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My boyfriend broke his promise to me

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Your partner broke a promise. They promised to do more around the house. They promised to stop criticizing you in front of your friends. They promised to stop over-spending or gambling. Broken promises, big or small, corrode trust, said Ashley Thorn, LMFT, a psychotherapist who helps families, couples, and individuals facing all kinds of struggles and transitions.

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Do you think before you make a promise to someone? Does it really matter? Well, actually no, but have you considered. Many people are pretty casual about making promises. As a result, promises are frequently made at the drop of a hat with no real intention of keeping them. However, this casual attitude can have real consequences.

Before you know it, lying can become a habit, forcing liars to spend precious time and energy keeping their stories straight.

A promise is a promise. Some folks apply a rating scale, believing that breaking a big promise is inexcusable, while a small one is acceptable. While breaking a big promise, such as failing to repay borrowed money, can torpedo a relationship, reneging on promises, such as being on time, casts doubt on future behavior.

Remember, trust is built through a series of experiences shared with others. When behavior is consistent, faith in the relationship develops.

When promises are broken or people are misled, the bonds of trust are breached. So, be careful about the promises that you make and with whom you make them. Never promise the moon. Some broken promises are excusable.

When you distort the truth by exaggerating, spinning the truth, or withholding key facts, you also weaken your credibility for the future.

Half the truth is often a whole lie. Lying comes in many forms. Some people exaggerate or stretch the truth to make something look more attractive. When you tell a lie, everything that you say in the future may be treated as suspect.

There was a time when keeping your word held special significance. We took great pride in being of good character. Personal integrity was both expected and valued. It was a time when integrity was instilled in children at a very early age and was viewed as instrumental in achieving success. The truth is, our world may have changed, but the importance of integrity has not.

While we may not know everyone in our own town, the world is still smaller than you think. As for others. A promise is a promise after all. Get future posts by RSS feed, email or Facebook. Click your favorite option top right. Frank Sonnenberg is an award-winning author and a well-known advocate for moral character, personal values, and personal responsibility.

Additionally, his blog — FrankSonnenbergOnline — has attracted millions of readers on the Internet. All rights reserved. I believe in this message and I can already guess what sort of supportive comments it will receive by the audiences who frequent this blog. Be en example. Start today. I promised to get on the road before ! Yikes, I better get on it…my reputation is depending on me. For someone of high integrity, this sounds so logical. But, sometimes we make a promise without intending to.

And, when we make one we must keep it. Life is a lot easier and more rewarding when you care about trust. I frequently break my word, I have decided to change. Thank you so much. As former Senator Alan K.

Unfortunately we live in an age with few role models. Trust is the cement that binds relationships, keeping spouses together, business deals intact, and political systems stable. Without trust, marriages fail, voters become apathetic, and organizations flounder. I also have to comment on your above response to Barbara. It says a lot about what needs to change in our society. You make some great points. I believe the more we discuss the importance of personal values and begin to hold people accountable for their words AND actions, the more things will improve.

Too many people just completely ignore promises. In business and in personal life. I suspect there is something about personable accountability, which is a completely extinct and antiquated ideal, apparently, that is somehow involved in this societal shift.

Thanks for your kind words. You and Rossana just gave me the inspiration to write a post addressing social media. More to come. I have erased it from my vocabulary completely. Your post touched me deeply — it provoked some deep contemplation which I truly appreciate, Thanks again Frank for writing a great article. Perception is reality. And, when they did… They under-promised and over-delivered. Like this post, Frank. I always remember the saying…a promise is a promise. I would hate to think that we are becoming apathetic.

I believe we have two responsibilities. First we must serve as good role models and take our promises seriously. Second, everyone should be accountable for their actions. We teach kids the difference between right and wrong by calling them out when they misbehave. Maybe, some grownups deserve to be treated like children. Frank — this is an all important message that we do somehow seem to forget as we move through life now so quickly.

You have definitely captured a good snap-shot of a wonderful lesson I will remember to pass on to future generations. Its getting done, period. I take promises seriously, its my word, and it means everything to me.

