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What guys want to hear you say

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Praise is crucial in any romantic relationship—yes, even for guys. Though your partner might exude coolness, confidence, and independence, trust me: When he does something right, he definitely wants to hear about it. Whether it's in the bedroom, around the house, or in a social situation, giving recognition where it's due will not only bring you closer to your partner, but will also make him feel more secure in the relationship. That's always a good thing.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 10 Things Men Want To Hear In Men Want And Like In Bed.

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21 Sweet Nothings He Needs to Hear

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In order for this to really be sweet to our men — we must participate and not be doing anything else. Why does this matter to our men? Why are these words all men love to hear?

It makes them feel like you are investing in them and in what they enjoy. It demonstrates tangible love to them. For my husband and me, we might take a walk at the nearby park, go to a movie, go out to dinner, or play a round of golf. Find something that you and your man can enjoy doing together. They like to spend time with us.

And, to be able to enjoy time with us and time having fun is a double treat to them! I would have hated for that article to go public with so many errors. You help to make my writing better. For example, my husband loves it when I tell him how much he has made an impact on one of our kids. You really helped her to work through that school issue that she was dealing with. He told me that he really likes to talk about work situations with you.

He often tells me that he loves my voice, and he really loves it when my voice is soft, positive, and kind. Ask your man — When do you most enjoy hearing my voice? As we were getting out of our cart, another golf cart pulled up next to us containing two male golfers.

However, if you truly love that man, you can learn to play a sport, or hunt, or water ski, or fish, or whatever. Your man wants you to be with him! I dare you to sacrificially invest your time, your energy, your attention, and your life into something your man loves.

If you do this, I truly believe your man is going to respond to you in ways you are going to love!! In a world filled with change, this book offers unwavering guidance to live under the bright light of faith.

Discover more on Amazon at Live in Light. This blog occasionally uses affiliate links and may contain affiliate links. Further, excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Melanie Redd and Ministry of Hope with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Blessed wife of Randy for over 25 years, mom to two great college students, blogger, women's ministry coach, speaker and author who is amazed by God's grace- View all posts by helloredds gmail.

Melanie, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. My husband and I enjoy building positive relationships with children on the street.

Amen, Anne! Thanks for stopping by to leave a kind word today. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate that u shared your memories also as a realy true example. Thank you!

Examples and stories help me to learn and to remember. I hope they help others as well. Both were excellent and thought provoking. Before reading your post to my husband, I tried asking him the same question you asked your husband.

He responded immediately with a detailed list, and I wish I had had a pencil handy. We do a lot together! I have learned to fish in the past few years after encouraging him to get his own boat after his father and longtime fishing buddy passed away. I believe this was and will always be a moment in our marriage that deepened our bond like nothing else.

Spending quiet sunrises or sunsets together on the water is beautiful time together. I agree with your advice that women try to find a way to enjoy and activity their husband loves like golfing, fishing, tennis, etc. At first I was pretty crummy at fishing, but I let my husband know that I wanted his guidance. He became more patient than he ever was before because I needed him in a new way. He is my forever fishing guide. How fun! Thanks for your blog, Deneice. And, I love the things that your man shared with you!

It is awesome that you are fishing with him. I can see you on that boat asking him how to cast and how to bait that hook! What fun! You are a very wise woman! And, I love hearing how well you are doing in your marriage!

You go, Girl! Keep going strong and having fun with that man. I just found your blog through pinterest and we are both Memphians! Would you recommend those books for wives and husbands to read or just wives? Also, what books do you recommend for men to read? And, I love that you are a Memphis girl. We will have to meet one day out there in real life!! As far as books for men, it may depend on your man.

Mine is not a big reader. You might look for some podcasts or YouTube videos by these authors — if you think your husband would like that better. Also, see what your church is offering for couples or for men. Maybe you can attend a class together? God has to do all of the rest! Hope this helps. What a great post, Melanie! These are all great things to keep in mind. It can be so easy to just be lazy in our relationships, but making an effort to build our husbands up is one of the most loving things we can do.

In my two years of marriage, I have found that a soft, gentle and kind voice goes a long way with my husband. Hey Lauren, Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and leave a good word today. And, you are so right. I pray that we will make more effort to keep our marriages strong! That soft, gentle, kind voice does always go a long way!

You are obviously a very wise young woman! By the way, I sent you some Pinterest invites. Beautiful Melanie! We really enjoyed it. It is so nice to read posts about the man in our lives. We pin all the entries and you will be seen on five blogs. Hope to see you there! Have a blessed day!! So glad you stopped by today and left a kind word. It sounds like a great event! Good morning Mel.

Yes, I need to be a little more intentional on a few of these. I liked the tip about being specific in what we thank our husbands for. I thank him all the time for general things, but I will try being more specific. Thank you, Jo! I appreciate your stopping by to leave a comment today.

And, I believe your man will appreciate your attempt to be more specific with him! Blessings, Melanie. Glad to see you at Waiting on Wednesday! Number Five? How true is that? Our tone makes all the difference. Thanks so much for linking to Waiting on Wednesday!

