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How my future husband should be

When it comes to the things that we chase after in life, the unimportant ones like money, power, and wealth eventually fade away. Love is the thing that binds us all together. Click here to take the quiz…. No one can. Some people think that delivery pizza and Netflix under a blanket is the height of romance.


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32 Qualities of a Good Husband

Our future husband. We know what we want him to look like. The man that has a beautiful heart? The guy that will lead you closer to God than himself? So what should we, as single Christian girls, be looking for specifically in a future husband? What qualities are non-negotiable? This one is the most important of all! And honestly, if he truly loves the Lord, everything else should fall in place.

But if he is seeking the Lord, he should be in the Word and working on his own character! Look for the fruit he is producing.

If you are considering marrying the guy, then you are probably pretty in love with him. It can be so hard to see his faults when infatuation is blinding you. You want a man that is a spiritual leader. But once you are married, you are going to wish that he was a spiritual leader. It can be tough being a Christian, and you want your husband to be right alongside of you, leading you.

Who will lead your children to Jesus? Who will decide to go to church on Sunday mornings? As a man, God made him to be the spiritual leader of the house. It will get tiring trying to be the spiritual leader, wife, and mother. So look for that quality in your future husband!

While you are dating, is he leading you closer to Christ? Or do you feel more distant to God than ever before? It is for every single Christian- including you and your future husband! God has called us to go and spread the Gospel.

So is your man doing that? Is he focused on teaching others about Jesus and sharing the Good News? I think that society has tricked us into thinking the popular and over-confident guys are the ones we should like. And think about it. That would get pretty old. The guy that when praised, humbly accepts and moves on. The man that points others to Jesus instead of himself. That is how he will treat you someday. Your future husband should respect your body and purity, as well as your time and heart.

He should respect and honor you for who you are. Can I just put it plainly? Getting involved with an impatient guy is the worst. You want a guy that is patient, whether that means literally waiting for something to happen, or not getting impatient and argumentative with you. But you want to marry a man that is patient with you while you are making decisions, while praying for you and encouraging you. Also, does this guy get upset at little things often? Think about how that would be in marriage.

Another truth: so many guys today are lazy. If he does not have a job, examine why. And honestly, I think having a job is very important, and he should make it a priority. He should have a strong work ethic so that he can one day provide for you and a family with stability. Also, I think this is a good time to mention that he should be good with his money, too.

Look at where all of his money goes. Is he saving, or spending? Look at his life right now. Is he faithful to sticking to what he starts? Does he fight to keep friendships alive? Does he work to maintain something good in his life? Those are only 8 of so many attributes your future husband should have! I feel that those are non-negotiable, but there are others I think are important: flexible, encouraging, trustworthy, gentle, good with kids etc.

I encourage you to write out a list of qualities you want your future husband to have. Then when you meet a guy you like, you can take out the list and see if he is a man you may marry! But I also want to remind you again that your future husband will not be perfect. He will mess up and need grace just as much as you. Work on your own character as well. Become the woman the man you are looking for is looking for. This was part 4 of my Singleness Series! I hope you are too! Here is a list of the previous parts if you need to catch up:.

Stay tuned for next week! I will be talking about how to pray for your future husband! Tags : encouragement , future husband , lifestyle , singleness. I really have been enjoying this series. This is something that I have been struggling with like the everyone else.

This really encouraged me today. I am so glad, Breanna! Being single can be tough, but I definitely agree with you. We need to keep our eyes and hearts on God! Allison, I love the new design! The blog looks really cute after the update — professional but still inviting and friendly. Not by a long shot. But do I see him working towards and attaining successes in each of these areas regularly, and always striving to do better than yesterday?

I think you do a great job of gently making your recommendations without subjecting girls and their prospective boyfriends to unattainable standards, and pushing people towards yet more disappointment and frustration. And thank you!! I bought a theme on Etsy. You can see it here. Thank you so much for sharing those qualities. This article is so timely for me. I believe whoever my husband is, he will also have an incredible story to tell.

