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Would you just look at it car video

When thinking of a manufacturer's racing involvement, AMC is not a manufacturer that immediately comes to mind. Yet even from the very beginning of American motorsports, the companies that became AMC had some serious involvement in motorsport. From the early Nash and Hudson models all the way through the muscle car era, AMC had direct involvement in racing. Never before has a single volume chronicled the events that encompass AMC racing history. Good history of AMC and the evolution of historic racing teams. Baca ulasan lengkap.


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Used Cars For Sale Near You

Finding a trouble-free used car has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with applying good research and investigative skills. Knowing how to spot potential problems and determining how reliable a used vehicle is can save you from expensive automotive headaches down the road.

The following advice can help you to avoid a lemon and find a good value. To reduce the risk of purchasing a trouble-prone vehicle, identify models with a good reliability record before you begin shopping. See our list of the best and worst used cars. Also read the reliability-history charts that accompany most of the car model pages to get a more detailed view at how specific vehicles have held up in 17 trouble areas, as well as overall.

The Federal Trade Commission requires dealers to post a Buyer's Guide in every used vehicle offered for sale. Usually attached to a window, it must contain certain information, including whether the vehicle is being sold "as is" or with a warranty, and what percentage of repair costs if any the dealer is obligated to pay.

The Guide information overrides any contrary provisions in your sales contract. In other words, if the Guide says that the vehicle is covered by a warranty, the dealer must honor that warranty. If any changes in coverage are negotiated, the Guide must be altered to reflect them before the sale.

If a sale is designated "as is," it means that the dealer makes no guarantees as to the condition of the vehicle, so any problems that arise after you have made the purchase will be your responsibility.

Many states do not allow as-is sales on vehicles selling for more than a certain price. No matter whom you buy from, always look over the vehicle thoroughly and, if possible, take it to a mechanic for a complete inspection. Dress in old clothes and give the car a good going-over. You can learn a great deal just by using your eyes, ears, and nose. Take along a friend for help.

Do your inspection in broad daylight on a dry day as floodlighted lots can make cars look shiny and hide body defects. Body condition. Check each body panel and the roof, looking for scratches, dents, and rust. Examine the lines of the fenders and doors.

Misaligned panels or large gaps can indicate either sloppy assembly at the factory or shoddy repair. The paint color and finish should be the same on every body panel. If other parts of the car have been repainted, there may be paint adhering to the rubber seals around the hood and trunk lid. Minor cosmetic flaws and light scratches are no cause for concern, but rust is. Check the outer body for blistered paint or rust.

Also inspect the wheel wells, the rocker panels beneath the doors, and the door bottoms. Bring a flashlight for looking inside the wheel wells for rust. Open and close each door, the hood, and the trunk. If it seems loose on its hinges, the car has seen hard or long use. Inspect any rubber seal for tearing or rot. Look carefully at the vehicle glass to make sure there are no cracks or large, pocked areas.

But cracks in the windshield will worsen and lead to a costly repair. Bounce each corner up and down. Grab the top of each front tire and tug it back and forth. If you feel play in it or hear a clunking or ticking sound, the wheel bearings or suspension joints may be shot. Lights and lenses. Have a friend confirm that all lights are working. Make sure all light lenses and reflectors are intact and not cracked, fogged with moisture, or missing. You can tell a lot from the tires.

A car with less than, say, 20, miles on the odometer should probably still have its original tires. Also check that all four tires are the same. Any different tires may show that they have been replaced. Tread wear should be even across the width of the tread and the same on the left and right sides of the car.

Ask if the tires have been regularly rotated. If not, the wear is usually more severe on the drive wheels. Aggressive drivers tend to put heavy wear on the outside shoulder of the front tires, at the edge of the sidewall. Assume that the car has been driven hard if that area shows heavier wear. Tires that have been driven while overinflated tend to wear more in the middle than on the sides. Chronically underinflated tires show more wear on the sides.

Check the tread depth with a tread-depth tool available at auto-parts stores or a quarter. If you can see the top of his head, the tire should be replaced. Examine the sidewalls for scuffing, cracks, or bulges, and look on the edge of each rim for dents or cracks. And be sure to check that the spare is in good shape and that the proper jack and lug wrench are present.

