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What do you buy a 3 year girl for her birthday

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We loved picking out these cool gifts for the 3-year-olds in our lives! Well, most of the time. Be sure to see our full list of the coolest birthday gifts for kids by age. All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate which means we may receive a small commission from certain purchases to help us remain independent and support our staff.


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Birthday presents for a 3 year old girl??

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Are you trying to find the best toys for 3 year old girls? Wondering what are the most popular toys for girls aged 3 are? We have compared different types of toys for girls and compiled a mega list of gift ideas, so choosing a present will be really easy and fun. There is a time and place when finding the best gift possible for your little 3 year old girl. Looking, whether that is for her birthday, special occasion or even Christmas, there is always something around the corner that needs finding.

We understand as parents what this is like. We have all sorts of gifts to consider and they range from painting activities sets for the creative types, push bikes for the sporty girls, cuddly toys for the soppy ones, pink-themed play tents for the girl who needs her castle and loads more gift ideas below.

This is also a concern of ours at Star and we want to make sure you have the best child developing toys that can encourage their development and promote well-being through play. This is also the age where parents lay the way for them being able to begin learning to read themselves, which is why we have added a fantastic book for them to enjoy. Some toys naturally inspire creativity and have activities built into their design, which makes them particularly good at encouraging them, whether through actively encouraging their imagination.

This magic pen painting set is a colorful gift that has all the Disney favorites to draw on. The rainbow colored pens make the classic pictures come to life in a unique, cool way with these special rainbow pens. The kids are always amazed by the color of these pens. Each of these is captivating stories and activities booklets, which offer countless hours of creative play.

This kids activity Disney set is made in the USA and has superior design, which will inspire them to get creative.

The enchanting stories that come through drawing is fantastic and help their imagination spark into life, which is why this is a great gift idea.

Every girl must learn to ride a bike at some stage and parents often feel 3 years old is the right time to begin teaching them how to ride. This is why this is often a perfect gift that will encourage them to begin the upward battle, however, with a balance bike this becomes a lot easier to learn with fewer falls. Schwinn is a great brand and produces quality bikes and most people agree. This bike even comes with air tires and is a lot smoother and less bumpy while learn to ride a bike.

Everything is adjustable and as the toddler grows the balance bike also does, which means that there is adjustable handlebars, seat and a foot to the floor frame so they feel in control all the time. The quality parts and components are made to last.

This pink bike gift can help with balance, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and offer them a fantastic tool for getting around and fine-tuning their abilities.

These types of bikes are better for toddlers learning. Parents either choosing a balance bike or a bike with fitted training wheel I would always recommend a balance bike for starting. This naturally develops their sense of balance and helps them become better at balancing on a bike. This toy by Happytime comes in 2 separate pieces, one the doodler sketch, which has a color screen and is a little larger and the other which is bright but smaller.

The erasable aspect of this makes this a creative gift for them to begin practicing drawing without the need to go through lots of paper, just simply shake and start again. The fun never ends.

The drawing board is easy to use and comes in different colors, which is a new feature and only a few years ago it was the black and white kind, but not longer. This drawing board comes with a magnetic design and is easy to use with sliders and erasers. The stamper comes with the drawing board and is stored in the top of the board. These are in the shape of a flower, triangle, and circle for helping them become a little more creative.

This is a great traveling companion gift and makes the long journeys easier, which is why this birthday, Christmas or just casual present makes this a thoughtful one too. Parents are always trying to get them off their toddler iPads, especially at night and this is a good way to keep them happy and avoiding blue light that impacts the quality of their sleep. Every little girl loves her teddies and with this large dark brown one they can cuddle until her heart is content.

This huge cuddly bear is a perfect gift for a parent wanting to spoil their little princess. The Joon company make good quality bears and all the families far and wide agree, which is why this might be a teddy bear for life. The teddy features a massive 38 inches in height, huggable, fully stuffed and with a ribbon that finishes the look, which is just adorable. I think this gift idea is one that always goes down well with children and with the playrooms or bedroom large enough this will be a gift to remember.

