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How to get friendly relations eu4

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Franco-Ottoman alliance

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Sweden's missions are oriented around dominating her neighbors and forging a Dominium Maris Baltici. Securing supports for independence is far easier than securing large alliances once you are free, so don't declare until you have 5 very large allies. Note that this may put you above your diplomatic relations limit. Fighting the war is a simple matter of waiting for your allies to show up and win it for you, don't fight without huge terrain bonuses, and don't try to take more than independence.

Once you declare war, your army and navy force limits should go up by Any territory you take will upset your allies, and lengthen the truce timer.

You instead want a short truce, then a second war where you can gobble up the rest of Scandinavia. If you are going to expand into Germany, it is possible to join the HRE to avoid wars with the Emperor. It is recommended to play one against the other. Neva and Ingermanland are the top priority, since possessing them will deny Russia access to the Baltic.

Vassalizing Novgorod has the additional advantage that formerly Novgorodian land can be retaken from Muscovy for low warscore cost and less aggressive expansion. However, the first war with Muscovy may not cut Novgorod down enough to where Sweden can vassalize them in one war. You should also try to attack Russia simultaneously with the the Hordes, as they will help defeat the Russian army and weaken Russia in the peace deal.

This will make later wars much easier. Take territory from Norway and Denmark too, but at a slow pace - always be aware of aggressive expansion. You should take the Atlantic islands early to avoid having England steal them from you. This can be easily achieved by improving relations with and allying the electors. Also consider taking the influence idea group to avoid coalitions in the HRE. You may also consider taking one province bordering the HRE sea border in your independence war, and improve relations with Austria so you can join the HRE.

Good early idea groups include Influence for reduced AE , Administrative for reduced coring cost and Administrative tech cost , or perhaps Innovative ideas for the reduced tech cost. After taking these idea groups, you should take either quantity or offensive. Alternately, Sweden can play the colonial game. Taking Iceland early and choosing Exploration or Expansion will allow you to be one of the first to reach the New World, which can help with Sweden's lackluster income potential due to low-development provinces.

Keeping Norway as a vassal is another way to gain a foothold in the New World: Norway may colonize, and then the player can annex them, gaining their colonies. This is generally a worse idea, as the AI sucks at colonizing and often runs out of money. The disastrous Dacke War can be avoided by forming Scandinavia, or staying Catholic or converting to Reformed.

The devastating Thirty Years' War is finally over. Sweden has emerged as the dominant power in northern Europe with tremendous potential for expansion. Historically, Sweden never realized its full potential, having turned in a mediocre performance by EU standards until it's demise as a major power following the Great Northern War In this "scenario" the player's objective is to reverse the course of history by staving off disaster, and instead expanding Sweden's power and influence for posterity.

However, despite Sweden's strong starting position and excellent military ideas and bonuses, success in this scenario CAN be difficult even for the experienced player. Unless the player wants to pursue a North American colonial empire, which is not recommended, it is strongly suggested that you sell them immediately. Due to your political position in Europe that demands your full attention and resources, you will be unable to adequately defend them against the English and or Dutch who each possess larger and stronger navies.

The Netherlands will usually offer you the best deal as opposed to also adjacent England or France. If you choose to keep and develop them, then prepare for wars with England, the Netherlands and the many Native American powers in the area. In the end, it simply is not worth your time, resources and effort unless you have colonial imperial aspirations.

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AI Perception

Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. At least some were last verified for version 1. A country's Relations with another determine how likely it is to hurt or help the other country, such as by entering agreements with it or joining coalitions against it. Relations are shaped by diplomatic actions, the countries' relative power, their proximity, their recent wars , their religions , the casus belli that they have against each other, and events. As such, how country A views country B is sometimes very different from how country B views country A.

In addition to Behavior Trees which can be used to make decisions on which logic to execute, and the Environmental Query System EQS used to retrieve information about the environment; another tool you can use within the AI framework which provides sensory data for an AI is the AI Perception System. This provides a way for Pawns to receive data from the environment, such as where noises are coming from, if the AI was damaged by something, or if the AI sees something. This is accomplished with the AI Perception Component that acts as a stimuli listener and gathers registered Stimuli Sources.

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Eu4 modding subject types

The strategic and sometimes tactical alliance was one of the most important foreign alliances of France , and was particularly influential during the Italian Wars. The Franco-Ottoman military alliance is said to have reached its peak around during the reign Henry II of France. The alliance was exceptional, as the first non-ideological alliance between a Christian and Muslim state, and caused a scandal in the Christian world. The Habsburg Empire thus entered in direct conflict with the Ottomans. Some early contacts seem to have taken place between the Ottomans and the French. Louis XI refused to see the envoys, but a large amount of money and Christian relics were offered by the envoy so that Cem could remain in custody in France. France had already been looking for allies in Central Europe. A momentous intensification of the search for allies in Central Europe occurred when the French ruler Francis I was defeated at the Battle of Pavia on February 24, , by the troops of Emperor Charles V. After several months in prison, Francis I was forced to sign the humiliating Treaty of Madrid , through which he had to relinquish the Duchy of Burgundy and the Charolais to the Empire, renounce his Italian ambitions, and return his belongings and honours to the traitor Constable de Bourbon.

A Guide to Preparing for War in Europa Universalis IV

Diplomatic relations are determined based on the EU4 diplomatic relationships. The relationship values should be directly converted between games. However, due to what seems to be a bug, all relationship values get set to zero. Alliances, personal unions, and guarantees carry straight over from EU4 to Vic2. However, personal unions do not have any effect in Vic2, and guarantees fo not seem to have any effect.

Dutch idea eu4 When the campaign begins, none of the foremost powers of Europe have figured out that you can have two and even three ranks of soldiers firing simultaneously if the guys in front take a knee. There was the Orange faction, who supported the idea of hereditary political leadership vested in the princes of Orange as Stadtholders.

You are able to make life easier for yourself, if you operate diplomacy well, by avoiding many exhausting and unnecessary wars during conquests. Therefore, it is good to know how to best use your diplomats. First of all, in EUIV relations between countries are bilateral and the opinion of country A about country B does not necessarily have to reflect the opinion of country B about A.

EU4 To Vic2: Diplomacy

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what are the conditions to get the AI to be friendly?

Eu4 modding subject types. Eu4 allow all diplomatic actions. Cannot do that last thing since the nitty gritty of the rules gets to complicated if I do that. Along with modding tools that expand unit rosters such as can be found here and ship variety this is a great title for people looking to expand their naval libraries. Many of its main exports include timber, textiles, footwear, agriculture, foodstuffs, fuel products, motor vehicles, machinery and much more.

Go to eu4/common/subject_types in there are all the different subject types in in your country and will have a negative impact on diplomatic relations, which is Normally this thread would be in Friendly Banter, but the concept has always.

From some long forgotten vault your diplomat has discovered a document of true and verified authenticity. It proves beyond any doubt that you are the rightful owner of that fantastically valuable province right across the border. But how to claim your birthright? It can be a bit daunting, and not everything in the game presents itself in an obvious manner.

Dutch idea eu4

Sweden's missions are oriented around dominating her neighbors and forging a Dominium Maris Baltici. Securing supports for independence is far easier than securing large alliances once you are free, so don't declare until you have 5 very large allies. Note that this may put you above your diplomatic relations limit. Fighting the war is a simple matter of waiting for your allies to show up and win it for you, don't fight without huge terrain bonuses, and don't try to take more than independence.

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