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I want a rich person to give me money

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There are roughly Although being a millionaire today isn't what it used to be, reaching that milestone is still a significant achievement. Before I became a millionaire at 28, I told myself I was either going to make it or be an absolute failure by the time I turned The fear of having no job, no savings, no investments and no option to retire early kept me motivated.

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6 hard things you may have to do if you want to be rich

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You are very lucky as you are going to read information that will exactly change your life better. You are the next millionaire, I say. Give me 15 minutes of your free time and I will show you up how to request money from millionaires.

No matter what kind of background knowledge, descent, amount of wealth, or profession, yes, you can request money from millionaires. So, opening and reading this page becomes your choice, chance and change for your life.

Find their profile and find as many information as possible. It can be their identity, their life-style, their hobby, their profession, their social life and their all activities. Most millionaires are usually not active in social media. Social media is a kind of restriction and wasting time for them. So, how do you find their profile? Find it on magazines, books and exactly on internet, too. There are usually special magazines for businessman or millionaires in which the contents are all about them.

Read books is also beneficial. Read especially biographies. Great people, in this case, the millionaires, are often written in books for their inspiration and life story. Now a big question is how you get in touch with them. Make sure you have already had their profile on your hand. Get yourself involve in one of their life-parts which may be joining their hobby, being their work partner, being a friend for their families, offering and providing services to them, and etc.

They will be very generous to you if you have already been their mate. Doing hobby together, working in partnership, rising interaction with their families, and offering them services are the ones called good personal approach. Got this? They would include you to their daily life interaction, for instance, appreciating you with party invitation, job offering in high position, money loan, or even money cash bonus. Your good deeds toward them will be your big benefits. Furthermore, if you provide a big loyalty then you deserve to request money from millionaires.

Catch their attention with your personality, skill, attitude, ability and loyalty. Therefore, they might see you as an important person to get in touch with, a potential partner to recruit, and a trusted one to share a business with.

Thus, you are able to result or request money from millionaires, right? Considered as a simple way, working for them is always possible. That is the best you can do.

Almost millionaires are very keen on collecting branded goods either for daily accessories or collection. Offer them one of which with special prices and get them as your best customers. In this case, your target is the woman, girls, or other family members in the group of millionaires. They usually consume things in a very expensive price.

This way, you can make use of their concern and attraction to make or request money from millionaires. You know Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? They are one of the millionaires who have a high social interest in giving fund to those who need it, either in the field of education, social life, orphanage life, or other fields.

The more you give, the merrier you get. The bigger you give, the best you will get. Good deeds will simply return in the same way. What if you have nothing to share or give as a charity? Take this case as an example: you may invite orphans to do some activities, such as selling, in which the profit will be all contributed to them. God knows what you do in the world for the good one, He will pay you bigger than you have actually done.

This last secret may be uncommon. However, it is quite possible and reasonable. You can simply refer to the life story of Nia Ramadhani, one of the most famous Indonesian actress. She tried really hard to find a way becoming fulfilled in life. It was not easy. His father is a billionaire. Nia Ramadhani was then destined to become a daughter-in-law of one of the richest families. She can now, one way or another, request funds for her investments.

You see the path now? What do you think now? At least, I know that you may already have an inspiration after you read this brief information. No matter how hard you apply for the secrets I open up for you. You may fail trying. Focus on the achievements : eternal life with endless money.

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These 7 Insanely Rich People Just Give Money Away

Why do you want to be rich? Getting clear on this question will prevent you from spinning your wheels to make more money. Here's a list of my reasons.

You're probably familiar with the phrase: "The rich get richer. I did. I wanted to understand why it felt so impossible for me to acquire massive wealth , so I spent 36 years studying and interviewing more than 13, multimillionaires and middle class individuals.

So you work hard every day. You save money. You follow all the rules. But it still feels like there is never enough.

Why do you want to be rich?

Once I changed my thinking, the money started to flow. And, he notes, "the only way to learn how to think like a rich person is to study them. Here are eight lifestyle changes that have helped Siebold and other self-made millionaires build wealth. If you're looking to change your life in , they could work for you. The richest people focus on earning , and typically they aren't content with one source of revenue. As author Thomas C. Corley found in his multi-year study of self-made millionaires, the rich "do not rely on one singular source of income," he writes in "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. Your community matters.

Self-made millionaire: 7 middle class beliefs that may be holding you back from getting super rich

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it? What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it? What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

You are very lucky as you are going to read information that will exactly change your life better. You are the next millionaire, I say.

Recent scientific studies show that people get an actual buzz from acts of altruism. Older people who were generous had better health. Spending money on others lowers blood pressures and extends life expectancy.

10 money rules that helped me become a millionaire at 28

Sam Jacobs is He is tall and skinny, with brown hair, glasses, and a nose ring. Something inside him told him to give away his money, along with the power that money bestows, so he is sitting at the long, gray dining table in a loft on one of the loveliest streets in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan, opening a Google doc.

Out of the million tax returns filed in the United States every year, about 1. Now imagine if there were 1. Given it is one of our mantras to always describe ourselves as middle class , being called financially average is a blessing. Regardless of what your true financial definition of rich is, your mission if you choose to accept, is to lock down one of the 1. Seriously, why bother trying to slave away for decades to become a millionaire when you can just marry one?

Why do you want to be rich?

It is a general believe that oxygen, water, and food are the three basic things humans need to survive. But in this era, a human does not live in caves and does not depend solely on what he can grow; money is essential to living. The money can never be in equal distribution; some people have more than they need, and some people do not have enough. It is even interesting that out of 7 billion population, less than people own fifty percent of the money that is in circulation. If the money were to be distributed evenly, everyone would be a multi-billionaire. But then everyone will be boss; no one would love to work since we all have the money. Earning your money is great; it will make you feel good while spending it. But there are times you have no other option than to seek financial assistance, and the best set of people to seek help from are the billionaires.

What else does someone say who is in need? Give me because I have no bread to eat, no money for something to drink, nothing to pay for a meal The rich person scorns what belongs to him as if it were vile, and he covets someone else's  Boniface Ramsey - - ‎Biography & Autobiography.

Self-made millionaire Steve Siebold says that building wealth is a learnable skill. If you work at it, you can improve. For most people, wealth, like fluency in another language, doesn't simply come to you one day.

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