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Girl meets yearbook transcript

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Girl Meets High School (Part 1)/Transcript

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Not to be passive, but to be active, I think, is really what it gets down to. Over the last century, Wellesley classes have included more than their share of exceptional women.

But this year, one class seems special. It was the 25th reunion of a group of women who have come to be identified with their most famous classmate. They knew her as their friend and student body president, Hillary Rodham. But Hillary and her class are special in another way. This is their story, the story of Hillary's class. This is the Wellesley of the s, when their mothers were in college. Wellesley accepted girls who were smart, well-bred and sheltered, middle class girls as well as the daughters of the wealthy.

For many of them, the unabashed goal of a Wellesley education was a trip to the altar. Every spring, Wellesley girls rolled h ops down a hill in a race to see who would be the first to marry. With any luck, the winner would get a Harvard man. In , when Hillary's class came to Wellesley, the hoops were still there. So were most of the traditions of their mothers' and grandmothers' day.

But at the time, it was a wonderful thing to hear if you were a girl. It was a wonderful thing to be told that you didn't have to take second seal to anybody and that you were- you were one smart cookie.

In And you had to have a posture picture taken. A posture picture was- you were- you were taken into this little black box of a closet. I think they let you keep your underwear on, but I'm not sure about that. And little stickers were put down your spine and you stood there and, all of a sudden, to your side, the doors flew open and lights flashed and a photograph was taken and the- and the doors slam shut again, you know, lest anybody really see you out there.

And a picture had been taken of how well those spots lined up on your spine. That was why they'd been accepted to Wellesley in the first place. Ann Sherwood was a doctor 's daughter from Ohio. We'd all achieved across the board. We'd all done basically the same things. We were all editors of the paper or editors of the yearbook or heads of the government or whatever it was. We were all- we were all the same and we were all pretty much white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

Of the more than members of the Class of '69, only a few were black. Six, to be exact. Francille Rusan was from St. I have my trunks and my parents. And I don't think anything is strange at all. And over the next few days, as I'm meeting the other students, I realize that all of the other black students except one have black roommates.

And when I talked to my own roommate, I discover that the college has called her and asked her if she would like to be a part of an experiment. And I'm pretty upset because they never called me and asked me if I would like to be a part of an experiment. I also had never met anyone who wasn't black until I got to the campus at Wellesley.

It was a big shock. So I planned to call home and I did. And I expected my father to answer the phone and I was going to say, "Daddy, I want to come home", and he was going to say, "Honey, I'm coming to get you.

But my mother answered the phone and the rest is history. An honor student from the Pittsburgh suburbs, Nancy was elected president of their freshman class. It was fun, but really, it felt more serious than that to me. It felt like something I had to do and make a contribution, even if it was to sophomore fathers' day or something that didn't ultimately affect the world at all. But very slowly change did come to the campus.

It began with opposition to the rigid social rules and regulations. And so we focused on those rules first and changing those rules. And by the time we graduated, we had gotten rid of most of them. Hillary Rodham emerged as a leader in the campaign to change Wellesley. Black and white students banded together in demanding a more modern curriculum, more minorities on campus and an end to the war in Vietnam. It certainly defined me. And I think that some people held back and chose the old route, the old Wellesley, the Wellesley of the '50s and the early '60s, and other people saw it as a river moving them into a different era.

And we were not disappointed because what she came home with was beyond a mother's wildest dream and I just thought, "Wow. Whatever it cost us, it was well worth it because look what she found at Wellesley. And her mother was pleased as punch because here was the- was the end of a dream. This young lady dressed in white was my daughter and she was beautiful. The class chose the president of their student body, Hillary Rodham. We were both involved in college government.

We were friend s and colleagues in some of the -things that we did, that we tried to do together. He urged the class of '69to resist the wave of youth protests sweeping the country, which he called "a perversion of democratic privilege.

It was brilliant. It was unplanned. And it was disrespectful to Edward Brooke, Senator Brooke, who spoke at our- at our graduation. And I can remember squirming in my seat.

At the same time, you know, the inner me was saying, ''All right! She defended their idealism. As the French students wrote on the wall of the Sorbonne, she said, "Demand the impossible.

We will settle for nothing less. I would have liked to have stopped her. I'm sure her mother would have liked to have stopped her. But her class absolutely encouraged her and when she finished, they rose in a body and applauded her.

And I will never forget it because Nancy said to me at the end of graduation, "Take a good look at her. She will probably be the president of the United States someday. We thought this is where life would take us, as a generation and as women. It wasn't a given role in life we were facing. It was energizing. It was exciting. And you believed that you could accomplish almost anything.

The whole group frightened me because this was the beginning of a whole new era and these women were going to go out and take over the world. Not my daughter, because my daughter was very safely married. I thought she was going to be home sweeping the floor and taking care of the baby, so I wasn't going to worry about her. But I worried about the other ones because they were so sure. They were so sure of themselves and that is something that Wellesley instills in these women.

I just hope that they all are successful and happy. No, I'm going to re-state that. I just hope that they 're all happy. We had all kinds of opportunities opening up to us because of the times. We had been taught to excel, to expect that we could do well, that there should be no inhibitions on what a woman could do. That's the Wellesley message.

And then we finally graduate into a world where the women's movement will make lots of changes, will open many doors for all of us. Jan Dustman found a job with a large Boston bank. Within two years, she was one of the only two women to be promoted to marketing officer. As a congratulations and sort of a celebratory thing, our boss took us to lunch.

And he took us to the officers dining room where only officers of the bank were allowed to eat. And people sat at long tables and they were served and it was really quite formal. People turned around and just kind of looked at us. It was as though we had come into this room that was such a male bastion and their looks did not indicate surprise or upset or anything. It wasn't a negative thing at all.

It was just we were so remarkable, being women and being there.

Girl Meets Yearbook/Transcript

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Not to be passive, but to be active, I think, is really what it gets down to. Over the last century, Wellesley classes have included more than their share of exceptional women.

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