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Girl meets world fanfiction shawn protects maya

Loved this episode. It was a lot of fun to read. I have my own thoughts to add, but right now, it's really freaking late at night and I work in the morning. Cheers, gentlemen. I agree there should have been more people at the wedding. I would have loved Ghost Chet as a groomsman.

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Do you know your Girl meets World stuff

In which Shawn and Cory stop off to buy the ring after dropping Riley and Maya at the school. They need to learn from their own mistakes. Ten minutes later, they parked near a jewellers, and Shawn jumped out of the car, and Cory followed suite. Cory and Shawn looked up, glancing at each other first. They turned back to the rings, and after a few minutes Shawn picked out a sleek stainless steel ring with three small diamonds, the middle one being bigger.

Shawn looked at the ring for a moment, thinking. I hope you enjoyed this! You can read another Upstate missing moment, set right after the episode, here.

When Josh was a newborn dying in the hospital, Cory wanted Topanga to take his hand and make him feel like everything would be okay—not because she was magic, but because he needed someone to be a relief from reality, a piece of light in a time of darkness. But then Shawn showed up. He told Cory he needed to travel the country and be on his own but when he heard about Josh he dropped everything, and he showed up. And what was the first thing he told Cory? T hat he knew everything was going to be okay.

Because again, Cory needs that in times of strife. He needs hope. In the year , 30 years after , Cory and Shawn finally get married.

But like the gmw writers are going to miss a perfect opportunity to have an arc possibly? My cousin was asked to describe it without knowing the show or the fandom and explain what was going on, and she said:. Full disclaimer, this post is all of the gay. There shall be no rucas, no lucaya, no riarkle. Originally posted by amusedeasily Please make more veronica wasboyski fics and genderfluid shawn hunter fics.

Especially shawn x corey. Plz and thx. May or may not be similar. Possibly a bigger heart-to-heart before the wedding? PG Alcohol mention, same-sex relationship. If same sex relationships offend you, kindly unfollow me. Keep reading.

Cory and Shawn get an internship at the same agency and Shawn does really well; Cory however, does not and gets himself fired. The real climax to this issue, is when Cory finds out that Shawn was given a fax, cell phone and a credit card for working at the agency and he starts to feel bad about it which leads to Shawn going to him and saying.

You did great. Then he apologised and said he was proud of him in which Shawn responded the same. And that right there. Summary: Over the next couple of weeks, everyone started coupling off.

Jack and Eric grew suspiciously cuddly. Just when Shawn thought the campus had gotten as gay as possible, he found out that Topanga was hooking up with Angela. Watching the last two episodes of Boy Meets World again for the th time and the flashbacks are making me emotional.

This is not a sad story. Originally posted by shawnhuntcr. Log in Sign up. Cory: You having trouble with that yogurt? Auggie: This lid is a fucking dickhead. Cory: [looks at Shawn] Wonder where he got that from. Shawn: [without looking up] From the fucking fridge you dickhead. Cory: Shawn, are you okay? Upstate Missing Moment - The Ring. You just went shopping, Shawn! They smiled and blushed. Cory: Did you eat all the powdered donuts? Shawn, mouthful of donuts: No.

Shawn: Shawn: Cocaine. But Shawn understood. Shawn: Cory what I'm about to tell you is gonna make you want to kill me. Cory: I'm not going to kill you Shawn it takes too much time to break in a new best friend. The Beard archiveofourown. Shawn: It's us against him. Livin' on the edge babe. Cory: I like when you call me babe. Except for Cory who will bring you magazines and pudding!

Dear internet, Please make more veronica wasboyski fics and genderfluid shawn hunter fics. Sincerely from A desperate, genderfluid gay P. Shawn : This is my husband, crap bag. Crumbling- a CoryxShawn AU drabble. This is honestly a secret plot to set up Shawn x Cory in 2k All you know all you need to know archiveofourown.

