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Whoever looks upon a woman with lust

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already

Jesus (Did He Mean It? ‘Lust is Adultery’)

Matthew — This interpretation is reflected in the following translations:. Despite its popularity, this interpretation is imprecise, even flat wrong, and leads to surprisingly harmful consequences, making this verse a great candidate to start this series.

The first thing to understand in this passage and in the Sermon on the Mount in general is that Jesus is in no way intensifying the Law here, nor is he really saying anything new. Ex LXX. Then, when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin. In fact, the word simply refers to a strong, passionate desire, used either of sexual desire or of a strong desire for something non-sexual.

This part is concerned with things like truth and knowledge and the highest aspects of human life. This part is represented in the human body by the head, which is the highest part of the body, stretching towards the heavens.

Take food, for example. The desire for food is necessary inasmuch as the body will die without food, but the appetite does not simply restrict itself to what is necessary. Instead, a person may desire extremely expensive food unnecessary or, in extreme cases, may desire to eat something improper i. Since it is prone to run amok, the appetite part of the soul must be governed by the higher parts of the soul to keep it in check.

This part is the seat of the will and courage and can be shaped through education and training. If a person is well-ordered, these parts work together in a manner likened to a harmony of three musical notes, each necessary to the song. Plato thus sees it as critical that the mind retains the allegiance of the will, giving it direction and controlling the appetites. But directing these desires towards taking, obtaining, or enjoying what is not lawful is forbidden—that action itself an act of the will is forbidden by the Tenth Command and is sin.

The other major mistake in the interpretation of this verse and many translations, as shown above involves misconstruing the grammar. Matthew uses this construction four other times, and each time it denotes the purpose of the action :. This is a critically important point; Jesus is not suggesting that any sexual thought or inclination towards a woman is sinful. Nor is he suggesting that such thoughts or attractions being triggered by a look are sinful.

The look is not the problem nor is the presence of a beautiful woman, which some of that day tended to blame as the real problem ; no, these are assumed. Instead, Jesus addresses the matter of intent, of volition, the purpose of the look.

The issue is not the appetite itself but how a man directs this natural appetite and inclination. This fits well within the immediate context; throughout this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is pointing out the root causes of the sins enumerated in the Law. Yes, adultery is a sin, but the sin has entered the heart the moment one determines to seek it out.

The moment a man even looks at a woman for that purpose, adultery has already polluted the heart. Jesus does not condemn the desire but the action taken on the desire. Finally, Jesus does not say that the thought and the action are equivalent, as is often taught. Rather, Jesus says that adultery has been committed in the heart , that the will has already bent itself towards adultery.

Again, the emphasis is on intent—that is, without the decision to move towards adultery, the act would never be committed. Therefore, Jesus says, deal with the primary problem of intention and adultery becomes a non-issue.

As will be shown below, the suggestion that the thought and action are equivalent can cause much harm. The biggest problem with the way these verses are usually explained is that it misplaces the focus away from the will, from the commitment of the heart, towards a condemnation of the natural desires human beings are created having. Young men in many churches are effectively told that there is something inherently sinful in their sexual impulses.

There are several results that typically follow from this:. I know the bible [ sic ] fairly well … and have yet to find where the bible [ sic ] says it is wrong to have sex with more than one person or have sex before marriage. Adultery is having sex with someone elses [ sic ] partner which is wrong and you can have sex without looking at someone lustfully. See this post for a discussion of the fallacy of searching for the soul mate in much of American Christian culture.

Summary So to sum it up, Matthew —28 is not a condemnation of lust or sexual desire, nor does it mean that every red-blooded male necessarily sins every time a beautiful woman walks into a room or onto a movie screen or anywhere else she may appear.

The emphasis should therefore be upon willfully bending natural desires away from illicit objects or persons and toward what is right.

Part of the payoff for properly understanding these two verses is the understanding that the requirement they set forth is neither impossible nor unreasonable. There is no requirement to somehow lose the drives and appetites that we were born with, nor should there be any guilt for having them.

On the contrary, it is a matter of the commitment of the will, the orientation of the heart, that Jesus is discussing. It is the covetous look that is forbidden, not lust or desire itself. Jesus intended the standards set forth here to be lived. Great breakdown Jason. An important verse to get right, as it not only helps struggling Christian men but also doesn't set up unnecessary hurdles for non-Christians contemplating Christianity.

Of course it has the advantage of also being accurate and truthful…and you know what they say about truth…. Hi all! I am a child of God. And you know what? I knew a fair amount of the things that was said here on this post. But not all of it. Do thank you! But here is the thing? And in turn they are not teaching correctly what the scriptures are actually saying?

Now with me? I look at Greek and Hebrew quite often in relation to what pastors say? And even when I read the Bible myself. And you know? That is really sad! Because these people who stand in front of people every Sunday should know for certain what they are talking about? They are supposed to not be ignorant when it comes to scripture? But many are ignorant concerning certain aspects of what they are saying? Because of their lack of applying understanding of Greek and Hebrew into their teaching and preaching?

Its simple to do! And then when they teach or preach? They would be accurate in what they are saying. So all of you as you read the Bible? Or listen to preachers and teachers? Please take what I said into consideration? Do may the Lord richly bless all of you! Your persistent, incorrect usage of the question mark made reading your otherwise GREAT post tedious, even frustrating. Best regards. Thank you for your bizarre comment.