I still remember all my teddies and so will she with this humongous teddy bear that stands over 3 feet tall. The Maggie Leigh magnetic set is a wooden dress-up game that the girls can pretend to play dress-up Maggie. There are loads of different ways to make her look and this is a fun-filled play set to get them learning about coordination with motor skills as well as fashion. This activity set is a gift that will encourage their creativity and imagination with vibrant colors, countless possibilities and an easy to use wooden boxset.

There are 50 unique designs, which include emoji, dinosaurs, zoo animals, party ideas, prizes, and loads more favorite children themed ones. Each stamp is small at 1. This set of stamps are colorful and well made for those who want to use this all year round. This play tent is quite large and can be used both indoors or outdoors and is large enough that it can fit a birthday girls friends in as well. The color is fabulous and any birthday girl would love a gift like this, especially if this is their first time having a playhouse tent.

The dimensions and size are 55 inches in diameter and 53 inches in height, made with durable fabric and comes with a carrier bag for ease of use and transportation. This assembles in minutes and makes a perfect pop-up tent for hours of use and play, which provides shade from the sun. I think the open side design makes this cool in summer and warm in the winter. This is a cuddly companion and for every little girl this is a friend to carry everywhere they go, its soft, constructed with high-quality material and, standing at 18 inches tall, is a great size for comfort.

The friendliest dino in the land exceeds safety standards set out by standardsn. This pair of beautiful butterfly wings lets your princess become the butterfly she always wanted to be. Each design is unique because they get to design and color in the wings them self. The wings are easy to put on, and one size fits most. There are loops for the hands so girls can spread their wings and pretend to fly!

Winner of DR. Toy vest Vacation award, you know that your girl will get so much fun out of these. Using their imagination and craft skills to take to the skies. Maybe your birthday girl has taken an interest in cooking. The globe has all countries, seas, and continents laid out as you would expect to find on a real globe. The manufacturer includes a craft marker set with the ball and recommends having the ball inflated fully before attempting to color anything in. This will ensure accuracy and no mistakes.

This 12 pack of fabric markers make a great gift if you and little girl want to do some craft together. The double-ended pens mean that you can use one end to finally draw lines and shapes and the other, thicker end to color in spaces. A great birthday present. Has your birthday girl expressed desires to become a doctor or maybe she just likes to play dress up, either way, this is a great gift for her.

The 12 piece set comes with a battery operated the phone, a battery operated stethoscope which makes real heartbeat noises battery included and a handy case to carry it all it in. Toddlers and adults alike can enjoy this UFO swing set. Made from a durable nylon mesh and strong steel frame, it will last the test of time for sure.

Construction is easy and the instructions are included with everything else you need to build it yourself in your hard. Lovingly handmade in Germany, this set of 62 multi-colored blocks will inspire the builder inside any little girl.

Imagination is the only thing limiting what your girl can build, and these high qualities crafted wooden blocks are ideal to let them explore their creative side. Helping to develop motor skills and storytelling skills. This set comes with a sturdy wooden box to help with clean up time and to keep everything together. A rider-on-tricycle is a perfect gift for your three-year-old girl that will keep giving for years to come afterward.

Unlike other little bikes, this bike comes with an adjustable seat, meaning that as your girl grows, so can the bike. Recommended for three and a half-year-olds to five-year-olds. The carrying tray at the back of the bike comes with a lid to cover it, so your girl can have fun taking all her little things around with her.

Lots of them. Designed for three-year-olds and safe to play indoors and outdoors. A great party game that can be played against each other or in small teams. Well, now you can play happy birthday to your little girl whilst dancing along on this Piano Mat. Designed for toddlers aged three and up, this mat comes with the ability to record and change the noise the piano makes all at a touch of a button.

They can use it as a play den, reading nook, or simply a place to relax. With a hexagon shape, the tent is durable and stable.

The screens made from polyester blend fabric can also help keep bugs and mosquitos away. This cute play castle can be used indoors or outdoors so you can take it into your yard, park, and even to parties. Constructed from durable PVB connectors and a polyester blend cloth cover, it is easy to clean. At 53 inches tall and wide, the tent provides a great and roomy space for your little one to play or relax.

