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How to make your korean boyfriend happy

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As always, what may seem normal in one culture may seem strange in another. At the time of writing, I have lived in Seoul for about six months. Here, I will share some tips based on my personal experiences as well as those of my friends. If you assume that all Korean guys are cute, friendly and thin like K-pop idols, you will be sorely disappointed.

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So You Want to Date an Oppa? Guide to Dating in Korea

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As my relationship with Kiha progressed through its early days, I was happy but a bit overwhelmed navigating both my first real relationship and the religious and cultural differences we have. This post specifically addresses dating Korean guys born in Korea, as these points reflect our personal experience as a couple. There is no Korean hive mind that dictates dating preferences. Like all other guys, the tastes of Korean guys vary. But if your Korean guy is serious, he will probably ask you out clearly, go on a few dates with you, and then directly ask you to be his girlfriend if all goes well.

In this age of noncommittal dating, it can almost be a relief to know so clearly where you stand. Korean guys would seriously appreciate it if you learned Korean language and culture. The thing that makes Korean guys hesitant to date foreigners? Lucky for me, I had been learning Korean of my own accord before I met Kiha. It might help your Korean guy become more optimistic about dating foreigners, as well as introducing you to his friends and family. Two weeks after we became official, Kiha told me he loved me.

I freaked out majorly and told my friend, who is also dating a Korean guy, about it. Lo and behold, the same thing had happened to her!

I was finally able to say it about a month later. Korean guys will probably still be living with their parents. Korean guys are often very family-oriented. Be prepared for your Korean guy to want to send money to his parents in the future. Kiha told me if his brother were ever single and out of a job while he is employed, it would be his duty to help him out financially. Not just something nice he could do, but something must do, no question.

Korean guys may take a long time to make family introductions. Meeting the parents is a Super Big Deal in Korea, and so you may not meet them until you two are talking marriage. Kiha and I are an exception to this.

He met my parents a month later on my birthday. My korean boyfriend did the same thing! He told me he loved me on our third date. I met korean man last month, he came to my country. We knew each other since 3 months ago from date app.

So, the day we met, he treated me so well and pay all the bills I wanna pay some because he came from korea to my country just to see me but he refused.

Then, he said he liked me and wanted to have relationship with me. It was a bit overwhelming to me too at first, but it was also kind of refreshing for me to know exactly where I stood in our relationship. I hope this helped! I have met a Korean through a language app and we have been taking few week now , he all ready said that he loves me but we have never met , he is planning to come in December to UK. I was really surprised by that and I dont think is a bad thing..

I wish you luck when you two meet! I think that really varies across European cultures. I feel happy about it though coz i do love him so much. Two months does seem a bit early to talk about marriage, but I think he wants to feel connected to you in your-long distance relationship. The right guy will understand! Please may i have an answer : we met throught a language exchange app and i was lucky bc he stayed 3 days before leaving to his country so we met these 3 days… he was really carefull and caring about me and for 2months he is texting me everyday… i took me time until yesterday to understand that it was the way to show interest to me… but bc he is studying abroad and me working in france he still hadn t told me he likes me … so i have 3 questions : how can i apologize for not texting him as often as he did durong these2 months?

Do u think he wants a serious relationship? And should i confess my feelings to him btw he left korea after the age of 15 and lived abroad in different countries for 11years Thks for answer. I met this one Korean guy over a dating app, he wants me to come to Korea in the summer or spring. He said that he wants to go on a trip with me when I come to Korea, what does this mean?

Is it just a hookup or does he really want to start a relationship? What do I do? If you met over a dating app and he wants to fly you out to Korea! For me, honesty is the best policy. I think my korean guy just like never texting me everyday like everyone here. He just too busy, he said always work till 2am or 4am in the morning. He work at Gangnam he said. He loves his working place i guess. I am kinda different than any others Asian girl who wants to be unemployed and being housewives at home.

Korean society still has some pretty rigid gender roles because men are expected to work as long and as hard as possible and go out drinking with the company after and women are expected to take care of the home while the men are working.

I think that as long as you maintain your honesty and communication, things will work out for the best in this situation. I do feel the same thing, my boyfriend and I were dating for more than two months now and he was talking already about marriage and that he will come to my country soon to tell my family. He also told me that he did tell his dad about marrying a foreigner.

I just want to show her that I respect her. What kind of flowers should I get? I asked Kiha your question, and he says fruit might be a better bet! If you still want to bring flowers, Kiha recommends pink or white carnations or roses, which convey a meaning of respect and appreciation. I met a Korean guy on a dating site. He ask for my number and we have been texting but in the beginning he would text me here and there.

