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Male best friend x male reader

While Mal and the others distracted Uma, you dealt with Harry. Which really meant you faked him out and saved Ben with a Tarzan-esque rope swing. I gotcha! He said to after all. And then you did it again and again. After fixing yourselves, you along with the others, climb into the limo and drive back to Auradon.


i write i guess. — Severus Snape X Male!Reader - studying.

The male now dubbed as Jimin had been straightening out his school blazer, making sure no creases were evident on his high quality maroon blazer. The teenage boy admired himself in the long stainless mirror that was opposite his bed, his hands now pulling at his backpack straps to loosen them.

He had heard the light voice of his mothers shouting but decided to ignore her, for now, and continue with preening himself. He soon came to a halt on the white pristine marble floor of the kitchen as he gave a little pink kiss to his mum and the cheek and gave his dad a hug, after his mum had latched onto him in one of her big bear hugs and nearly suffocating him but she had to let go as he started gasping for air.

After his greetings and after he had eaten a slice or two of toast, that was coated in strawberry jam, he bid his parents farewell as he continued his walk to school.

The reason why Jimin chose to walk to school was simply because he could meet up with his gang of friends as he would pass their houses when walking to school and then they could chat about the latest gossip or tease Jimin about his ever short height a topic Jimin was very sensitive on.

Jimin stared at the rows of spiny, skeleton like trees that outlined the street. His black brogues made a slight clicking noise as he walked across the leave coated pavement. Jimin sighed as he made his way to a stop just before the patio door of a big Victorian looking house, the beams were painted a dark black whilst the main body of the house consisted of wood or was painted a nice white. Jimin softly pounded one of his small, chubby fists against the mahogany door as he slightly pouted his plush lips in thought.

As soon as he knocked once, he could hear the pounding steps of one of his friends running down the winding stairs that were present in the house. He then heard a Busan accented voice of a young male bid farewell to his parents.

Jeongguk soon made his presence even clearer as he swung open the door, only to be greeted with the shoulder height Jimin. Jimin greeted his friend with a big eye smile but soon turned and made his way down the patio and down the street filled with wealthy families. Jimin and Jeongguk made they way down the many streets that led them to their school. Cars drove by and large crows of people made their way down the streets and roads, all rushing to get to their designated places before they were late.

Jimin and Jeongguk were in a heated conversation about if IU was overrated or not, Jeongguk highly disagreed saying she was an angel sent from the gods of Olympus apparently she had simply been too alluring to stay hidden in mount Olympus. Students mainly girls , stopped and stared at the two handsome boys that were entering the polished glass doors of the academy, waves of fluorescent pink gliding all over their cheeks.

Everyone stopped and looked. Just looked. They were in awe of how two males that good-looking could be friends, even though they had seen them since the start of the year.

Jeongguk bit his lip seductively whilst winking at them, before he looked over at Jimin to find Jimin had stopped unloading his books and was now staring at his friend in utter disgust. Jeongguk looked over to him in shock and just shrugged his shoulders with a slight smirk as he helped Jimin unload the rest of his many, clunky maths books into his navy locker decorated with luminous post-it notes.

Jimin looked over at Jeongguk and just decided to walk to class as the bell would shriek any second now. That meant people were now in all their designated gangs that meant the nerds sat together, the band, the makeup gurus etc Basically, the furthest your table was from the canteen doors meant you were more popular.

Jimin and his friends sat at one of the tables which was furthest away and was a circular oak table, so all of them could chat together and not have to lean over. All of their well made pack lunches were displayed in front of the correct member, making a pattern of checkered and spotted handkerchiefs cover the circumference of the table.

Jimin was taking a bite of his mothers homemade bibimbap as he looked around his group of bowl-cut haired friends. Plain white rice. Jimin then glared over at Jeongguk from his peripheral vision, whilst narrowing his puppy like eyes. Jimin could only think one thought: He sings like a canary. Jimin looked up at Namjoon again with a little grin as he nodded his head erratically, subsequently making his ebony hair bounce against his head and fall back into place messily.

Jimin had made his way down the cold streets of Seoul, the wind nipping and biting at his layered body. Jimin had decided to set off a bit early so he could go to the local park that took up acres of land right in the middle of his town.

The park was known for its many different kinds of trees a tree huggers paradise , its acres of land, luscious grass, picnic spots and dogs.

All the dogs which occupied the park. Jimin loved dogs maybe loved was an understatement, he basically prayed to them. Jimin would visit the park every single time he even got, as littlest as a minuet or two, as he just had to see the dogs.

Jimin had always wanted a dog ever since he was little, but his parents always turned him down saying once you get older and more mature you can get one.

Jimin went through the stone archway which led into the park as he gripped his scarf closer to his face and he plodded down the grassy path. Jimin soon made his way to a park bench which was sat right under a wilting blossom tree. Jimin took off his backpack and rested it by himself on the bench and he curled up his legs towards his chest and blew warm air into his frosty hands. He was just about to get some bird feed and throw it to the pigeons that huddled up together in the branches of an already wilted blossom tree, trying to keep the littlest of heat with them.

