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Why cant i get my friends on facebook

In response to complaints, the social network now offers a way to keep friends lists from appearing on publicly viewable profiles. Here are steps for making that happen. Facebook last Wednesday announced new privacy settings that give users some additional control over what information they share, while taking away the ability to hide a few pieces of information from the general public. One particular piece of publicly available information--users' friends lists--caused a bit of an uproar from a number of sectors, including business people who don't necessarily want to expose their professional networks to the public and their competitors. It is also a concern to some parents who might not want their kids--or a list of their kids' friends--to be widely available.

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How to Take Back Your Facebook News Feed

January No matter what I've tried I can no longer see my facebook friends list on the facebook scrabble app. So frustrating, I have been trying to fix for weeks.

Please help. Go to Solution. October I've fixed it. So when I first logged into facebook from the app, it asked for permissions. Silly me edited those permissions and prevented the App from seeing my friends list. To fix this, I had to log into facebook on the PC, find the app in facebook's app list and remove it. Back in the android app, I logged out, then logged back in and it asked for the permissions again.

This time I allowed everything, and can now play my friends. Typical user error I suppose, but if the app can't get the account's friends list, some sort of notification would be nice. Or just continue asking for permission each time the user requested the friends list. View in thread. Same here, I'll make a deal with you. I'll post to you if i find the answer if you post to me. I've played scrabble online for about 2 years and only recently gave up when EA "updated".

Regarding the two versions of the game, it depends on your geo-localization. Hasbro owns the licence for North America and Mattel owns the licence for the rest of the world so depending on your location you will see one version or the other. If you travel you might see both versions.

Make sure you both are logged in your Origin accounts royvarley. It doesn't work when someone if offline. I am having the exact same problem. My Facebook friend and I have both downloaded scrabble onto our android devices, then we opened scrabble, logged in to Facebook from the scrabble app. But we cannot see each other in the friends list. This is obviously a problem.

I do not want to play against random people, I want to play with mjy friend. Please fix this. February I have exactly the same issue trying to use Origin or Facebook.

As for both being logged in at the same time, he works shifts and so, although it will be a long game, we are likely not to be online at the same time.

He might only be using Origin. You obviously didn't read my ticket. This is a problem and as a result I am playing words with friends instead. If you want people to be able to play scrabble with their friends you need to fix this. February - last edited February Can you give us more information on your device and your friend's device?

I will forward this info to the studio. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Do you mean. I cannot see my facebook friends list on scrabble app by somehorizon. Zombies Heroes Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. Zombies Games Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. I cannot see my facebook friends list on scrabble app. January No matter what I've tried I can no longer see my facebook friends list on the facebook scrabble app.

Me too. Message 1 of 60 46, Views. Reply 0. Accepted Solution. Re: I cannot see my facebook friends list on scrabble app. October I've fixed it. Message 23 of 60 40, Views. All Replies. January Same here, I'll make a deal with you.

Message 2 of 60 46, Views. Reply 1. Hope this explains the situation better. Message 3 of 60 46, Views. January Thanks for the response, it doesn't matter which version I use, I don't see any friends.

My friend who I want to play against has scrabble installed, as do several other friends who I have played in the past. I used to use my mobile phone but the app stopped working a few months ago after your "update". I engender connected for a while using Origin, but that has gone the way everything else has,. Message 4 of 60 46, Views.

January Make sure you both are logged in your Origin accounts royvarley. Message 5 of 60 46, Views. January I am having the exact same problem. Message 6 of 60 46, Views.

Reply 3. February I have exactly the same issue trying to use Origin or Facebook. Message 7 of 60 46, Views. Message 8 of 60 46, Views. February You obviously didn't read my ticket. Message 9 of 60 46, Views. Message 10 of 60 46, Views. New topic. Twitter Stream.

Not Seeing All Your Facebook Friends In Your News Feed?

In December, Facebook announced yet another tweak to the News Feed. I was skeptical about the latest shift. So rather than quit outright, I decided to conduct an experiment.

News Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook. Posts that you see in your Facebook News Feed are meant to keep you connected to the people, places and things that you care about, starting with your friends and family. In , Facebook said the average was 1, stories, and in , they said it could be up to 15,

Last week Facebook rolled out a new version of their privacy settings to all users. Privacy settings are something that many Facebook users are regularly confused about. After millions of people visited our privacy guide, we realized how important privacy is to Facebook users. With the new settings rolled out, we thought that now would be a great time to update the guide with the latest changes.

How to hide your Facebook friends list

Social Media. For every great story or picture you see on Facebook, you have to put up with a dozen low-quality memes, annoying posts, and even frustrating user interface elements. These scenarios result in a Facebook friend dilemma. To unfollow someone, visit their profile page. On the right side of their cover photo, you should see a Following box. Click that, and select Unfollow [Name]. And if you change your mind, just click the Follow button to start seeing their posts again. To combat this, you can mark your closest friends out to always see their updates at the top of your feed.

The default setting on Facebook enables everyone to see your list of friends. You can change and customize this setting in different ways. First you have to log on to your Facebook account. Click on the Account tab at the top right-hand side of the page, and choose Privacy Settings. Click "Connecting on Facebook," and, under the option to view settings, change the setting for "See your friend list.

January No matter what I've tried I can no longer see my facebook friends list on the facebook scrabble app.

Please come and like my Facebook page! Michele is into writing, books, simplicity, love, TV, productivity, and staying thin in a world of chocolate. You will then automatically receive all of the old stuff you missed. I am trying to figure out why most of my friends are not able to see my likes, posts, comments, messages or search me.

Why can’t my friends post “Happy birthday!” on my Facebook timeline? (reader mail)

The old comments below might only be for older versions of Facebook, so keep that in mind. WEBii is a web development firm based in the fast-growing city of Austin, Texas. Our little agency was born here in , before the dawn of Facebook!

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Google Search? Perhaps you made a mistake with your privacy settings or maybe your account is too new? Most of the time when this happens it is because an account is protected via privacy settings. To be found, you need to find out few friends as your network grows you ll be easily found and will be visible to everyone. I think you should recheck your privacy settings on Facebook, You have to make sure anyone can search you via email or your name.

How do you hide friends on Facebook?

Your Facebook Wall contains your own status updates and stories about your activity on the site, as well as posts left by friends. Just as you always have full control over who sees your Wall, so do other users. As a result, you may not always be able to see the Wall of someone whose profile you visit. Each user has complete control over who sees his or her posts using the site's "Privacy Settings" menu. A user can apply the same privacy settings to his or her entire profile, or assign different settings to each section. For instance, someone might make his or her entire profile visible to only friends, while another user makes posts private but leaves everything else visible to the entire Facebook community. If you can't see someone's Wall, you are outside the accessibility parameters set for that user's profile. By default, Facebook always lets a user's friends see his or her posts.

Nov 23, - Live with friends never seemed like a major focus for Facebook Live, but Get social media news like this in your inbox daily. Given that Facebook's retiring the option, it would suggest that it largely won't be missed, but it.


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