It was not like a back to back text more like every few hours. Then on the 4th day he ask if I believe in love at first sight. Which I do. Ask me to be honest and never hurt him. Since he express his feelings he has been texting me more often. It seem every day he is telling me loves me. All this is new to me. No guy has ever tell me they love me so quickly. So I thought this has to be a joke. He told me his ex really hurt him bad and has been single for 4yrs and finally decided to start dating when he got online and saw my profile.

Since then he has deleted his profile. But I am very wary about all this. Why do they say the L-word so fast and easily? Is this a normal thing for them? Do they fall in love this quickly? He will come to my country next month to meet me. Is it common for korean man being that fast for mention about serious relationship? Many Koreans prefer to define the relationship at the beginning or after only a few dates instead of dating casually for a while first.

So if you like this guy, go with the flow and see what happens! Met him in my country. Fell in love with each other less than a week. Had met all his close friends and his sisters recently in Korea and his parents know about my existing as his girlfriend. My boyfriend accepted both of us but he is very worry on his family acceptance. He hasnt share my stories to his people yet.

We love each other deeply but I know Korean culture so much that I know for his parent to accept me, it will never happen. It may be more possible than you think! But as long as you and your boyfriend are willing to fight for your relationship, we think you have a chance.

Best of luck! We been talking and he already is making plans to come and see me… I was a bit taking back when he said I love you first.

He also said he wants to meet my family as well. I would love to hear your thoughts…. If you want to slow this down, you should tell him. Good luck! So there is some random Korean guy followed me around at a shopping mall and then suddenly gave me a letter with his number on it. I contacted him just because to fulfill my curiosity. After texting for days, he asked for a meeting before he come back to Korea. On our first meeting, he talked about marriage and I was just…..

Want to Learn These 20 Korean Slang Words? “Call!”

There was only one chair in the room. Fluorescent tubes on the ceiling hummed with blue light. The woman smiled and explained in a soothing voice that there were some "procedures" they had to go through. One of the officials told me to turn around.. The woman came up from behind me, and I felt a sharp prick as she pushed in the needle and rammed the solution into my muscle.

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My boyfriend is a grown 36 year-old man who lives fearfully of his own mother. She is nothing but sweet and happy-go-lucky…usually. But if he is too busy to run an errand for the family or if he passes up on a higher-paying job, we all better make a run for it before getting an earful. That being said, Oma is the most generous woman and is just about the best cook on the planet. If you have an Oma in your life, consider yourself lucky.

5 Fantastic Tips for Dating a Korean Guy

Word on the street is, you wanna sound cool in Korean. Can you dig it? Not only is it fun, but you need it more than you think. As you probably already know, slang is an informal category of words and phrases, often used by a specific group, like young people. Now, Korean culture works the same way. In the case of more widespread slang, the in-group becomes most Korean natives engaged in conversation. Slang tinkers with grammar rules and even violates them. And also, slang is rooted in more recent cultural developments.

5 Tips on Meeting your Korean Boyfriend’s Parents

There are million reasons to be interested in Korea. The country amazes people easily with their lovely K — Dramas, Kpop, unique cultures and languages, and of course bunch of lovely Korean men. They are hard to resist, especially, if you are a fan of Kpop. Mainly reason is because of their cute and manly charm at the same time. So, if you are interested in dating Korean men, here we elaborate some points on how to get a Korean guy to notice and attracted to you.

As my relationship with Kiha progressed through its early days, I was happy but a bit overwhelmed navigating both my first real relationship and the religious and cultural differences we have. This post specifically addresses dating Korean guys born in Korea, as these points reflect our personal experience as a couple.

Well, no. I love the part of him that is Korean because it makes our relationship unique. Like every couple, we had our ups and downs. You may have fallen in love with Korean men you see on the dramas with their flawless complexions, great smiles and for being adorable boyfriends.

11 reasons you should never date a Korean guy

My last post on what to expect from a Korean boyfriend got a lot more feedback than anticipated. Thank you everyone for showing your support — especially those who emailed me about various dating issues. I too am a novice with only two time experience of meeting with Korean parents — and I remember having sweaty hands and feet for both times. I spent hours asking my fellow Korean unnies if my outfit was appropriate, what I should say, what questions I should expect and etc.

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Last Updated on May 9, Between differences in Korean dating culture and Korean social norms from those of other cultures, there are definitely some things you need to be aware of to ensure your success. Disclaimer: Of course, all men are different, and while these tips will help you with a majority of the Korean gentlemen you meet abroad, make sure you use your gut, too. You know your situation better than we do! Dating culture in Korea is a little bit different than many other countries when it comes to the early stages of dating.

How to Get a Korean Guy to Notice You and Love You Directly


Pssst wanna learn the latest Korean slang? Check out Our next one is also related to the boyfriend/girlfriend concept. How do you say “boring” and “no fun”? 행쇼 is short for 행복하십쇼 (haeng bok ha sip syo), which means “Be happy!


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