When you first open the car door, sniff the interior. A musty, moldy, or mildewy smell could indicate water leaks. Remove the floor mats and check for wet spots on the carpet. An acrid smell may indicate that the car was used by a smoker. Some odors, such as mold or smoke, can be very hard to get rid of. Try out all the seats even though you may not plan to sit in the rear. Try all the seat adjustments to make sure they work properly and that you can find a good driving position.

The rubber on the brake, clutch, and gas pedals gives an indication of use. Instruments and controls. Note if the engine is hard to start when cold and if it idles smoothly. Then try out every switch, button, and lever. With the engine running, turn on the heater full blast to see how hot it gets, and how quickly. Switch on the air conditioning and make sure it quickly blows cold. Sound system. Check radio reception on AM and FM. If there is a CD player, try loading and ejecting a disc.

If you plan on using an MP3 player or an iPod in the car, bring that along and test out the connection if there is one. Check the headliner and roof trim for stains or sags to see if water is leaking through the sunroof, ill-fitting doors, or windows. If equipped with a sunroof or moonroof, check to see if it opens and closes properly and seals well when shut.

Inspect the convertible top for tears by shining a flashlight up into it. Use your nose as well as your eyes. Sniff and look for signs of water entry. See if the carpeting feels wet or smells musty, and check the spare-tire well for water or rust.

Look first at the general condition of the engine bay. Dirt and dust are normal, but be wary if you see oil splattered about or on the pavement under the engine compartment. Hoses and belts. The rubber should be firm and supple, not rock-hard, cracked, or mushy. Feel the drive belts to determine whether they are frayed. Engine oil should be dark brown or black, but not gritty. If the oil is honey-colored, it was just changed. If the dipstick has water droplets on it or gray or foamy oil, it could indicate a cracked engine block or blown head gasket, two serious problems.

Check the automatic-transmission fluid with the engine warmed up and running. On some, the dipstick has two sets of marks for checking when the engine is either cold or warm. Power-steering and brake-fluid levels should be within the safe zone. The coolant should be greenish or orange, not a milky or rusty color.

Greenish stains on the outside of the radiator are a sign of pinhole leaks. A green indicator usually means the battery is in good shape; yellow or black usually means it is dying or dead. These indicators reveal the condition of just one cell and may not give an accurate reading on the health of the whole battery.

If the battery has filler caps, wipe off the top with a rag, then carefully pry off or unscrew the caps to look at the liquid electrolyte level.

A low level may mean that the battery has been working too hard. If you can find where a car was usually parked, see if that part of the garage floor or driveway is marked from old puddles of gasoline, oil, coolant, or transmission fluid.

Clear water that drips from under the car on a hot day is probably just water condensed from the air conditioner. Feel the tailpipe for residue.

Tailpipe smudge should be dry and dark gray. While some rust is normal, heavy rust might be OK but could mean a new exhaust system might be needed.

5 Steps: What to look for when performing a used car inspection on your own

Alex was excited to finally get his license. He was looking forward to going to the movies and to visit friends without needing someone to take him. A couple weeks later, Alex was headed to his friend Matt's house. Two blocks from Matt's, Alex waited at a stop sign when he felt a sudden jolt. Someone had rear-ended his car.

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Phil Philemon has it good—he enjoys teaching history at a university and is happily married. In fact, he and Mary Jane have been married for decades. After returning from a business trip, he stands in the airport waiting for his wife to pick him up. Phil is devastated.

Ed Bassmaster Look At This Car

Chevrolet Silverado Honda Civic. Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Best Used Cars See our list of the best used cars and save some serious cash without compromising on features or performance. How to Buy a Used Car Here is everything you need to know about buying a used car. Turn your used car into cash by following these 10 simple steps to advertising, showing and selling your car. Tips on how you can potentially save thousands of dollars from the sticker price when you buy your next new or used car. Here are six documents to read carefully when you're purchasing a new or used car. A little time invested up front can avoid problems later.

What to Do After a Car Crash

Do you want to perform a used car inspection? This can save you a lot of headaches and money down the road. Following these five steps can help you learn what to look for when performing a used car inspection. The first thing to do in a used car inspection is to examine each body panel, as well as the roof.

Finding a trouble-free used car has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with applying good research and investigative skills.

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