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How to find the married name of a woman

Among her friends, year-old Molly Weissman is known as Molly Weissman. But on Facebook, ever since she got married in , Weissman is Molly Lister Weissman—a nod to the fact that before her marriage, she was known among friends, and on all her official ID documents, as Molly Lister. But the unhyphenated double surname some women have adopted online to prevent that confusion is a naming custom heretofore more often seen in textbooks and foreign countries. Molly Weissman, for example, who changed her middle name to Lister when she changed her last name, published some work as a journalist before her marriage. In addition to using both last names on Facebook, she sometimes refers to herself as Molly Lister Weissman in more formal online settings, too, such as her outgoing work-email signature, so her current work retains some identifiable link to her old articles. Scheuble also points to Kim Kardashian West as a recent example, who started going by two surnames in some contexts after her marriage to Kanye West, but uses only her maiden name in her handles on Instagram and Twitter.

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Maiden and married names

Earlier this week, my husband decided we should get a stationery stamp. We had a few thank-you letters to send, which seemed as good an occasion as any.

He got to work, trying to find a cute design combining both of our names. One day hopefully , the situation will stabilise and I will be out of excuses. When that day comes, I will make a decision, and there will be no perfect ending. The matter of my surname is a game I cannot win — one where I end up being either a bad feminist or a bad wife. Broadly speaking, I have, of course, two choices: keep my surname or take his.

To me, that would feel brutal. All of my professional highs and lows are closely associated with it. My summer internships, my first work contract, the biggest story of my career — all of these have my current name attached to them. Names tell stories, and it might sound conceited, but my story matters to me.

So, why not just keep it then? In any case, I would be in good company: a study by The New York Times showed a clear rise in the percentage of women who chose to keep their surnames after marriage. About 20 per cent of them did so in recent years, as opposed to 14 per cent in the s and 18 per cent in the s. The truth is that I like the idea of a common surname.

All he wanted was to signal to the world that the two of them were now a family. Obviously, this argument struck a chord — I, too, want to show the world that my husband and I are a family. Changing my surname might be an administrative chore, but it can also be seen as an act of love.

After all, so many wives do it every day. They wake up as Ms X, and then, one walk down the aisle and a few drinks later, they go to bed as Mrs Y. Well, I care. Of course, it also opens the door to a host of other questions: which surname comes first?

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Why Married Women Are Using Two Last Names on Facebook

If you do nothing, then after marriage, your name will stay the same. If your marriage certificate is sufficient evidence of your name change. Nor do you need to change your passport. See the section on how to change your title for more details.

Gloria Ward Customer asked a question. Always enter a female using her maiden name. All family tree software should be able to deal with multiple marriages.

Her reasons were practical, not political. Suh said. And on social media I thought it might be harder to find me. The share has surpassed that of the s. Yet unlike in that Ms.

Why should women change their names on getting married?

Click on the name of the state where the woman you are interested in currently lives or has lived. Usually, you must write to the Department of Health, but some states let you look up marriage records online. Websites such as Anywho. Simply type all the information you have into the search bar — first name, maiden name, new last name if you have managed to find this, date of birth, city and state of residence — and see what the search returns. Some sites are subscription only. Some sites claim to specialize in maiden name searches, which is why they might be worth the extra expense. Facebook and LinkedIn encourage users to list an alternate name on their accounts if it differs from their ID, such as maiden name or nickname. If your friend or family member has added her maiden name, then a simple person search should bring up her social media profile. Another option is to search by school, university or company affiliation. If your detective work hits a roadblock, you may consider hiring a private investigator.

Why Don’t More Men Take Their Wives’ Last Names?

Jump to navigation. The list of places requiring the newlywed to file a name change is daunting, ranging from the Social Security Administration to the auto insurance company, and just about everywhere in between. But as the population grew, it got tiresome trying to distinguish among the many Thomases or Annes or Richards or Marys , so surnames arose, often based on lineage such Williamson , occupation such as Smith , or locale such as York. But coverture laws also prevented women from entering into contracts, engaging in litigation, participating in business, or exercising ownership over real estate or personal property. Under these acts, women gained individual legal status for purposes of signing contracts, engaging in business and commerce, and making purchases to acquire property.

Simply input the maiden name in the field called Last Name, when searching for a marriage record here or a birth record here.

Robert Kehrer Official Rep. Short URL. Loading Profile Posted and.

Maiden Names, on the Rise Again

I was recently reminded that this opinion is very much in the minority: A study published earlier this month in the journal Sex Roles found that the husbands of women who chose to keep their surname were more likely to be perceived as feminine than those whose wives changed their names. That may be in part because the notion that a woman who marries a man is supposed to change her name is so entrenched in our society, she said. But the bulk of women marrying men still appear to be changing their names. So why is this one of the few traditions that continues to persist with little question?

In the run-up to marriage, many couples, particularly those of a more progressive bent, will encounter a problem: What is to be done about the last name? For same-sex couples, changing names takes on extra significanc e. Seventy-two percent of adults polled in a study said they believe a woman should give up her maiden name when she gets married, and half of those who responded said they believe that it should be a legal requirement, not a choice. In some states, married women could not legally vote under their maiden name until the mids. If a bride-to-be was associated with a particularly flashy castle, the man, Coontz says, would want to benefit from the association.

The History Behind Maiden vs. Married Names

W hile women in the U. In Quebec, all women have been keeping their maiden names since , whether they want to or not. In Greece , a similar law requiring all women keep their maiden name was enacted in during a wave of feminist legislation. The tradition goes back even further in France, which has had a law on the books since requiring that people not use a name besides the one given on their birth certificate. Italian women have more options. Custom dictates that women keep their surnames in many Spanish-speaking countries as well, including Spain and Chile.

Dec 27, - A recent study suggests men whose wives keep their name are viewed why a recently married woman would change her name (except in a few, very “In so many other domains of society we actually see people pushing.

Earlier this week, my husband decided we should get a stationery stamp. We had a few thank-you letters to send, which seemed as good an occasion as any. He got to work, trying to find a cute design combining both of our names.

How to Find Someone by Maiden Name

When a person traditionally the wife in many cultures assumes the family name of their spouse , that name replaces the person's previous surname , which in the case of the wife is called the maiden name birth name is also used as a gender-neutral or masculine substitute for maiden name , whereas a married name is a family name or surname adopted by a person upon marriage. In Scotland it is legal and not unusual for a woman to retain her maiden name after marriage. In point of fact if a woman's family was more 'influential' than the groom then he sometimes took his bride's family name.






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