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Riley lets out a snort as if her best friend would say yes after that. Suddenly the bell rings and the rest of the class floods into the room followed by Mr. Corey thinks about it for a second his lips in a straight line. Maya looks at Riley then down on the ground, it had been a while since her almost been on a date with Farkle, and Uncle Boing was away at University so there was really no harm in one date. Matthews repeats still very confused as to what had just happened although he was pretty sure he had just given his daughter away to a Minkus.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x11 - GM the Real World: Cory & Class (Zay: I love this class so much)

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x13 - GM Great Lady of New York: The group (Zay: I’m happy to be here)

Girl Meets World Fanfics — Ski Lodge AU (lucaya)

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Hey guys, I thought I would take a break from my other story and do a one-shot. I think Maya looks good with both Josh and Zay. Inspired by Randomness Girl. It has been three months since Lucas and Riley officially got together. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for them but at the same time jealous. I kind of developed a crush on Lucas ever since that day they were planning on taking the art class down.

I never realized how much he cared about me; it was amazing how much he cared. I also really like it when he turns into his Texas self, even if he doesn't like it, I like it. I am so glad Riley never found out because if she did, she would try to push her feelings aside in order to make me happy.

I wouldn't want her to do that because she is not as strong as I am, she would start hurting herself at lot on the inside. I am sitting down against my lockers while Lucas and Riley are down the hall smiling and each other and kissing. Tears start to stream down my face, why can't I ever have love?

I also have a crush on Riley's uncle, Josh, but he always rejects me because of the age difference. Also because Lucas is like madly in love with Riley, he would never notice me. I guess I don't deserve to be loved; makes sense because I am not as pretty or fun as Riley. She can get any guy to like her including Charlie Gardner.

The only guy that actually liked me was Farkle but even then he obviously liked Riley more; but now he has Smackle which is great because those two are adorable together. You're amazing! I really wish I can be happy for them, I really wish but I can't. I bury my face into my hands and just sob. I sob uncontrollably not caring that others are walking by, they probably do not care about me. Nobody cares about me, not even Riley, she only likes Lucas.

As I am walking down the hall, I suddenly start thinking about Lucas and Riley; they are cute together but I always though he and Maya made a better couple. I feel really bad for her because I sort of figured out that she had a crush on him. I mean it was obvious she did I mean the way she looks at him; but to be honest, I sort of like her a lot.

I mean she has something I always want in a girl, strength and confidence. She wouldn't let anyone hurt her unless it was something big and that's what I like in a girl.

I though Vanessa had those qualities but Maya has something that she doesn't, confidence. Maya isn't afraid to speak her mind and that is another reason why I really like her; if she didn't like Lucas, I would've probably asked her out. As I continue down the hall, I notice a girl sitting down against the lockers and crying. As I continue to walk by, I notice again that it's Maya. I walk backwards and asks, "Blondie, you okay? I know she doesn't want me to go away. Judging by her red puffy eyes and long curly blonde hair, she wants me to stay.

I know it sounds weird but I just know she is seeking comfort. This time she didn't say anything. She just looks at me and continues to sob even harder than ever. She buries her face into my chest and continues to cry and I place my arm around her shoulder; this shocks me because I never seen her cry this hard before. I guess she really did like Lucas a lot if she is this heartbroken about it, I feel terrible that this happening to her.

I am shocked because she deserve to have a great guy like me or Lucas. I guess I am not good enough for them" Maya declares as more tears come down her face. Like three years is not a big deal. My parents are like four in a half years apart. But personally I think you're nice, you're pretty, you're fun to talk to and be around, and you're an amazing person. Zay is kissing me?! How is this happening? I guess there is a guy that likes me after all, I still don't understand why though; I return the kiss by placing my arm around his head and he does this the same thing to me.

Our lips lock for a good four to five minutes until we finally break apart. We look into each other's eyes for another good five minutes until I break the silence. You are gorgeous girl with a wonderful personality. Also even though you aren't confident when it comes to guys, you're still confident about other things and you aren't afraid to speak your mind.