So thank you and God bless you. I love your blog! Great job for following Jesus and staying pure as a single girl! Thank you so much girl!! Hey Allison! I just want to commend you for your walk with Christ. The Spirit is really working through you and your words. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, you lovely girl. I just want to say thank for this series.

It has been so enlightening and influential in not only my life, but I am sure in the lives of others as well. This particular post is great! We as women often get so caught up in physical appearance, and characteristics such as humor, etc.

Hi Allison, I just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing this post and encouraging young women through your blog!

Rebekah Joy www,moreradiance. Well in Miami I never had a boyfriend, never had relations with a guy or even dated. A great guy with a great family that love me as much as he does and even as there own and I feel very blessed and greatful to god for bringing me what I asked even though it took years of me asking, many years.

32 Qualities of a Good Husband

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help.

You also start to get really used to being single and doing everything on your own. You get used to not having intimacy, romantic love, and a teammate in your life and, sometimes, you kind of forget about your desire for those things. You become your biggest cheerleader and make your own dreams a reality.

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What Qualities To Look For In Your Future Husband

Having a solid friendship with your future husband is a must. Your future husband must also be a friend to you. Your future husband must be someone you can rely on. Reliability is an important quality your future husband must have. Your future husband should be someone you are sexually attracted to. Having that chemistry is important. Honesty is an important quality your future husband must have. Your marriage has a better chance of success if your husband is genuinely humble. Confidence is a quality your future husband should have.

9 Clear Signs You’ve Found Your Future Husband

What are the qualities of a good husband? Let this list of qualities guide your marriage, family, and life as a whole. Affection He gives you the affection you deserve as his wife. He works hard to give you a home you can call your own.

No matter what your guy's personality is, there are certain characteristics he has to have if you're destined for love and marriage. Check this checklist before you head to the altar.

Our future husband. We know what we want him to look like. The man that has a beautiful heart?

Quiz: Can We Guess Your Future Husband’s Zodiac Sign?: HowStuffWorks

Unfortunately, a six pack and cool tattoos are not some of them. I've tested this, and it doesn't necessarily make for a successful relationship. A long-term commitment requires work. There are joint bank accounts to think of.

I'm young and still all of life ahead of me however, I'd like to think I have a pretty good idea of what I want and don't want. I still have much growing up to do, but for the most part I'd say I know myself well and I know my self worth. I know what I'm attracted to and I know what kinds of people I work with best. Now, I'd say I'm pretty easy going and get along well with most but when it comes to a significant other there are some specifics I prefer. Dear future husband, there's just a few traits in mind that I hope you have.

9 Clear Signs You’ve Found Your Future Husband

Even though it sounds contrary, the answer to both questions is, "Yes. All right. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but hear me out. It's all about balance. You should not frantically search for a future spouse as if everything hinges on your every effort to find that special someone. Neither should we be entirely lazy about it, assuming that God is going to do all the work. It's fairly unlikely that someone will knock on your door one day, it'll be love at first sight, and they'll pull a ring out of their pocket and start reciting the vows. Convenient, yes, but unlikely!

Jan 28, - In this post, I share must have 8 qualities every girl should look for in their future husband! It is so important to begin thinking about the attributes.

After all, the consequences of making the wrong choice include two options: a lifetime of unhappiness or a bitter, expensive divorce. There are certain traits my future husband must have in order to be compatible with me. He has to have career goals and be actively working to achieve them. Strong, independent women value our careers because the opportunity to succeed is a privilege for us.

Everyone has their type when it comes to dating. Some women like tall guys, some prefer ones with glasses, and some look for a man with sport or artistic talent. But it turns out when it comes to getting married, women not only look for a particular physical appearance. Beyond handsomeness and the ability to sweet talk, women want their future husband to have more substantial traits and qualities to have a solid and long-lasting marriage.

Most people grow up dreaming of meeting the right person and falling deeply in love, and for those of you who have yet to find the right person, just know that love is out there waiting for you. In order to find it, you may have to put yourself out there, which can make people super uncomfortable. Nevertheless, getting out of your comfort zone could lead you to meeting some great new people and finding the love of your life. Watching Netflix and eating pizza is dope, but it probably isn't the best way to find a new love.





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