Great blog entry Frank. I find that most successful people have that trait in common. I think there are times when it is more harmful to keep a promise than to break it. He is trapped in a lot of pain.

The pressure on him to fix this is incredible. I would probably break the promise and when she was in a healthy spot, I would tell her then. My hope is that they ultimately seek the support and advice of a professional who can help them. I prefer agreements to promises. A promise to me only takes one person to make an agreement takes two, so we are equally responsible. I think we compromise ourselves by making a promise and funny how the word compromise is com promise. Thank you for this article.

I graduated a few years ago getting my GED. A lot of people did something for me. I have trouble letting go. In fact, I am somebody that takes things to heart a lot. This topic promises helped me see things in a different way. I still need to heal from these scars. Anyway, I appreciate your article. I feel real good reading like things make sense. Keep it up. Have a wonderful day! A couple people, who mattered a lot to me, whom I trusted and would have done everything for including dieing for them if needed, broke their promises.

Promises we made to one another. I kept those promises, but they broke them.

How to Recover From Broken Promises in a Relationship

The low down on why partners break promises so you don't have to feel betrayed, unloved or angry. Do you feel like your partner is sincere and genuine when making promises to you, only to disappoint you later by not following through? How does it affect your ability to trust and believe your partner when promises get broken over and over again? It was nothing new, and Bonnie had got used to it.

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A Promise Is a Promise

Interdependency , or being able to depend on each other, is part of what makes a marriage special and successful. If one or both of you can't depend on each other, the viability of your marriage is questionable. When you make a promise to your spouse or say you'll do something for your spouse or family and then you don't keep your word, you're letting your spouse down and hurting your marriage. Keeping your word and following through on your promises helps to reinforce the trust that your spouse has in you. It makes your spouse feel unloved or unimportant as if he or she isn't worth the effort, and it probably makes you feel bad too. So why do people break their promises and not keep their word? There is a multitude of potential reasons behind this and it differs for every individual.

Why Does Your Partner Always Break Promises?

Kenneth E. He became involved in drinking and driving education after retirement, when, tragically, his cousin was killed by a drunk driver. His first book, Thoughts of a Boy Growing Up, was delivered to a thousand high school libraries in California. He currently lives in Sacramento, California. Dear Mr.

People who keep their promises are considered reliable and responsible.

We are taught from childhood that you get what you put into something and I live by this mantra still today. Whatever I want from other people, from situations, and from life… I try to give and emanate. However, there are guys out there that like to invest in talking a big future game to get what they want in the present.

When Your Partner Breaks A Promise

Here are just a few of the ones he broke:. I stopped looking at other guys and other opportunities and focused on our relationship because he made me believe that he was my future. He promised to never hurt me and the worst part is, I actually believed him.

Do you think before you make a promise to someone? Does it really matter? Well, actually no, but have you considered. Many people are pretty casual about making promises. As a result, promises are frequently made at the drop of a hat with no real intention of keeping them.

Why Does Your Partner Always Break Promises?

Forgiving a person who has broken a promise can be very challenging, especially if the person is a friend, family member, or part of another close relationship. A broken promise may feel like a huge betrayal and you may find yourself feeling very resentful toward the other person. Therefore, it's very important to learn how to forgive others while simultaneously maintaining healthy boundaries. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.

Feb 24, - How does it affect your ability to trust and believe your partner when promises You promise things with such fervor and then pull the rug out from under me. Why does Bonnie keep her promises while Jasper breaks his?

Broken promises not only destroy trust in your relationship, they affect your future relationships. She also helps you understand the stages by which trust strengthens your relationship when the rebuilding process is allowed to take place, and teaches how you can avoid the mistakes that prevent healing and discover how to feel secure with your partner again. I want to go to school, and he promised to send me to school if I gave him a baby. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and when I asked him about school, he totally refused and asked me to give him another baby.

How to Get Your Boyfriend to Keep His Promises

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