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What does pisces woman look for in a man

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The Pisces Female represents an intoxicating blend of earth-bound passion and otherworldly fantasy. Pisces female makes men feel masculine and in control, while her gentle softness and frailty draw out their instincts to be protective and strong — all of which make men fall at her feet. Pisces can quickly uncover secrets that lie hidden underneath the social facade. This often leaves the Pisces female feeling drained or taken for granted. She also falls for the opposite type of partner—one who is virile, masculine, with a strong sense of self-determination and responsibility, someone who can protect, provide for and care for her, giving her the support and guidance that she needs. When she is in despair over a relationship failure, the world stops turning.

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How To Attract A Pisces Woman

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Get in touch with carefully selected psychic Readers:. A Pisces woman has a classic femininity and gentleness about her. Do you need relationships and Pisces in love advice? Pisces are one of the water signs, all of which have the common characteristics of being caring, sensitive and emotional. The Pisces female is no different and although she has many character traits that separate her from the rest, she is the perfect example of a water sign.

A Pisces woman has a classic femininity and gentleness about her, she is charming and often very beautiful. In relationships, she can be vulnerable yet will stand solid behind her man, all the time offering him love, support and encouragement. This beautiful creature is a good listener, patient and compassionate in her ways. They want their man to be romantic, strong and forthright, and they want them to be all masculine so that they can feel protected and supported.

She will lean on him and trust him in her confidence to support her both emotionally and physically. A Pisces woman will admire her man in a sociable environment and be happy to step back and let him have the limelight. She will only be attracted to a gentleman with a sense of humour and expects him to treat her with respect - small gestures will go a long way in her eyes. This beautiful creature is a good listener, patient and compassionate in her ways and will always be there for you.

You can comfortably share your life dreams, your deepest secrets and your hopes for the future because she will listen and encourage you. She will offer advice where she can to find a solution to your problems and she has great wisdom to guide you, always giving you her undivided attention. A Pisces woman is emotional but she is also very honest, so she will openly talk about her worries, fears and concerns.

She feels emotions very deeply which is why she needs your support. Once she trusts you and knows you respect her, she will ooze femininity and confidence in the bedroom.

Charming a Pisces woman is really fairly simple. You need to be a gentleman, be incredibly romantic, a good listener and talker, and have a sense of humour. Being with a Pisces woman in bed can be exciting and adventurous.

She is emotionally connected and is not self-conscious or shy. Although Pisces woman traits may typically be sensitive and emotional, once she trusts you and knows you respect her, she will ooze femininity and confidence in the bedroom. Pisces in love should not be hurt, this sensitive water sign finds it incredibly hard to forgive and forget. Relationships are very important to them and they expect you to feel the same, with mutual respect between you.

Pisces in love and Pisces compatibilities are not always the same thing. These women can make mistakes in their relationships in younger years, but they learn quickly and will not make the same mistake again: A CANCER MAN — Pisces woman traits are best suited to the fellow water signs because all of them are sensitive and emotional. The Cancer man listens, he is patient and understanding.

He is a loving soul who wants to look after the woman in his life, supporting her both emotionally and financially. The Pisces compatibilities are matched and these relationships will both happily explore the sexual side to their partnership. Supportive and emotional too, the Scorpio man will be fiercely protective of his sensitive lover. The sexual compatibility between these two is explosive, as long as Scorpio always treats her with respect.

He takes his masculine role seriously and will make sure that he provides for Pisces woman. Earth sign, Capricorns are great listeners, natural counsellors and they have a sense of humour which Pisces woman finds attractive. Putting these two together definitely matches with Pisces compatibilities.

They often have common interests in the arts and will enjoy spending time together visiting places and expanding their knowledge about the world. Pisces woman in bed is easily seduced by the Taurus man and finds his quiet gentle confidence attractive. A Pisces woman may be sensitive but she also has a strength to her that you will only see if you cross the line.

Relationships are probably most important thing in her life and if anything threatens it, she will lash out. She is self-righteous and will not stand for others disrespecting her or anyone she loves, and will make this very plainly known.

Pisces woman will not stomp their feet and scream, they will more likely use sarcasm and other ways of saying exactly what they want, without making a fool of herself and instead using her feminine power.

Choose one of our highly skilled Astrologers to direct you through the cosmos! Browse through all Astrology and Horoscopes Articles. Follow us and stay in touch. Dating A Pisces Woman. Related Articles. Jupiter In Sagittarius 07th November Celebrate Pagan Samhain 05th October All Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Secure server: TheCircle will handle your data with absolute confidentiality.

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What Most Pisces Women See and Want In A Man?

Pisces is the sign that has the least attachment to the material world, and a Pisces woman floats through life barely touching the ground. Sweet and kind, she is pleasant to be around, and she rarely dislikes anyone. A Pisces woman dreams of falling in love, but she may not come to Earth long enough to find it. It can be hard to tell whether a Pisces woman has a crush on you or if she is just being her usual self.

Get in touch with carefully selected psychic Readers:. A Pisces woman has a classic femininity and gentleness about her.

She needs to know that her significant other is listening, really listening. And then she can feel comfortable pouring her heart out and being her true self. She thinks in different ways; she thinks too much sometimes. She needs someone who will understand, or try to understand the inner-workings of her crazy mind. Sure, she wants a partner who has a bit of logic, but ultimately wants someone who can see beyond a black and white world.

Pisces Female

A Pisces woman is a complex and dreamy creature. Her empathy is all-powerful, and it makes her the most likely confidant when a friend or even a stranger has a problem. Pisces feels things other people never can because of the depth of her emotional nature. The fish swims in deep and shallow waters. Those waters are as endless as her emotions. She sees and feels things that go beneath life's surface like the mysteries and secrets that elude many seekers. This innate ability gives Pisces a unique perspective of every day happenings, but it also causes her anguish since so few people understand her in-depth perception of life. It's no wonder others constantly seek her advice and counsel. Two of the most alluring traits of a Pisces woman are her sensuality and dreamy nature. All a man has to do is look into her eyes, and he's instantly lost in a sea of mystery and enchantment.

Pisces Woman Traits, Romantic Matches, and Personality

When a Pisces woman falls in love, she will be the image of exalted Venus in Pisces - excited, inspired and mesmerized. Her attention will be turned exclusively toward the subject of her desire, and she will enjoy every single moment of the rush of feelings that flood her heart. As soon as she feels love, she starts acting like a little child, certain that this partner could be The One. Her laughter and attractiveness come naturally when she is in love, and she will gain incredible strength from her feelings, as if the world finally makes sense.

A Pisces is a person born between 19 th of February and 20 th of March. This is the second sun sign of the zodiac.

Updated: November 22, Reader-Approved References. Pisces girls those born between February 19 and March 20 can be very attractive and enticing. They can divert the attention of practically anyone, even unintentionally.

Dating A Pisces Woman



Here’s What She’s Really Looking For In A Relationship, Based On Her Pisces Sign


Mar 2, - When you fall in love with a Pisces woman, be prepared to be Someone who will value what she does and love her in the same, selfless way. Though she needs someone who is gentle, she also needs a person who can.








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