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Best boy and girl duets 2019

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From legendary collaborations between musical greats to fresh partnerships from new kids on the block, we give you the top 20 duets of all time for karaoke The only thing better than killing it at karaoke is killing it at karaoke with a friend! Duets offer twice the vocal range, twice the giggles and twice the fun, so with that in mind we've only gone and compiled a list of the top 20 karaoke duets of all time. And, if you're in need of even more inspiration for your next singing session, check out our round up of the top karaoke songs of all time. You can find all of these incredible karaoke duets available to sing on our online subscription service.

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40 Best Karaoke Duets That You Need To Sing With Your Friends in 2020

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Enter Now. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Continue Cookie Policy. Singing together is a very good idea and can be really enjoyable. Make the most of having someone else singing alongside you. Duets are great fun and also really good practice for aspiring singers. There are lots of options out there, so sit down together and have a chat about what you think will work for you both.

Collaborating with other artists can be a great experience and you never know where duetting with somebody could take you. If it goes well, you could find that you want to pair up and write music together.

You may well have got used to singing and performing on your own, but getting the chance to do so with another singer is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and to learn more from each other.

Make sure that you are partnered up with someone whose voice works well with your own and that the chemistry is there. Maybe test it out on your family and friends first! So give it your best shot and see what happens! Some of the biggest musicians in the world have teamed up to release a song together and they are proof alone that duets do work.

So which ones are some of the best? Brandon Urie has a tenor voice that spans four octaves so this is great for male singers that can hit this range. Also covered more recently by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman back in , this is a really enjoyable and beautiful song to sing which works for all different singers with different styles.

This track gives aspiring rappers out there a good chance to practice singing and performing with a female vocalist. A former number one single and great chance to showcase you vocal range, especially performing the Christina Aguilera part. A modern hit, Ed Sheeran has become well known now for his duets and singing alongside one of the best female singers in the industry made it an even bigger hit.

It works really well as a male and female duet because the singing parts are very different but also works well for both male and female vocals. Pink remains one of those powerful female singers that consistently delivers and this is no exception.

Partnering with the lead singer of Fun, this song is a beautifully harmonised duet which works very well when it comes to performing. Both have strong vocals so it will emphasise the power of your vocals incredibly well. Both vocals are quite different but work really well when performed together. This is also a song that you can experiment with and you can make it your own.

It also works well for females that want to practice hitting those high notes like Mariah can! It will give you both a chance to show the audience how powerful your voice really is.

Often a forgotten song, this is a really beautiful ballad and another great duet for a male and a female singer to enjoy performing. Both singers have versatile voices so it should work well for you no matter what sort of voice you have. A recent hit, this is another really good fun duet. Both artists have voices that reach a wide range and this is a brilliant song to perform as a duet. A fun latino-pop song which works very well as a duet, this is an ideal song to practice singing together as a pair and is perfect for performing as a duo.

Both great pop singers, this works well for anyone as this is an easy song to sing along to. You need to make sure you are both coming in at the right moment, that you are in the same key, that you harmonize well together. It will require that extra bit of practice. Make sure you both give yourselves lots of time to rehearse and really practice the song.

Come prepared having practiced singing at home so you are both ready to go. Make sure you have warmed up your voice and drunk some water before you begin. To sing at your best, you need to warm up your voice first, using a tried and tested vocal warm-up.

How to warm up your vocals. The next key point is you need to know when it is your turn to sing. Make sure you are familiar with the song before you start. Make sure you have that chemistry and that you are taking time to interact with each other. Look at each other when you are performing and ensure you have positive body language — although be careful not to take it too far the other way. You want the audience to feel involved and if you two are in your own little bubble then the audience will feel excluded from the performance.

So, below are some other popular duets to perform as a pair. This is a great duet to perform together, especially if you are two very strong singers who want to show off your talent.

A killer song by two pop divas, this works well for singers with big, powerful voices. When this song was first released, people were obsessed with it. Get ready to belt out those high notes! By now you should have lots of tips about how to duet with some good song suggestions. Share your advice and any suggestions in the comments section below. Good Upbeat Songs to Sing. How Was Sam Smith Discovered? Can Anyone Become a Singer? What are Record Labels Looking for in ?

Good Songs to Sing with Piano or Keyboard. We use cookies on this website to enhance your user experience By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Why should I duet? Christina Aguilera A former number one single and great chance to showcase you vocal range, especially performing the Christina Aguilera part. What is Karaoke? Can Karaoke Help Your Singing? Notify of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time.

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The Top 20 Karaoke Duets Of All Time

Enter Now. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Continue Cookie Policy. Singing together is a very good idea and can be really enjoyable. Make the most of having someone else singing alongside you.

So many co-sung tunes are a man and a woman trading bars about love and heartbreak, but only a handful of them have enough tone, intent, content, and chemistry to resonate. Here are 20 of the most memorable.

Or you can sing some karaoke duets together and enjoy the moments. If you are clueless about what karaoke songs to choose, here is a list of 40 karaoke duets to light your evening. In case you are planning to buy a karaoke machine; you can checkout the complete review here. Although the Spanish version may be a little difficult to get fluent in, if you belt out the Karaoke version, there will be parts where the crowd will certainly sing along. A karaoke duet to recreate this anthem is an ode to the city of New York.

My Top 10: Favorite Boy-Girl Duets

I LOVE duets! What are some of your favorite boy-girl duets? View all posts by Hunida. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. I love that one! OOh I love that one by Pink. Girl I love diets too! I love Can I have this dance, and hate that I love you. I think one of my faves is superhuman by Chris Brown and Keri Hilson.

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One big name on a red-hot hit is great, but sometimes two superstar voices come together in an inspired pairing that is truly special. With Valentine's Day's celebration of couples in mind, our experts dove into over 50 years of Hot hits to single out the biggest songs by two singers to ever hit the chart. So grab a box of chocolates, dim the lights, cozy up to that special someone and turn up the speakers as we count down the hottest duets of all time. This chart is comprised only of songs where two singers share equal vocal duties on the track. Ranking is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot since the chart launched in August



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