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Vine where guy gets scared and does karate

The UFC was in the first year of a long-coveted broadcast deal, which meant something like the first big step toward something like actual legitimization. Smaller fighter molds were created to ensure Octagon hijinks those flyweights. Chael Sonnen was going to be dropped into Brazil and left to stand trial for his actions against Anderson Silva this was Ali-Frazier in Manila, remember? The real Brandon Vera was still just around the corner coming back. Alistair Overeem put epitestosterone into the collective consciousness, and Nick Diaz did the same for metabolytes. And we thought we'd seen it all with Thiago Silva's inhuman urine.


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Fifty reasons to love mixed martial arts

And is karate kid actually just a peak human who's skill allows him to make superman look like fodder? Someone is going to have to post real feats of Karate Kid I mean, I've seen him break through walls, but that is nothing. And before someone get's their panties in a bunch, this isn't a dig at Karate Kid, this is what I have seen of him and me asking for more feats to learn the character better. Didn't karate kid get stalemated by batman before being knocked out by black lightning?

Hulk should stomp. I don't actually know many of the guys feats aside from a few scans tossed about here and there. So, are we going to see any actual feats or are people just going to keep saying KK wins with nothing to support this? You can't fix things that aren't broken; you also can't improve things that are already perfect.

I'll give you yet another perfected equation to help you intellectually grasp the brute force being displayed here. There's more where that came from, kiddo. No, it isn't when you don't have anything saying how he did it, what he did to them, who they were, what feats they had or anything else. You fixed a small part by saying who one of them was, but you still don't say or show which would be MUCH better how he did it.

For one, not a kiddo, probably quite a bit older than you actually. For two, if you really think that a featless kryptonian is above Hulk then yes, it absolutely is broken. Arguments can and have been made for Hulk taking on Superman and winning before so either you know very little about Hulk or you like to lowball certain characters. People do not need to start out with feats, your comment is ridiculous. Just because you lack knowledge does not mean people have to go out of there way to post feats for you.

Ok, not going to get into an argument, but this is comicvine, we go by feats. If you are going to try and debate who would win then you post feats or you lose. Simple as that. Do you by chance have scans? How is this hard to understand? I've asked for feats with scans and gotten nothing. No, people do not need to start out by posting a bunch of scans, that is not how it works. Basically you do not know anything about these characters so you expect people to hold your hand, not going to happen.

You flagged me? You're having a temper tantrum over not knowing about karate kid and you flag me? Cool story kiddo! No, people do not have to go out of there way to post scans for you because your knowledge is insufficient. Every time I see you answer in a thread without posting scans I will call you out on not following your own rule of being a "proper" debater. I'm flagging you for the insults you keep throwing out. I've already said I'm not a kiddo, that is offensive. So you will continue to be flagged every single time you insult, grow up and learn to debate with respect rather than insults.

You will get much further in life that way. And by the way, when you are debating, if you make a claim you must be able to provide proof of that claim otherwise you are giving the other person free reign to completely and totally ignore your unsupported claim.

If you had any clue as to how to properly debate, you would know this. You do not come into a thread demanding scans because your knowledge is insufficient, that is ridiculous. Nobody was in a debate, they were just stating who they thought would win, are you serious right now? Unlike you, I don't intentionally insult people for no reason. Second, this is the battle forum. I asked for scans and proof of what certain people were saying. This entire forum is for debating who you think would win.

Now, if you do not like what I say, or the fact that I am going to debate about who I think would win and ask for proof of what you say, you are free to ignore me. What you are NOT free to do, is insult me.

You get flagged every time for that. Now, unless you want to debate with scans proving what you say I will say good night to you and simply ignore your posts but will continue to flag insults. And by the way, if anyone here is showing the maturity level of a "kiddo" it sure isn't me. I've told you it is offensive and therefore makes it an insult.

Keep doing it, you will eventually get "karma banned" before receiving a warning. Flagged for calling me a troll. I gave reasons to my assessment, if you can't do the same don't bother contacting me. This was from a different karate kid thread you were in, so based off of your logic calling someone a troll means you should get flagged, you called me a troll. Hypocrite much? Major difference is the context. The person called me a troll for no reason. You were called a troll because you were trolling.