Best Friends archiveofourown. Shack Attack: Boy Meets World archiveofourown. Brave New World. Want to see more posts tagged shawn x cory?

Girl Meets Master Plan/Transcript

First attempt at a 'Girl Meets World' one-shot. This takes place shortly before Kermit walks into 'Topanga's'. To everyone who is used to my 'VicTORious' fics, thank you for giving this a chance. To everyone else, thank you for clicking on this, and I look forward to everyone's reviews letting me know how I did on this. Disclaimer: I don't own 'Girl Meets World' or any characters.

Cory started to write 'Belgium ' on the board before he turned and waited with his hands clasped in front of him. Cory shook his head. Without turning around, Cory smiled.

In which Shawn and Cory stop off to buy the ring after dropping Riley and Maya at the school. They need to learn from their own mistakes. Ten minutes later, they parked near a jewellers, and Shawn jumped out of the car, and Cory followed suite. Cory and Shawn looked up, glancing at each other first.

I Thought You Were Smaller — Stupid Protective Fathers

Missy Bradford's Annual Kickoff Party was the back-to-school event to attend. Every incoming sophomore was invited, and even a few of the upperclassmen said they were going. It was going to be a total rager, with no adults, and tons of alcohol. It was August 19th, two weeks before the school year was officially set to begin, and Riley Matthews and Maya Hunter formerly Hart had already received their invites via text message. Maya wasn't really one for parties, especially those thrown by Missy Bradford. There were too many people, the booze wasn't usually that great, and the music scene sucked. There would be too many rowdy JV football players there trying to grab her ass and get her to dance with them, and she wasn't looking forward to it. Maya had been to a few parties over the summer, some of them even college frat parties, and she tired of them very quickly. They were too much of the same thing, and while she drank to enjoy herself, she hated the inevitable hangover.

Boy Meets World (‘How to Succeed in Business’ - 5x09) - Cory/Shawn

It's been a while since I posted. I'm really sorry, my senior year got the best of me, and I started feeling out of it. I did have a second chapter for the last story I had, but since Riley was depressed it was a little triggering for me to write. So I decided to continue when I'm ready.

I don't want to spoil much about what I've learned from this episode, but I have a strong feeling that when it airs, it will be one of those heart-tugging episodes.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series. At the start of the series, Riley is 12 years old and in seventh grade.

The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Master Plan. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

Story Author Community Forum. And the truth may be more than she can bear. Please take care of them. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday.

Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Also, I wrote this fic quite a while ago. If anything is inconsistent with what has now happened in GMW which a lot of it is , just think about this fic starting somewhere in early to mid-season 2. Maya walked into the Matthews' apartment one Sunday morning looking distraught. There were tear stains on her cheeks and tears in her eyes. Cory and Topanga turned from the kitchen table.

Jun 11, - The next weekend Maya found herself hanging out with Josh and his friends "It's so nice having another girl around" Hannah said "I can't wait to have you here full time Maya" "It's fine Lucas you can't protect me from everything" Needless to say all four of them were fast asleep long before Shawn and.

The next weekend Maya found herself hanging out with Josh and his friends on campus again. She could really get used to this; Josh's friends had no judgement and no drama. The struggle Maya often found with High School was how easily her classmates seemed to get swept up in immature drama, but Josh's friends being a few years older than her; had already been through that stage in their lives and were over it. Its underground sculptors that only use recycled materials. I was thinking I was going to hit it if anyone is down".

Dinner was a lot different now that Shawn lived with them in a whole new apartment. And we just went over notes in Chemistry so it was really easy and relaxed. Lunch was great, as usual ever since they got that new lunch lady.

Please leave empty:. He is Maya's brother. He isn't on the show. He is close friends with Riley, Maya, and Lucas.

Maya listens as Riley tells a story while they walk through the subway, but she slowly drifts off into la la land. It had been two months since Shawn had been realised and it was going to be one more month until school let out for summer vacation.




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