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How to look like a rugged man

Join me now as I give you a quick low-down on how to achieve a hard, coarse look without dressing like a complete bum! From cologne to your deodorant, lose the jasmine and citrus and replace with muskier, arid tones. Wave goodbye to your tailored shirts and skinny jeans; the rugged look requires more traditional fitting. Forget the feminine colors too; replace light pinks and duck-egg blues with strong reds and sumptuous blues. Lose the delicate, fine patterns and replace them with more industrious designs such as plaid and large checks.


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5 Styles for a Rugged Gentleman

In this article, I give you a complete list of 15 casual clothing items to help you build an interchangeable wardrobe of rugged outfits. This informative article was brought to you by Territory Ahead. Not every occasion calls for a suit and tie. A white or blue plaid shirt is perfect for the man who prefers to dress a little more smart casual.

The colors blue and white help with the interchangeability. You can throw them in the washing machine without worrying too much about your settings. The relaxed fit on these shirts makes them a comfortable casual style that's easy to slip into and out when you feel the spontaneous urge to jump into a lake.

Gray Long Sleeve Polo: An essential for the interchangeable wardrobe. A gray long sleeve polo is great for business casual under a jacket or when you want to travel in comfort without compromising on style.

They offer more versatility than their graphic counterparts and are ideal with a pair of sweatpants, jeans or smart chinos. Select one with a spread collar and wood-style buttons. A jacket is usually the first item of clothing people will notice on you.

It is also along with shoes , the item that will probably be the highest investment decision to make. For the adventurous man with style be sure to find one that is both handsome and practical. You can accomplish this with the fabric type.

For example, a jacket with a finished twill has the masculine look of leather, while still being lightweight. The texture gives off a masculine vibe and pairs great with other pieces you want to layer with it. Look for durable trousers, whether jeans, chinos, or canvas pants.

Invest in higher quality and you won't have to buy often. Chinos can be paired with smart trainers as well as dressier shoes. Look for a twill and a twill cotton canvas when making purchasing decisions. Jeans are the most versatile item in your casual wardrobe.

Whether you're working on a field and need to maintain a semi-professional look, or you're going on a casual first date, keep it dark and either slim or relaxed fit. When you combine that with earth tones like olive or khaki you will have both KEY components that you need in order to own your ruggedness. Boots are the most versatile shoes for your casual wardrobe. With the right selection of boots, you can change up your style to look outdoorsy to chop wood and dressy for a night out on town.

Chelsea boots work in both formal and casual situations. Unlike the other styles mentioned above, chukkas feel light and loose when walking around in them. This makes them a popular choice for casual and sporty wear. Dark brown is the color of choice for shoes because of its versatility. These details are the icing on the cake. To obtain the highest number of outfits for the least amount of money, focus on quality.

From 15 casual pieces. How is that possible? Two words — interchangeable wardrobe. Why would anyone intentionally build an interchangeable wardrobe? You get more outfit options from less clothes. Less money spent on clothing , more money to spend on quality and fit.

Less clutter in your wardrobe. Your clothes are likely to be classic and timeless.

Perfecting the rugged look

We are men, leaders and providers and by nature, our appearance is s ynonymous with strength, power and roughness. All men, by virtue of our biological structure, have this element of rugged masculinity within them. Even the basement gamer has it, he simply satisfies it through virtual substitutes as opposed to real-world activities. It is why football and other contact sports are so popular. It is why Everest was climbed and men skydive from the fringes of space….

Rather than focusing on formalities, dressing casually is about finding the right balance between comfort, individuality, and style — think fashionable yet functional outfits. The freedom and flexibility of the casual dress code can be a little overwhelming.

In recent years, the lumberjack look has come back into style. You may be wondering what is a lumbersexual? Is it for real? FYI: As you continue reading this guide, bear in mind that I will use terms like lumberjack and lumbersexual interchangeably. Doing so allows me to help draw you a mental picture.

How To Dress With A Rugged-Refined Aesthetic

The rugged look is in. Before being appropriated by hipsters flannel was the go-to choice of the countryman, and still lets off that hard-working, rugged-manly look that so many desire. The choice of color and style is up to you, but thicker flannel is usually the best option. Facial hair is a big part of that rugged-yet-classy look and the way you present it matters. If you go too long and unkempt the classiness is lost, so you want to invest in an electric razor or take a trip to the barbershop on the regular. For that rugged look you want an even-lengthed beard that shows you know how to take care of yourself, but still want to project your manliness to the world. Stubble is a good look, and for some people a nice thick mustache can do wonders. Chore coats are decidedly in, mimicking the style of laborers from as far back as the s for that boots-on-the-ground working aesthetic.

How to look more rugged

A reader recently ask me on Twitter for examples of rugged-refined outfits. The rugged-refined aesthetic is one of my favourite ways of dressing as it most accurately reflects my style. Barbour jackets are one of my favourite rugged outerwear items. These jackets were originally made for rural life but have since been co-opted by city dwellers as fashionable street wear. The key to pulling a jacket like this off is masculinity.

Seven years on, and with most men chained to desks, designers are harking back to a more masculine era, when clothes were about protecting from sparks and grease.

Read the intro to the series here. The Rugged Man is one who is physically masculine. He bends nature to his will by means of his brute force and has a cave-man attitude that brooks no nonsense. There is nothing subtle about the rugged man and everything in his life exists for a specific, direct purpose.

How To Dress Like A Man In 2020

Get your own personal stylist to help you find clothes you love. All online, completely free. You probably don't work down a coalmine.

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Chennai: Back in the old days, handsome men who starred in movies often had this weather-beaten look. They were rugged, rough, sporting a tough beard and grisly hair. A man qualifies to be ruggedly handsome if he is physically masculine, normally sports a beard, wears a rough attire. As far as his wardrobe is concerned, the off-beaten look reigns supreme. Start wearing traditional work wear like flannel shirts, leather boots, woollen coats and denim. You can also go for jackets, trench coats, and earth-toned pieces that look tough.

Casual Style Guide For Men: 7 Expert Tips To Look Great While Relaxing

Updated: January 8, References. Rugged fashion looks great on any guy. No-nonsense, utility minded fabrics like flannel, canvas and leather give your wardrobe an earthy feel, while the right hair and accessories help take your style to the next level. Go shopping for some new jeans, shirts and accessories, then put them together to make rugged fashion your own. Dressing rugged looks great on any man, but the style is a little more organized than it might seem. Look for straight-cut jeans, khakis, or canvas pants. Pair them with a nice V-neck, crew-neck, or flannel shirt. Avoid any flashy colors or loud patterns that would draw too much attention to you.

For all those men who have been looking for casual outfit ideas, today we will guide you with it. Men like to keep their dress code very casual, because it is one of.

There were no men wearing skinny jeans that made them look like little girls and acting effeminate most of the time. These men learned how to fend for themselves and take responsibility when they had to. If they were threatened, they protected themselves. If they had to change the lightbulb, they did it on their own.

The mud slides off you? You do battle every day, but stay chilled? You climb mountains, and have a three-course meal when you are up there?

In this article, I give you a complete list of 15 casual clothing items to help you build an interchangeable wardrobe of rugged outfits. This informative article was brought to you by Territory Ahead. Not every occasion calls for a suit and tie. A white or blue plaid shirt is perfect for the man who prefers to dress a little more smart casual.





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