Any of these Avengers can solo. The only ones that have any problems are Captain America and Black Panther, but they can still solo. For stating my opinion. You were called a troll for posting and intentionally offensive post purely for the reason of trying to incite an emotional response.

Now, I will say the first scan isn't that impressive. All he does is knock Superboy down and put him in a hold that he admits Superboy will get out of soon and says he wasn't doing anything better in their last "fight".

The second scan could be impressive, but do we know the durability of the character that he "chopped" the hand off of? I see that you said he was tanking Supergirl's punches, but then again a punch would be considered blunt force.

A karate chop as seen here would be more along the lines of slashing. Uhm okay? That you came into a thread demanding scans because you're not knowledgeable on a character But this will be the last time I reply to you. Feel free to keep getting yourself in deeper and deeper though. Not the point, he still chopped off the arm of a guy durable enough to tank Super Girl's punches.

He also took her heat vision. Please Log In to post. Did I mention it was pre crisis Superman and Kryptonians? Are these not feats? Once again, not a dig at KK, just asking for actual feats and getting nothing. He out skilled him, out fought and out manervered him, he dodged heat vision point blank. Don't post to forums Gen. Bring back the main forum list.

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In the footage - reminiscent of a Kung Fu film - the locals swarm around the holidaymaker, attacking him with chairs and wooden poles. This is the incredible street fight that saw an Irish tourist take on an entire mob of angry Turkish shopkeepers - and win. But he is more than a match for them, ducking their blows before landing some knock out punches of his own.

Default to Muted. Vine Comp Oh hi, thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of Garbage 2 years ago vine oh hi thanks checking in. Vine Comp Two shots of vodka 2 years ago vine two shots of vodlka 2 shots of vodlka pours whole bottle.

When we have more information, we will post it here. Please check back, or contact the dojo at Another year has started and preparations are already under way for our 35TH annual benefit tournament, the 26th of April. Each year we work to make the event run smoothly and charge reasonable fees for competitors and spectators, so everyone may attend.

Hulk vs Karate kid(DC)

And by the way for you non reading dumb type. I never said I scared a heavy weight champion. I said that the ex-HW champ was scared of the type of workout my sensei does. Namely no gloves or pads or any of that sissy stuff. He said that he couldn't train like that. So if your in that type of training then in our world Yah Nah won con test Jah Mon. He drops his hands almost after every kick. As well as dropping his kicks after the strike instead of chambering them again.

aikido vs karate

Los Angeles Magazine. Los Angeles magazine is a regional magazine of national stature. Our combination of award-winning feature writing, investigative reporting, service journalism, and design covers the people, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, fashion, art and architecture, and news that define Southern California. Started in the spring of , Los Angeles magazine has been addressing the needs and interests of our region for 48 years. The magazine continues to be the definitive resource for an affluent population that is intensely interested in a lifestyle that is uniquely Southern Californian.

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Customer reviews. Kung Fu High Impact - Xbox Platform: Xbox Change. Write a review.

The Isshin-ryu School of Karate

And is karate kid actually just a peak human who's skill allows him to make superman look like fodder? Someone is going to have to post real feats of Karate Kid I mean, I've seen him break through walls, but that is nothing.

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Then there is the mystique of the Falls itself, with its deadly history and the haunting psychological shadow that it casts over its denizens and all who dare to challenge it. Let Ro Walsh, a self proclaimed river rat who knows just about all there is to know about the Falls and whose job it is to fish its victims out once they resurface-if they resurface, be your guide, as you discover the dark secrets that are hidden underneath the Niagara faade. In any event you'll never look at Niagara Falls in quite the same way again. The author lives and writes in New Hampshire. Account Options Sign in. The Falls : Descent into the Maelstrom.

Funny Karate GIFs


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Watch incredible moment Irish boxer takes on an entire Turkish mob - and wins







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