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How to find russian girl on instagram

I have traveled and dated women in nearly every Former Soviet union country in Europe. If my only concern was girls I would probably live and die in a city like Kiev or Saint-Petersburg. But I hate winters so I have also gamed girls on four different continents. While a bit of jealousy will make wonders for you in places like Colombia, be careful with it here.

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How To Date The Instagram Girl You’ve Never Met

If you google "How to meet girls on Instagram", you will get a lot of generic, lacklustre, generic advice from PUAs and content writers that have never even tried what they recommend.

That's why I decided to write down absolutely everything I know from more than three years of meeting girls on Instagram. The result is this 6,word guide. Get pen and paper because you're about to learn a whole damn lot about how to get laid on Instagram.

Because this guide is so long and so in-depth I thought about actually selling it. I could do that but I decided not to. The knowledge in this guide is worth hundreds of bucks. You will not find this advice anywhere else on the net. Well, I have some breaking fucking news for you.

First, social media and online dating aren't going away anytime soon. So you not being on it doesn't contribute to anything.

You're hustling backward by doing that. Second, even if you are doing better in real life which you should if you have a good personality , there is no reason in the world not to have Instagram. In fact, if you're a man that has his shit even remotely together, you should welcome an app like Instagram. Maybe in some backward-ass village in a third-world country, you can find that. But I am willing to bet money that 95 out of attractive women in first and second-world countries have an Instagram profile.

And why shouldn't they? Instagram is big business now for many hot women. So let's drop the virtue-signaling and face realities here. With that in mind, we can turn our attention to how we can use this fact to our own advantages. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know as well as I do that women spend their entire friggin day on Instagram. Take away a girl's phone and she'll start getting jittery within 10 minutes max, unless she's engulfed in some other activity Consider it from a logical standpoint: where does she spend more time, in the club or on Instagram?

She might be for 5 hours in the club on Saturday but she's 2 hours every single day on Instagram. We covered time but this point is even more important. Skip over this and I'll personally bitchslap you. Your personality, finances, looks and all that stuff comes in when you meet her in person. But Instagram can do half the work for you before you've even started.

Women love intrigue and a good story. And what better way than to tell your story and to intrigue them than through Instagram? It is the shop window of your life. The highlight reel of all your plays. All your finest moments are displayed there. You can create your own story and build your own personal brand the way you choose to. She will scroll through your profile and based on the pictures you chose, she will make a decision on the spot.

If you've done a good job, she will consider you interesting. Congratulations, your Instagram profile has just pre-sold you within a matter of seconds. That works for girls you've never met before just as well as for a girl that you have met briefly in real life and haven't had time to establish a connection with.

Both ways, you start off from a much better position. Instagram sells you in a matter of seconds but the effort behind building a good profile takes months to years. If you already have an archive of interesting pictures and are willing to spend money on growing your account, you can speed it up somewhat. But by and large, Instagram is a more or less accurate description of your life and how interesting it is.

Girls do the same so there's no point in "playing fair" here. Attention on social media and online dating thrives on exaggeration. But don't embellish to a point where it gets unrealistic. If you're taking pictures of yourself in a rented Ferrari but can't pay for dinner, there's a huge gap between perception and reality that will hurt you.

Instagram forces you to learn to play the long game, go out there, do cool shit, capture that in photos, and then get people to see these photos. None of this is an easy or fast way of meeting women. This will require real effort. That is precisely why it works so well because almost no one goes through the effort of doing it with such professionalism.

To get girls on Instagram, your pictures all need to follow at least one but ideally all three of the following guidelines:. First, recall that Instagram is our tool for preselling our amazing personality and lives. Women aren't looking to meet losers that have nothing going on in life but winners that can take them on exciting adventures. Women want to meet attractive, high-value, high-status, desirable men. Even if she's living in the ghetto, she's dreaming of meeting LeBron, not Carl the crackhead.

Be the man that other men would like to be and other women would like to meet. I will go into what content to create below but every photo should display a positive or desirable trait of yours.

Ask yourself:. Next, the picture has a story behind it. Selfies are bad content for this very reason: most of the time they don't tell a story. Think about it like this. I'm sure you've come across girls' profiles with endless repetitions of the same shot. Did that appeal to you?

Of course not. There was no story behind the picture. It was just her first showing her left buttcheek then her right buttcheek. The basic rule of thumb is that your picture can be anything but boring. It must evoke some sort of emotional response. Later, I'll show you how to do that and what part location tags play in that.

Finally, you always want to have some intrigue in the picture. That intrigue can be created from as little as a facial expression. Or it can be the location you took the shot in. Or it can be something that is a part of the photo. Whatever it is, it should evoke curiosity when she sees it. You know you've done a good job if she leaves a comment or even better DMs you about the photo. Whatever you did, it was good and you should do more along the same lines.

All three are important but it isn't easy to get all three right. It's even harder to get them right all at the same time. Only because a photo is lacking intrigue doesn't mean you cannot post it. Displaying desirable qualities and value is the absolute foundation and is mandatory to building your profile.

The other two are intertwined and you should consider them more a part of your "long-term branding". For example, three pictures of you traveling shows that you are getting around. But constant pictures of you traveling to different locations tell a story.

What is it that you do for a living that allows you to do these things? How can you afford that? Who are you with? You get the drift. You need to literally have the bigger picture in mind. Your three pillars are value, story and intrigue. Do some cool shit and display desirable traits and you will get there. Here's a list of ideas:. When you browse Instagram, you notice that some pictures look much better than others.

That's true for men and women. There are a few key factors though that will make your pictures stand out:. Quality beats anything. You could be with 10 supermodels but how's that going to help you if the resolution is low and the picture has poor focus? In fact, in my opinion, they shouldn't be professional. You want your account to look as authentic and realistic as possible.

A good smartphone camera will suffice.

7 Instagram Accounts That Reveal the Many Sides of Russia

If you google "How to meet girls on Instagram", you will get a lot of generic, lacklustre, generic advice from PUAs and content writers that have never even tried what they recommend. That's why I decided to write down absolutely everything I know from more than three years of meeting girls on Instagram. The result is this 6,word guide.

She posts refreshingly candid moments of her goofing around and hanging out with friends in addition to the backstage shots and snaps with other famous people. Everyday Russia is an umbrella account that posts photographs from all over the country. Followers get a peek into the bedrooms and kitchens of locals, as well as social get-togethers, beauty pageants and weekend activities.


How to date Russian women.








Feb 29, - So, now that you've fallen madly in love, how do you date the Instagram girl you've never met? We asked a dating coach and a comedian for.








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