easy and only about ingredients, and seeing her make it reminded me that that's another thing on my try-to-make list. I liked Molly at first but they must be telling her to smile smile smile!

Everyone has to be over the top and fake is one way or another! I will just say that I know most everyone finds their own baby fascinating and beautiful , but I think that not all babies are cute! Wow, this show was number 2 in FN ratings last week, ahead of Pioneer Woman. That's impressive. I suspected it must be doing well because of how quickly new episodes come out with very little down time. Much less down time than some of the other shows. Plus I like her little kitchen, it's like the one I grew up with and even her electric stove has those coils - no "real artists only cook with gas" attitude.

It shows you can actually prepare meals in tight spaces. I honestly watch more for Molly's outfits than the recipes although I enjoy those, too , and I thought she looked super cute today, with the subdued Hawaiian top and jeans. The macaroni salad is very similar to one recently done on America's Test Kitchen. Sounds pretty tasty! Which I mean isn't BAD but they'll also likely try to bring in Guy so they'll have two divisive hosts there.

Smiley did a Passover themed show today and I found the menu extremely carb heavy. I'd rather have brisket! The matzoh balls she made with matzoh meal, and they were dropped in a chicken broth that included soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil.

‘Girl Meets Farm’ star Molly Yeh makes 3 delicious turkey dishes

Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Stay safe and healthy. Marinate, covered, in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Season 5 - April 5, Molly Yeh makes her most-prized Midwestern comfort foods with a twist. The hearty dishes include Knoephla Soup with the chewiest dumplings ever, Sticky Ribs and a side of sweet, tangy Broccoli Slaw with plump currants.

From breakfast in bed into an evening of appetizers, cocktails, flavorful meals and sweet endings. I love that these scrumptious Cinnamon Rolls pack in loads of fresh in season apples! Homemade from scratch cinnamon rolls, count us in! Shut the front door, 3 Yummy Tummies!

Molly Yeh Loves Cookie Salad, and You Should, Too

My quest to fill every inch of all of our freezers continues this week with a mashup of two great things: chicken and biscuits and spinach and artichoke dip. We used that book all the time growing up! And I remember that in the process of learning to make their chicken and biscuits, I learned that a roux can be used to thicken milk for purposes other than making mac and cheese. This was mind blowing to me! So rather than adding a bunch of cheese and noodles to the sauce, we added chicken, herbs, and veggies, and then topped it with biscuits and baked it all so that the tops of the biscuits got golden and the bottoms soaked up all of the delicious creamy sauce. It was the best. Especially during long dark homework-saturated Chicago suburban winters. But I also wanted to sneak in vegetables, which is where the spinach and artichokes come in. Spinach and artichoke dip is the best form of balance, no? The result is really reeeeeeally good.

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I thought there were a couple of things for her Rosh Hashanah meal that sounded really good especially the apple and marzipan rolls. I'm still watching. Haven't seen much lately that I've been inspired to try, but still enjoy the show. I agree. Those rolls looked amazing!

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Nineteen gourmet-level gifts to help you commemorate Cupid's holiday. Chocolates or flowers are classic, but basic. Here are 19 gourmet-level gifts to help you commemorate Valentine's Day.

Your Home is Your Castle

I want to tell you more about Girl Meets Farm! I have been sooo tickled by your support and excitement for this show, and that has made me even more excited and also a little bit more nervous because now that I know you know about it, it feels more real. For a long time I only talked about it with Eggboy and my family and it was just one of those things where if it happened, cool!!

It also happens to be gluten free, if that is your thing. Do I have you on board yet!? I adapted her recipe slightly to make it a little simpler and one bowl. Kyle and I loved it and definitely plan on making again and again. What is new with you guys?! The past few weeks have all strung together and felt like one never-ending day to me.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Cookie salad is one of the Midwest's greatest innovations, and the star of "Girl Meets Farm" has a great recipe for making it. Molly Yeh has lived in East Grand Forks, North Dakota for five years, and that has been more than enough time to expand her definition of "salad" to include chopped-up baked goods. While most of us already know that salads don't always include vegetables, only some of us know that salads can include Yeh , whose forthcoming Food Network series "Girl Meets Farm" debuts Sunday, June 24, will feature recipes inspired by her Chinese-Jewish roots and upper Midwestern life on a farm, including cookie salad, and she gets excited just talking about it. It's kind of ridiculous. When I first learned about it I was horrified.

Girl Meets Farm TV Show recipes on Food Network Canada; your exclusive Are you looking for something special to make for your Valentine's Day dinner?

TV Schedule. Sign In. Girl Meets Farm —. Season: 1 2 3 4 5.

She explains how a recipe for macaroni and cheese came to mean so much more. Martha Stewart has been a household name since the s, so it's no surprise that her work and teachings have influenced people across the world. They both love to cook. They've both hosted successful TV shows.






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