But a wet nose that started sniffing at his hair made him instantly stop what he was doing and pull his hand back. A long saliva coated tongue started licking at his unsuspecting face at a rapid pace, making Jimin squint his eyes close and crumple up his features as he waved his hands towards the foreign, panting object. His small hands were soon met with the soft feeling of shaggy fur as he patted his hands down. Jimin then moved his hands towards the head of the object, or rather animal, and pushed it carefully away from his now saliva covered face.

An Australian Shepherd. A beautiful merle blue Australian shepherd was coating his face in its dog scented saliva. The dogs heterochromic eyes had a big shiny sheen over them as it looked up at Jimin, its tongue flopping out of its mouth with a string of saliva dripping down. Jimin then looked down towards the shaggy neck of the dog and noticed there was nothing to symbolise it had an owner and no one seemed to be calling for a dog, neither was there any missing posters.

This was the dog Jimin was going to take home to show his parents. Jimin hugged the dog whilst laughter oozed out of his lips, the dog nuzzling him back blissfully. Mang now gave a big dogfish grin at his new name. Jimin then let go of the suffocating hug he got the dog into and hurriedly opening his backpack and brought out a single tennis ball he saved for going to the park with. He was just about to wave the ball in the dogs face to excite it when a deep voice soon made him stop everything.

Jimin then raised his gaze towards where the mysterious voice came from. Ending up to find a handsome teen around his age probably a bit older with the normal Korean bowl-cut with a slightly parted fringe. Jimin gulped a big wad of saliva that seemed to get stuck in his throat as he admired what the stranger was wearing. The stranger was dressed in skinny black ripped jeans, black Vans hoodie and the normal black and white high top vans. Even with this simple look he looked like a fashion model in Jimins perspective.

Jimin then realised the stranger probably knew he was checking him out as he stuttered out a reply,. Jimin almost blew out a sigh of relief as he hoped the sassy comeback would take aback the teen but not drive him away and maybe start a conversation.

The stranger had uttered as he folded his hoodie covered arms over his chest, his eyes looking Jimin up and down clearly checking him out. Jimin went bright red at the response as he realised the stranger was right but as he was just about to pipe up about the dog not having a collar Mang soon barked merrily at the stranger and jumped up at the strangers legs. Subsequently, making the stranger look over to Jimin with an ever present smirk and one of his hidden eyebrows raised.

Jimin was shook out of his thoughts by the voice as his mind went blank as he dumbly stared up at the stranger, who had now pushed his hand further towards Jimin. Jimin never wanted to let the mans hand go but he soon had to, as it would be seen as creepy to hold a strangers hand. Jimin then realised it must have been past the time Namjoon set for Jimin to be at his so he uttered a quick,.

Whilst he was writing it, his tongue poking out in concentration, Jimin was a bright red again as he got the number of a handsome guy his age. Score for Jimin. Here it is;. I love you all! I love this!! It's so well written!!

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Park Jimin. Likes Comments Like The first few lines. The Ghibli. The writing. This is really well written. Thank you :blush:. Thank youuuu :blush:. Krish Tayn. Featured post [News]:: Lemona Instagram Update! Into ARMY's?

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This took forever because I forgot about it. Heyoooo : would you mind writing something for Michael Mell Be More Chill and the popular jock kinda guy? Like, captain of the football team, supposedly dating the head cheerleader who, in reality, is just his best friend and is actually really nice. Originally posted by v1ntagecassette. For good reason.

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Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural. Tom Riddle X Male! Nobody ever really understood when you got together. Nobody knew how or when it happened either.

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Originally posted by peters-holland. You had nothing to gain from it, except knowing it would benefit your friend, Peter. That scene you caused, was throwing a rock at a giant… lizard… thing. It hit the back of the head of the thing, making it stop, dropping Peter, who he had dangling by his leg, making him fall to the ground as the thing stalked towards you, and for a moment you wanted to turn and run and scream… but you remained stood on the top of abandoned car you had mounted, silent, till it was in your face. This has nothing to do with you. He had a fair point. You never hung up until you were certain he was asleep. You looked at Peter, and despite the mask, you could tell his eyes were wide in both shock and horror. x male reader

Originally posted by beckylynch. Keep reading. Summary: Reggie is insecure about his relationship with reader. Says some awful things and has to make up for it.

The male now dubbed as Jimin had been straightening out his school blazer, making sure no creases were evident on his high quality maroon blazer. The teenage boy admired himself in the long stainless mirror that was opposite his bed, his hands now pulling at his backpack straps to loosen them.

I really hope you enjoy it! With a week to kill until you started your new job, you dragged yourself out of your new apartment full of boxes and bags late one evening, fed up with tripping over disembowelled boxes. Feeling halfway to being hungry, you really just wanted to stretch your legs and have a break from pretending to unpack.

Riverdale boys x Male reader🐍

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Yes this is just another best friend yaoi cliche story, BUT you can choose what happens in the story. Whatever choice is commented the most is what will happen.

Hey Angela, when we are older we can get married. And to make sure You backed away from her. You woke up tied to a chair in your basement.

~Lazy Doodles and Fanfic~ — He’s My Friend (Peter Parker X Male!Reader)...

Severus Snape X Male! You knew Snape was telling you something very important right now regarding your upcoming NEWTs, but you could care less. Something far more important was on your mind. I was thinking about sucking you cock.

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