There are only five question marks in the entire post, all of which are used in an acceptable manner. Have a great day? I have a question, though. Not to answer my own question, but it seems in churches that other religions too that fear and guilt are placed upon members to ensure they put more money in the cofers. It seems quite obvious; but people keep lining the pockets of evangelicals that preach politics on the pulpit. Or stop building these super fancy churches but giving nothing to their geographical community as a whole and very little even to their own congregation.

You misunderstand why Jesus even came to this planet through your slaughtered-by-men for eons Bible. She was obviously talking to Douglas. Get me on my exclamation points being of poor punctuation lol. There are verses that says refer not to sleep around rather each man get their own wife.

Not gonna respond back to your ridiculous of sexual immorality. I actually think this is a technical error not made by writer. I have experienced this glich online.

No-one is perfect, and this is an emotional topic close to our hearts that we may feel the need to defend. Carriage Return. Chill out chick. Listen to what he said, and realize that he has a point. Stop criticizing his grammar.

Listen to what he said. Good freaking goodness you people bug the crap out of it. Shut up! I don't really see Jesus going beyond what was already taught. So I would endorse your view: In this case, it would probably be appropriate even to translate this verse "in order to covet her," rather than "to lust after her," in part because "covet" reflects intentionality reflected in the passage.

Matthew 5:27–28

That is not the point. Because of bad translation, this verse has caused a lot of needless guilt among Christian men for nearly years. Ever since they stopped reading it in the original Greek.

In the Sermon on the Mount Christ limited himself to recalling the commandment: "You shall not commit adultery," without evaluating the relative behavior of his listeners. What we previously said concerning this theme comes from other sources, especially from Christ's discussion with the Pharisees, in which he hearkened back to the "beginning" cf. Mt ; Mk

To get to the answer we must look at the Greek meaning of these words. In other words, the heart is used figuratively for the hidden springs of the personal life. On the other hand, Scripture regards the heart as the sphere of Divine influence, …. As to its usage in the NT it denotes a the seat of physical life, ; b the seat of moral nature and spiritual life, the seat of grief, ; joy, ; the desires, ; the affections, ; the perceptions, ; the thoughts, ; the understanding, ; the reasoning powers, ; the imagination, ; conscience, ; the intentions, , cf.

Why “Lusting” in Matthew 5:27-28 Doesn’t Make All Men Adulterers

How could that be adultery? Jesus teaches, by contrast, that the desire, intention, and attempt to commit an action are all of one piece with the action itself. The commandment against murder is actually meant to warn us away from hatred, bitterness, and assault, not just actual murder. That is, their meaning was not supposed to be limited to a strict literal reading, as if they were forbidding only the specific named practices. In other words, specific examples are given to illustrate a principle that is meant to be applied generally. The literal application of these rules is narrow, but they all provoke reflection on their underlying principles, and these can speak to a broad variety of situations. Rather, it shows more generally that sexual relations should take place only between a husband and wife within marriage. I believe that people can experience a pure sexual attraction for another person that is actually expressing a deep admiration for everything about them—their body, yes, but also their character, personality, passions, abilities, and even the depth of their Christian commitment.

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But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. Matthew ,39 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire….

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“Whoever Looks at a Woman With Lust”: Misinterpreted Bible Passages #1

I myself, however, tell you that everyone watching a woman to the point of this longing for her has already degraded her in that heart of his. Matthew But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. The Greek verb translated as "to lust after" is not as sexual as it seems.

Share This Verse:. Bible Verses like Matthew Other Translations for Matthew But I say vnto you, That whosoeuer looketh on a woman to lust after her, hath committed adulterie with her already in his heart. What has been hitherto said refers to meekness: what follows, to purity of heart. Exod Perhaps here may be an instance of a kind of transposition which is frequently found in the sacred writings: so that the 29th verse may refer to 27, 28; and the 30th to ver.


Personally, God brought me to a brick wall some years back with my porn addiction, and showed me that it had had to end, period. It felt like God hit me with a two-by-four, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He delivered me. I have not been so successful in the day-to-day comings and goings. It functions just like an addiction. I believe, like David Powlison says, sexual sin is mastered at different levels.

Oct 5, - 28 but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Because of bad.

Even prior to actually committing the act, once the will has turned towards illicit behavior, sin has already entered the heart and, once fully conceived, will bring forth death. This interpretation is reflected in the following translations:. So the common teaching is that sexual lust is absolutely evil—equivalent, even, to the actual act of sexual sin.

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Matthew and Matthew are the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth verses of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and is part of the Sermon on the Mount. These verses begin the second antithesis : while since Matthew the discussion has been on the commandment: " You shall not murder ", it now moves to the commandment: " You shall not commit adultery ". In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:.

Matthew 5:28...That whoever looks on a woman to lust

Matthew — This interpretation is reflected in the following translations:. Despite its popularity, this interpretation is imprecise, even flat wrong, and leads to surprisingly harmful consequences, making this verse a great candidate to start this series. The first thing to understand in this passage and in the Sermon on the Mount in general is that Jesus is in no way intensifying the Law here, nor is he really saying anything new.

Do we guard our eyes effectively?


How can a man “commit adultery in his heart” with a woman if they’re both single?



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