15 Things All Guys Want To Hear AT LEAST Once (So Pay Attention!)

As a woman, you probably know exactly what you want to hear from your partner. Certain compliments and phrases just never get old—no matter how many times he says them. But you've also likely noticed that the sweet nothings that make you feel amazing don't generally have the same effect when directed at your S. Sure, guys like hearing that you love them and care deeply about them, but if you really want your words to hit home, you have to do some work to get inside his head.

In my relationship, I tend to do most of the talking. In our conversations, my hubby and I talk mostly about the kids natch , work, upcoming appointments, weekend warrior home projects, my never-ending to-do lists, blah blah blah.

In order for this to really be sweet to our men — we must participate and not be doing anything else. Why does this matter to our men? Why are these words all men love to hear? It makes them feel like you are investing in them and in what they enjoy.

50 Things Men Are Afraid to Ask for (but Really Want Super-Duper Badly)

Every guy wants to know he's making you orgasm, and what better way to tell him than explicitly stating you're orgasming, except, you know, sexy? Men want to hear this when they're doing anything even if it's something mundane like taking out the garbage. When it's something that directly challenges our manhood, that desire increases tenfold. No one wants to hear, "You're so large that logistically I cannot carry out this primal human interaction, which our bodies were designed for, with you. We can tell if you're saying it the same way you would tell your friend Teresa that her meatloaf is good even though it's horrible. Because bad sex is like meatloaf: They're both fucking terrible things that happen to good people. Knowing we are your vagina's personal orgasm champion warms the cockles of our heart. We would love to hear this at any point in our day. It would somehow be even better if we found out we won millions of dollars while our penis is in a vagina.

What to say during sex: 8 things every man wants to hear in bed!

There are certain things we wish our girlfriends would say to us more often—here are just a few of them. Also, no matter how arrogant we may seem at times, we men can still get down on ourselves at times, so we need you to provide us with a pick-me-up to give us confidence and make us feel supported every once in a while. Most of us try to look our best for you too. Telling us that we look sexy is a nice reminder that you still get the urge to jump our bones.

They say men are turned on by what they see, and women by what they hear. When a man is truly into a woman, his brain becomes a recording device for certain phrases that trigger his attraction, prime his ego, or make him feel masculine and sexy.

If certain things give you unending pleasure when they come from your man, why not reciprocate his effort to help him achieve sexual bliss? Saying sweet and naughty stuff in bed can make him perform better, but this does not mean you start sugarcoating compliments and remarks concerning his performance. Sexual remarks give men a kick and boost their confidence because they feel indulged.

10 Things Guys NEVER Want to Hear you Say

Most of the time, men will turn into putty in your hands if you just say the right things to them. Here's what men want to hear from the women they love. Most of the time, guys have to do all the legwork when they are going on a date. This includes planning, paying the bill, and also carting around the girl.

Maybe we can invite one of them out with us on Friday. Yeah, right. On one hand, guys want to be happy with this statement. After all, it's comforting to know that when you decide you're done with us, we can still have cappuccinos together occasionally. On the other hand, unless we are percent sure of ourselves, most guys perceive another male as a threat, especially if at one time he was good enough to win you over. And what is with the "all of my ex-boyfriends"?

30 Sexy Things Men Really Want To Hear In Bed

We found 50 guys to spill what men want most—even the stuff most don't have the guts to say out loud. Warning: We must have found the most honest guys in the universe. We asked—and, wow, did they open up the vault: the good, the bad and the OMG, did he just get in a time machine to ? I don't always want to be the one in control; let me guess and joke around a little, too. I appreciate her wanting to watch with me, but if I know she's not enjoying it, I'm not enjoying it either. I want to come home from work and have her greet me naked on the kitchen table. I want the fun taken outside the bedroom sometimes.

You can even just take a moment on an average day and say, “Wow, you look great today.” Men need this self-esteem boost just as much as women, but it's less.

You cannot make it up and pretend to like something just because you think giving a compliment is going to make him like you better. Men want to be appreciated for who they are and what they are good at. Men also want to be appreciated if they do something nice for you that or if they did something they knew you liked….

The 11 Things All Men Want To Hear From A Woman

Men and women are, undeniably, different. While these differences are something to be celebrated, it can make communication a challenge. It takes empathy and a desire for connection to break through these barriers. What makes you feel happy and loved is not always going to be what does the equivalent for him.

What Men Want – 5 Things He Loves To Hear

In a relationship, it's not only women who like to hear that they look nice or that they're wanted. Whether it's a simple compliment to kick off his day or something deeper, these affirmations will strengthen your bond. If you're feeling lucky in love, don't keep those thoughts to yourself: Tell your significant other exactly how you feel. Acknowledging his contribution to our overall happiness and wellbeing guarantees his continued desire to be a positive force in your life.

Just like how you want to know if your man is happy in bed, your man too expects the same from you.


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