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What does normal discharge look like on underwear

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Vaginal infections happen to women of all ages, regardless of whether they have had sex. Most women have a vaginal infection at least one time during their lives. Vaginal infections are actually the number one reason that adult women see their health care providers. Most girls notice a yellow or white stain on their underwear after they go through puberty.

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You Asked It: Panic! At the Discharge

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She had just barged in on me sitting on the toilet, which we unfortunately share when staying with my parents. I had finished peeing and was in the process of carefully analyzing my underwear. Unphased by her interruption and interrogation, I continued to closely examine the contents of my panties—leaning over to get a better look and even catch a whiff of my vaginal discharge. I use my vaginal discharge as a tool to better understand my health.

Quite the cocktail, right? Discharge keeps your vagina clean and healthy by carrying out the old cells. Health experts rely on the smell, consistency, color, and volume of discharge as ways to judge vaginal health, which is oddly similar to how sommeliers judge a glass of vino.

According to the Cleveland Clinic , normal vaginal discharge is clear or white-colored with a non-offensive smell. However, the amount and consistency of discharge is different for each person with a V, and can vary depending on where they are in their cycle. When you notice the smell, consistency, color, or volume of your discharge has shifted, this can sometimes be a sign of infection.

While there are over-the-counter treatment options for non-sexually transmitted infections like yeast infections , bacterial infections and sexually transmitted diseases require an appointment with a doctor to receive an antibiotic prescription or other medication.

All of the conditions described above are super common and totally treatable. The amount and texture of your discharge can also shift depending where you are in your cycle. This is why paying attention to your vaginal discharge and cervical mucus , even noting its consistency by rubbing it between your fingers yep, seriously , is a common practice for women using natural family planning or fertility awareness methods of birth control.

Regularly investigating the sticky or slippery! Hang on to that pair of undies before throwing them in the wash. Go ahead, grab your glasses and flashlight—hold the crotch up to the light!

Take a whiff. Stretch it between your fingers! Do you ever inspect the discharge in your underwear? Tell me why or why not in the comments below! English Taylor is a writer living in San Francisco. English is originally from Nashville, TN and her interests include women's health, yoga, and jewelry design. Enter your email, then share with , , email, or your own personal referral URL.

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After your period, you usually have a few days without mucus and discharge in your underwear. Your body makes more mucus when an egg starts to ripen, before ovulation is about to happen. This mucus is usually yellow, white, or cloudy, and it feels sticky or tacky. Think cottage cheese. Usually, you have the most mucus right before ovulation.

Then, your period starts and the cycle repeats. How to Feel Sexy While Self-isolating. Beating the Holiday Blues. Where did you hear about Thinx? Online Publications. Before you go See what other people with periods have to say about making the switch to Thinx!

Why your vagina leaves ‘bleached’ patches in your underwear

Your vagina is a delicate environment. Self-cleansing through discharge is one of the things your vagina does to achieve these goals. That discharge usually comes from the vagina itself and mucus made by your cervix, the low, narrow portion of your uterus, Dr. Fenske explains. Fenske says.

Though we may not readily admit it, we all analyze the contents of our underwear when we're sitting on the toilet or before we toss it in the laundry. In fact, medical experts encourage it. By knowing what your vaginal discharge should look and smell like, you could spot a nasty infection.

You may want to look at their policies. Ok, so vaginal discharge is a little icky. Glands in your body produce clear mucus that turns white or yellow when exposed to air — also perfectly normal. Normal discharge is clear, smooth, or creamy and has a very slight smell that can be described as sweet or soapy.

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They look like little bags that have fallen face down in a tub of cream cheese and then commando-crawled their way out and then caribiner-ed up into a crotch. You know, I have a human vagina. No one had ever publicly acknowledged the visual reality of my day-worn underwear before. Intellectually, I knew from biology class that the presence of this fluid was normal, but her words and openness about our shared experience made me feel more normal and less embarrassed. It can be a useful tool for understanding your body, if you know what to look for. What Is It? The secretions you see in your underwear could be several things: cervical fluid a. What most people are probably wondering about is cervical fluid. It's produced by, well, the cervix, the donut-shaped tissue at the end of the uterus that extends into the vagina. If you want to know what it looks like, check out this handy guide.

What do different types of vaginal discharge mean?

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Regular vaginal discharge is a sign of a healthy female reproductive system.

Vaginal discharge is fluid that contains a mix of vaginal secretions and cervical mucus. The amount of vaginal discharge produced varies from woman to woman but is often normal and healthy. Pregnancy, changing hormones, or the presence of an infection can also affect the consistency and amount of vaginal discharge. Usually, vaginal discharge starts after a girl gets her first menstrual period and has several functions.

7 Things Your Vaginal Discharge Is Trying to Tell You

She had just barged in on me sitting on the toilet, which we unfortunately share when staying with my parents. I had finished peeing and was in the process of carefully analyzing my underwear. Unphased by her interruption and interrogation, I continued to closely examine the contents of my panties—leaning over to get a better look and even catch a whiff of my vaginal discharge.

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You just bought that pair of underwear, wore them once, and threw them in the wash. Why are they already stained with lighter patches? A healthy vagina will produce more acidic discharge, but the pH can fluctuate due to all sorts of factors, including your sex life, hormones, and the menstrual cycle. When you wear lighter coloured pants, you might not notice these stains. First off, you could prevent the stains entirely by wearing pantyliners throughout the day. These will create a barrier between your vulva and your underwear, preventing that slightly acidic discharge from hitting the underwear fabric directly.

Your very official guide to the sticky stuff in your underwear

It's nerve-wracking when you think something might be off when it comes to your vagina. BTW: Always check with your gyno when something doesn't look right. The most important thing to remember is that literally everyone with a vagina has discharge! It's totally normal. Dweck, a gynecologist in Westchester County, previously explained that you're probably going to notice it most during ovulation.

Dec 23, - Normal vaginal discharge contains a mixture of cervical mucus, vaginal discharge that has a foul or fishy odor and a white, yellow, or green color. Choose breathable underwear made from natural fibers such as cotton.

Vaginal discharge. No, really: "Vaginal discharge" is searched more than 50, times per month worldwide according to Buzz Sumo, a keyword search engine. Everyone is wondering about this, so don't worry.

Vaginal Infections (Vaginitis)

Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes from the vagina. You might see this on the toilet paper when you wipe, or in your underwear. Normal vaginal discharge has several purposes: cleaning and moistening the vagina, and helping to prevent and fight infections. It's normal for the color, texture, and amount of vaginal discharge to change at different times of the month during a girl's menstrual cycle.

Ob/Gyns Explain That Stuff in Your Underwear at the End of the Day

This is a great question, and one that too many people are wandering around privately panicking about at your age. About six months before you get your first period, hormones spur your vagina and cervix to start producing mucus, or discharge. But vaginal discharge serves a super important purpose.





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