That's what I like in a girl. We hold hands walking together to our next class, I don't care that Lucas is with Riley anymore because I am happy that I have an amazing guy that I can count on to be there for me; his name is Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Riley never found out about Maya's feelings for Lucas. So after she and Lucas are together for three months, Maya is still heartbroken by it. When she sitting against the lockers crying one day, she is lucky that a certain guy who may have feelings for her is there to comfort her.

I thought you're so confident. He rejected me because I am three years younger than him. Maya's POV Zay is kissing me?! Review please! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Zay Babineaux

This was supposed to be angsty, but… nah. Look, Isaiah Babineaux came to New York with a set list of rules, rules that he refused to break:. It was that simple. He found Lucas and reconnected, getting four new friends in the process.

Don't do it. He then glanced at Maya and then looked away.

Hey guys, I thought I would take a break from my other story and do a one-shot. I think Maya looks good with both Josh and Zay. Inspired by Randomness Girl. It has been three months since Lucas and Riley officially got together.

This is very short, but hopefully it's decent! Zay was thankful once he finally found Lucas that he was sitting underneath the big oak tree outside of the ski lodge rather than kicking it. Zay sat beside his friend, doing his best to ignore the anger in his tone. Man, I know this has been confusing for you. I'm here to help in any way I can. But this has been going on for too long now. You need to make a decision. Surely there's one girl you like more than the other.

Riley and Lucas were getting ready to eat dinner with the gang at Topanga's. It was after closing, but Riley's parents kept the place open later so they could have their own friends-giving together. After all, they were graduating in just a few months, and after that who knew how many times the gang would be able to all get together again? Riley and Lucas were the only ones there so far. They came early to set the table and get things ready.

Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux is a semi-regular character in Girl Meets World who was introduced in Season 2 as Lucas ' best friend from Texas and later became the fifth member of Riley's circle of friends.

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I fell in love with Girl Meets Rileytown and thought it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my craving. I realize the text message that Riley relayed to Maya in the show probably was all in one and not drawn out over the course of a few weeks, but for all intents and purposes, for this story, it is. It could be a little sloppy; I don't spend a lot of time editing, otherwise I end up changing the entire story.

Skip to content. I … maya goes through a few situations. Again, Riley quickly put that photo behind the others, Maya flirting with Lucas. Holding Riley, kissing Topanga. Girl Meets World wrapped its first season Friday exactly where it began, with wide-eyed world-meeter Riley Matthews being thrust into the confused arms of Lucas, her knight in … Riley: It happened out of nowhere.

Maya had just exited the school and was heading in the direction of the nearest subway station when I familiar voice called her name. Maya stopped in her tracks and glanced over her shoulder to find Zay running to catch up to her. Turning completely to face him, she replied, "What's up? Maya just rolled her eyes. She was wearing her usual sweater and ripped skinny jeans with matching ankle boots. That, along with the fact that Zay was the one complimenting her tipped her off that something was up. Zay fiddled with a crumpled sheet of paper in his hands and answered simply, "I need a favor It was a tradition they started at the beginning of senior year.

Dec 16, - I think Maya looks good with both Josh and Zay. Inspired by Randomness Girl. Maya's POV. It has been three months since Lucas and Riley.

It was the last night of the school trip to the Mount Sun Lodge. The whole weekend was crazy with drama and serious talks and it was rarely fun. Maya sat by the fire after a late night walk around the woods with Zay.

Isaiah Babineaux is an intelligent man. He is intelligent enough to know when one of his best friends is keeping a huge secret from everyone. He stared at Maya from across the room.

The triangle happens 8th grade and is resolved by freshman year. Something will happen to break up the core 6 with Zay being the only one Riley talks to. Story starts senior year expect a lot of flashbacks. Thor, Josh and Charlie are in story with two of them playing a part in breakup of core 6.





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