It is designed for children aged years. Their Beauty Salon Play Set would make the perfect gift for a little kid, with its attention to detail and many opportunities for role play. The set contains 18 pieces including a hair dryer, hair spray, hair straightener, comb, brush, flip top lotion bottle, and more. Your daughter is sure to love playing at doing her hair, makeup and nails with this salon play set! Made from durable wooden materials, the salon set also comes with a pink and white wooden tabletop vanity set with a child safe mirror and drawer for storage.

Your little girl can play pretend with lipstick, nail polish bottles, makeup brush, eye shadow, and applicator.

The reusable spa services card means she can treat her friends, family, and toys to makeovers, too.

3rd birthday gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is hard, especially if they're only 3 years old. But don't fret — we did it for you, scoping out the best toys , books, and educational toys for every 3-year-old boy and girl. The 3-year-old on your list is ready to explore with all of their senses. They're able to sit and play with one toy for an extended period of time, then tell you when they're over it.

Water Doodle Mat - Large Currently unavailable.

Updated daily, check out our " Best Sellers " list to see what toys and games are trending! We travel the world searching for quality, innovative toys and games. We are not just a seller of toys Looking for a truly unique gift? Check out our Name Store for original and thoughtful personalized gifts!

The 21 Best Toys for 3-Year-Old Girls in 2020

Experienced Mommy. You want to find a special gift for the three-year-old girl in your life. But what should you get for her that will light up her face? Here is a comprehensive list of the best toys for 3-year-old girls, compiled for family and friends to find the right gift for the right price for the right little girl. View on Amazon. This pack of beads is made for little hands. But watch for messes as girls are not normally born neat and organized. Otherwise, grab the camera and take a few snapshots of your daughter making necklaces for grandma and your brother. He will look beautiful in a matching ring and necklace set.

3-Year-Old Birthday Gift Ideas

This activity set is as cute as a button. They just match up the color of the button to the color on the pattern card and watch as the images come to life. Once they get the hang of it, they can go freestyle and create anything they can imagine. The set comes with ten different pattern cards, a pegboard, and 46 colorful buttons.

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Are you trying to find the best toys for 3 year old girls? Wondering what are the most popular toys for girls aged 3 are? We have compared different types of toys for girls and compiled a mega list of gift ideas, so choosing a present will be really easy and fun. There is a time and place when finding the best gift possible for your little 3 year old girl.

The coolest birthday gifts for 3 year olds

Updated for Christmas !! The best gift ideas for a three year old girl! These gift ideas include everything from pretend play, to craft time, to classics like baby dolls. You will find something for every budget with gift ideas ranging from big, expensive gift ideas to very affordable and inexpensive ideas that they are sure to love.


Your child's turning 3! Discover the best types of birthday presents to buy your 3-year-old. A third birthday feels like a graduation of sorts. Your toddler is becoming a preschooler -- he's feeding himself, talking up a storm, and getting ready to potty train if he hasn't done so already. This is the first year he will truly anticipate, understand, and revel in all the attention he'll receive on his big day. Shopping for toys changes a lot once your child turns 3.

The Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl!

And with a blink of an eye my daughter turns 3. What does my three-year-old second child need? Well the true answer is a big fat nothing. But what does a three-year-old want? That list is a lot, lot longer. In honor of my daughter's 3rd birthday, here are some great gift ideas for your 3-year-old girl. This 3-year-old birthday girl is spunky one, and she created her own birthday wish list this year for her 3rd birthday. The next time you need a gift for a little girl who is not quite a preschooler but bigger than a toddler, check out this list.

Apr 8, - You want to find a special gift for the three-year-old girl in your life. But what should you get for her that will light up her face? From scooters to  Should I only buy my daughter girly toys?

Enjoying your new role as teacher?! Funny i was just a bout to post the same question. My daughter is also 3 next month. She loves her kitchen, peppa and dora and also her books.







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